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  1. There are some old players in my squad (32 & 33 years old). Their personnality is "professionnal". But every month, my assistant manager tells me both have been poor in training. Their personnal training is set to free kick (both). I know that physical stats decrease when he player is getting old. Even when I warn them about their poor performance at training, the next month my assistant manager tells me they still have trained poorly. I don't know what to do. Any advice ?
  2. You can load up to 3 routines from your set pieces folder. In my games, it does alternate between the routines I loaded.
  3. At the end of the year 2016, the french "manager of the year" award goes to the Comoros manager. Even if he has french citizenship, I find it really strange. Feel free to delete this thread if it's not a bug. Steps to reproduce : 1. just click on continue in the save game I uploaded (Manager_of_the_year.fm )
  4. For me it's important to define the framework before doing anything else. Of course, I'll adapt later to what I see in the ME, but I wwant to start in the good direction. Very good remark indeed, especially for the TM. That lead me to a complete redesign of my attacking movement. The striker will be set as a poacher, as all my 3 players can play in that role, even if it's not (for the moment) their preferred one. My AMR, as he can play ST too, will be set as IF(attack) to act as a second striker. I'm not really sure it's a good idea, as he's right-footed. My AMC will still be an APM (support). If the opposition shadows him, I hope that the DLP and/or the 2 WB could replace him to support the attacking players. My Aml will be set as an Winger(support), to feed the poacher and the AMR. Thank you Two reasons : 1/ I want to try to keep things simple at the beginning. In this post, I wrote down my thoughts, and hope to get advices from more experienced user. 2/ My players have very good decisions stats, so I think it's better to let them decide. A short-passing game will only work with some weather on some pitchs.
  5. I purchased the game the 1st day of its release, but didn't have time to play till now. However, I read a lot on this forum, especially posts by Rashid1, wwfan and Cleon. I know that this year, you have start to really pay attention to your tactic to fully enjoy the game. I want to make sure, before playing any match, that I got the basis right. Hopefully, people could help me, and maybe it will help other people as well. I chose Caen, in French Ligue 2. They've just been relegated, and I hope to be promoted. Firstly, let's analyse the 1st team. Team comparison According to the stats, our strengths are Workrate (1st), Passing (3rd), and Agression (3rd) Goalkeeper: Nothing special, except 1st at handling Defense: Could be a problem, as we are between 14th an 18th for Jumping, Marking, Positionning, Strength, Acceleration and Pace. Only Tackling and Heading are ok (5th and 8th). Midfiled: Some nice news here, as we are 3rd for teamwork, creativity and decisions. Passing is ok (6th). Attack: First the bad news : 19th for finishing . Good news: We're 1st for acceleration and long shots, 2nd for pace Players: My GKs are not the best ones (2 stars). My CB have very good mental stats, but lack of pace. The wings will be important, as I only have 3 WingBacks and a promising player who can play all along the left flank, and only have AML and AMR (no ML or MR). My best 2 players are 2 DMs (best role is Anchorman). Also got an AMC, with 2 young players who can play AMC or AMR, and a very promising AML (IF), but only 18 year old. Regarding the strikers, I only have 3 guys : an advanced striker who is currently injured, a TM (has PPM likes to play back to the goal), and a very pacey AMR/ST who is technically awful. My thoughts: My GK isn't great, and my CB are slow => I should avoid playing high up the pitch, as I could be easily caught on the counter. Furthermore, with such offensive WB, I should play with at least one DM, may be 2. Therefore, my strategy could be normal at home, and counter on away game, despite odds will generally favour me (at least at the beginning of the season). My midfield is my strength, so I should overcrowd it, and with good stats in creativity and decisions, I should play a slow passing game, and wait for the killer-ball. One of the DM and the AMC both have the TTB PPM. I have no clue how to play on the flanks. I have WB, but no IF ready for the 1st team, only wingers. If the WB are high on the pitch, the wingers will become useless. I will probably have to use a 1 striker formation as I only have 3 guys for that role. Setting the TC: Fomation: I chose a deep 4-2-3-1, as I think it fits the playes I have. The 2 DM will help defendig. Later I migh try a 4-1-2-2-1 for a more offensive variant. Style: I chose balanced, after reading Cleon's thread "Undestanding your tactic". I want to play the same style "The idea is to create a tactic that doesn't over focus on possession but rather uses whatever possession I have wisely. I want to create something that is solid at the back and allows me to take the chances I create. [...] Style – I'm a big fan of the balanced style, especially for the type of tactic that I want to create and watch play out on the field." For the options : I let everything on default, except marking, which I set to zonal (my players do not have the stats for man-marking). I also set Creative Freedom to more, as I think it match the stats. Roles: GK(Defend) WBR(Automatic)-CB(Defend)-CB(Defend)-WBL(Automatic) DLP(Support)-DM(Defend) W(Attack)-APM(Support)-W(Attack) TM(Support) What I want to see: The DLP or the APM having passing options both laterally (thanks to the WB) for launching quick attacks, or try to use the TM as a pivot to deliver the ball to the advanced midfielders. Strategy: normal Sorry for the long post, I tried to write the logic that inspired me, and make sure I have understood the advices found on this forum. We all know it takes time for your team to gel with your tacting. Before pressing "continue", I'd like to read other's opinion. I'm not sure I made the right choices. What do you think of my tactic ?
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    My tactic

    I agree. Being a long-time player and having read a lot, I got some knowledger. Everything on mixed is a good starting point, then you can tweak. The tweaks I've made were to suit my team : as my defenders are slow, I think zonal marking is the best, else, they will be wind up by opponents. I've also made the passing system shorter, to try to keep possession. I know possession isn't everything, but at least when you have the ball, it's harder for your opponent to score. As I was due to struggle with relegation, I chose shorter passing to keep my players close to eachother. I allowed roaming to offer more options when in possession. I just posted my tactic to share, and to see if it could work with other teams.
  7. Hello When I took over my team (15th according to media predictions), tactic was a big concern. They were all quite small (only a few were more than 1.8 meter tall),defense was really slow, but the attacking midfilders very quick. I could have chose a direct tactic, but I felt that there weren't enough good passers. So I chose a 4-5-1, with a classic back four, 1 DM, 2 CM, 2 AM on the wings and a poacher. In the team instruction, philosophy is mixed, everything is set to mixed apart passing (shorter), marking (zonal) and roaming (more roaming). The right Mc is the playmaker in the team instructions. Here are the individual settings : GK : GK/defend DL/DR : automatic DC right : Defender/defender DC left : Ball playing defender/defend DMC : Defensive Midfilder/defend MC right : play maker/support MC left : central midfilder /support AMR/AML : playmakers/attack ST ; poacher/attack After 11 league games, I've won 10, draw 1 and lost 1. No magic corners tricks. I play a really nice football. I just wanted to share, and see if this tactic could work with another team. No OI, , match preparation is set to very high (nothing), and when the tactic is known, I change to low Teamwork. Away I use the counter version (juste change in the team instructions). So if you test it, any feedback will be appreciated. Download link : http://mediafire.com/?y4d4cfiy66qr56i
  8. Quasi


    Thanks for your kind answer. Sadly it didn't work, must have gone wrong somewhere. Here's what I did : (game starts on June the 15th). - Set player's contract end on June, the 30th - Set prefrence to scout - Create a future contract for him, beginning July, the 1st as scout. But in the game, on July the 1st he simply disappeared from my line-up, and didn't appear is the staff list.
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    At the beginning of the game, one of my player has a 6-month injury. I'd like him to retire and become a scout when the injury is over. How should I set up this in the editor ?
  10. In France, one of Nice's scout is using the game. Thanks to FM, they bought Pejcinovic, and they're trying to sign Fabian Monzon. You can read it here (in french).
  11. Thanks for your kind answer. In order to find out the stars, I looked at this thread, where 7=5 stars, 6=4.5 stars and 5=4 stars. And I used an editor to validate my choice, and that's how I found out the CA difference. I have the same problem for scouts, where some with 18 in Judging ability and judging potential have less CA than others with 14. It doesn't seem logical, as the ones with the best abilities should have a better CA.
  12. Hello, I want to sign a fitness coach. I have two choices : - one who has 125 as current ability, and has 4,5 stars for training - one who has 140 as current ability, and has only 4 stars for training Which one is the best ?
  13. Ooooops. Bought it but didn't really play with it, as there were (imo) too many bugs. And what about the arrows, does anybody know ?
  14. Hello, I may be stupid, but couldn't find the instruction. I also don't understand why you can set forward and backward arrows on players. Are these the forward run instructions ?
  15. Sorry, I didn't know that. So may be we could test with mentality settings at 5/10/15 ?