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  1. again, brilliant tactics. i'm slowly playing more games under cerber v4 but annihilator works so well. one game under cerber v4 i was 2-0 down against Chelsea away (i'm Liverpool) and i wasnt impressed. Switched to the overload and won 4-2. awesome. Game 30 unbeaten in the season :-)
  2. i love the Raptor tactic. switched to it after christmas, and won the league. awesome
  3. Hi TFF, have you found that Wolverine is less effective since the last patch? It went from being mega to less than average after the patch, even though there was no ME changes listed?!? just wondered what you had seen?
  4. still ok on the latest patch? just tried your 361 tactic. i'm top of the league, against bottom of the league away. lost 5-0
  5. it also isnt working too great for me now. Using Wolverine before, i was untouchable. now, i'm struggling to score, and the play looks disjointed, midfield is half asleep. the notes for the update do say "includes, but not limited to"
  6. i didnt plat the last vesion of FM, for the first time since champ Manager was launched. i had got fed up with the ME, but i missed the game and came back to it this year. What a mistake. I used to be able to make decent tactics myself, but its sooo frustrating creating 40 chances to 5 and losing 3-0 consistently. thankfully, you have restored a fraction of sanity so that i can keep playing this game. there is no way that winning games or just scoring goals should be as hard as this. keep up the good work :-)
  7. cheers for this Fuss, it really does work! I've been doing well with West Ham for about 3 seasons using my own tactics, but this season i couldn't buy a win, so i decided to give v3 a go. lost the first game to West Brom 4-2 at home, but had 23 shots to their 8. won the next 3 all away from home, and i'm currently unbeaten in 10. great tactic
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