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  1. I think 100 might be tough to beat - I was looking at my clubs landmarks yesterday and I did notice one of the first items was "stadium expanded to 500", but I don't think it was ever below a 100. This was in Wales.
  2. Depends who you are really. My rule for 'second XI games that I would quite like to win' is to set an 8+3 or 7+4 rule - I tend to have 3 or 4 players I consider irreplaceable and I'll chuck them into the team to give us a far better chance. Usually that's a CB, my two main creators (wingers at present, but could be a winger/AM or a winger/CM) and top scorer. I've found that's the sweet spot for shoehorning as many youths in as possible - as long as your youth goalie isn't totally naff.
  3. Pen-y-Bont (Welsh side who I got after holidaying 1 season) in 2050 - winter update enabled. 30 or so League, FA Cup, League Cup 1 x Champions League (+ 1 final) 1 x Club World Cup 1 x Super Cup 1 x Europa League final 1 x Ballon D'Or winner (All without a TV deal exceeding 400k a season, attendances under 1000 and prize money for all domestic cups/league under 500k each) Only really missing a world cup winner (my French left winger and goalie lost the final to Belgium in 2050) and possibly the Europa League - lost in the final 1-0 to Real Madrid after tonking them 8-1 in the CL semis
  4. Does dirtiness feed into the 'competitive streak might lead this player to bend the rules' scouting report item? I've always wondered whether that's a good or bad thing. I don't know masses about the hidden attributes but that one has always confused me. I would expect it to mean he's dirty and not very sporting. However those two things seem like 'negatives' in the games eyes. But I would consider a playing willing to break the rules as quite often brilliant - Sergio Ramos and Luis Suarez are utterly incredible players but you'd make a hard time arguing their brilliance without putting it dow
  5. It does happen irl and I suppose it's quite hard to program the match engine to totally exclude a particular type of behavior - we'd be getting closer to Subbuteo than FM if we could control very specifically what our players can and can't be doing in the match engine. I've always thought of the match engine as something of an overlay rather than a 100% accurate representation of a football match, but I might be wrong on that point. It does rile me hugely though. However I did have a moment in my most recent season when my side needed 3 goals in a Europa League game knockout to go through (2-
  6. Turning pro rightfully takes time. It's a top to bottom restructuring of a club. My Welsh side took the best part of 10 seasons to do it iirc, I think after we made it to the CL playoff and got into the Europa groups after losing in the playoff - we only had Welsh players as well, was a nightmare. Money, consistent performances in Europe (building rep) are the indicators for me.
  7. Dennis Praet has a cap for the seniors from November and was in the U21s quali games in March. Would suggest that makes it a 'guide' rather than a rule (if the argument would b e to hard code it into the game). I would think the OPs question might be a weird issue with the game. I wonder if it's the case that the U21s coach assumes that these players are now going to be picked by the seniors coach and thus he doesn't consider them for selection. He should be picking them though.
  8. The contract mechanism is pretty funny sometimes. One I always come across is the not revealing demands scenario where you can talk to the player first. Your options are to make the first offer or talk to him to get him to reveal demands. Conversations go: Me: I'd love you to join our club, you could become an icon or legend here He: I like the sound of that Me: OK. [Click offer contract] Agent: Ahem, due to previous negotiations I'm not prepared to reveal my clients demands Why am I allowed to talk to the player to negotiate the reveal of demands only for the agent to mysteriously walk i
  9. I've developed a Welsh side over 35 seasons to beat Real Madrid 8-1 in a Champions League semi with only 40% possession over the two legs (I beat them in the final 3-0 the following year). Maybe I should start up a channel The problem FM has is that it's not that interesting to watch without the bells and whistles of 'challenges' or gimmicks. There's also diminishing gains with tactical tweaks game by game - it can't be the crux of your episodes simply because tactics isn't totally reactive, you shouldn't be drastically changing your team to react to what your opponent is doing every game, w
  10. An FM style game that starts in the territory days of the 70s and allows you to rewrite the history books as you progress to the present day trying to either muscle in on the emerging WWE/WCW rivalry or succeed as an indie fed during the early 90s lull would be so brill. Users furious that there's a Terry Funk bug that allows him to wrestle every 3rd match as a retirement match from his late 30s into his 70s. Do it.
  11. I totally appreciate that and working as a QA tester in another industry I have so much respect for the level of testing that must be required for a game so vast (and the better testers I have worked with have invariably got experience in the games industry). And FM as a cyclical game needs more and more ambitious titles to justify the yearly cost to it's fans, which might well feed into the 'incomplete' tag it can be burdened with, if there was a pact made with the users to release a new set of features every two years and have a more evolutionary game in the other years, sales wouldn't be as
  12. It's a huge problem with modern gaming and I don't think the above argument really stacks up. The right thing to do is to have a slightly longer cycle which allows the data updates we see now plus bug fixes for a little longer. While consumers as a group have perhaps killed their right to make demands of gaming companies because of rampant piracy there's also a culture of releasing incomplete games to those of us willing to pay £30 for an edition of a game every year. No one is saying 'FIX ALL DA BUGS AND WEN PERFECKT RELEASE A NEW ONE', the sensible approach is to have a couple of staffers wo
  13. Totally - I turned down signing a CM who is now the best player in the world on my save (valued at 63 mil, would cost double that) because his club in Belgium wanted 28 mil. By the time I decided I wanted him he'd already moved on for just over 20 mil. I knew he was a star, and he wanted to join, but for that money, not a chance. Still, I spent that money on two CMs, one for around 17 mil and another for about 12 mil. Those deals were right for me and they partnered up when I won the Champions League final and in every big game leading up to that moment. Neither is as good as the guy I reject
  14. They will calm down, I used to get about 20 a season but once you've rejected everyone once I find they don't tend to ask you back. While we're in the business of turning things off can I turn off all bids for my good players during transfers windows, I sometimes have to deal with over 50 bids for my players on deadline day. /s
  15. Need more info here. Level of football is huge. I have sold players early game in smaller leagues who are valued at 2 mil at my club to sides for 5 mil and they've instantly rocketed to 10 mil. But it allowed me to purchase 3 players and upgrade my training facilities. That's a good deal for me, but also shows the inherent flaw in player values, did I sell that player for 2.5x his value or 0.5x? Now I take a more pragmatic approach with the following things in mind: - How is my club doing financially - Can I expect to pass FFP this season - Who do I want to buy - How much budget do I need
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