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  1. (I say this while playing with two strikers in my formation. #HypocrisyAtItsBest)
  2. You're sooooo 2016. Strikerless formations are the new hot topic
  3. Glentoran FC 2028/2029 Pre-Season Update And we've improved on last season's qualification places to further help out our teams, not that some of them need it... ...because we FINALLY have some professional teams! Linfield were taken over by a consortium in the offseason, but Cliftonville just turned pro out of the blue. Hopefully they can help us out in Europe starting from next season. Done. Rosenborg next. Colin Crawford YP9B (who we resigned on loan) started the season hot. Maccabi Tel Aviv of Israel up next. 6 goals scored again and wins all around so this is great for the coefficient. (I missed the draw....whoops) I want to say that it'll be between us and Celtic, but Celtic have qualified to the knockout round a couple of times in the past few years, so there's a chance we won't have post-Christmas European football. A couple of outs that weren't too harmful, as I feel we got some players that were better. But we're really lacking those transfers that will take us to the next level. Greg Kiltie: Released from Celtic, and the reason why I sold James McIlhagga. Looks good and has some good mentals and will pave the way for our youngsters to take that midfield spot from him. Chris Long: A good backup striker to have, has started the season well. Eugene Brendler: I've never known anyone named Eugene that I've liked. But our big signing is great and a star for us already and has great potential.
  4. Glentoran FC 2027/2028 End of Season Update Schedule and League Position A bit disapointing honestly. No big achievements, only a double, we didn't do that well in Europe and rubbish teams qualified for continental competitions. Bollocks. Squad and Key Players https://i.gyazo.com/2e8de99a42571b13de1a336e57ffa534.png https://i.gyazo.com/e848f7ee2f41711f63e52bb125e33a95.png Some familiar faces are back. Gary Morris YP7A: Back to some of his best form, with him being involved in 53 goals in 50 matches. Immense. Gerard Smyth YP4A: And our assists leader on the left hand side, Gerard had a surprisingly good season. Solivan Roberto YP8C: As did Solivan, with both of our backup wide men having really good seasons in the league. Transfers Player Watch You Gavin A Laugh?: Not incredible, not horrible. Average at best. Screenshot when he left. Laying Down The Smackdown: An average season, which by his previous standards is something to be proud of. #ShotsFired. Screenshot when he left. The Marksman: A better season fir him. Swansea gave him more chances and he performed. Screenshot when he left. He's No Andy, But He's A Murray Fellow: Meh. Screenshot when he left. Bittersweet Berry: Bloody brilliant. Really helped Sunderland fight the drop with some great performances, and it'll be interesting to see what Spurs do with him next season. Screenshot when he left. If You're Reiding This It's Too Late: Dickhead. Screenshot when he left. Armstrong Mindstrong: I do hope he gets better. Screenshot when he left. Be Careful What You Walsh For: I think he did well with goals and assists, so I fully disagree with that average rating. Screenshot when he left. Gray Skies Without You: I wish he would get better and move to a Premier League team . Screenshot when he left. Doesn't Feel Wright: Definitely not ready for PL football. Screenshot when he left. Why'd You Only Col Me When You're High: Did really well for us, and I'm interested to know what Rangers will do with him next season. Screenshot when he left. Nice Day For A White Wedding: I really, really don't care about him. Screenshot when he left. McBride and McGroom: Still not ready for primetime. Screenshot when he left. Northern Ireland in Europe Coleraine And this is a team in Europe next year. Glenavon Oh god... Linfield Encouraging, till I remember neither they or Cliftonville will compete in Europe. We need teams to start helping us out especially as we're maybe a season away from 2 CL teams. Finances https://i.gyazo.com/7ab7c920c589396c46e8f3f2ad32bb40.png Shane McMahon
  5. Glentoran FC 2027/2028 Youth Intake Not sure how many of these players we can use in the first team, but there's a lot of depth in here. David Nelson YP12A: The best of the bunch, and from an initial view the most likely to reach the first team out of them. Aaron Curry YP12B: Needs A LOT of work, but apparently has potential. Tony Taylor YP12C: Our annual goalkeeper who will be backup till we sell someone. David Ferguson YP12D: I think he's better than Aaron up there, but who knows how their development goes. Conor Ryan YP12E: He'll get better, and we'll either sell him to a League 1 team or someone in our league. Darren McArthur YP12F: See above. Roy Patterson YP12G: I actually like the look of him, but see above because I don't think he'll get that better.
  6. Glentoran FC 2027/2028 Mid-Season Update Schedule and League Position Meh so far. Nothing groundbreaking in the league, out of 2 cups, and only a draw in the Champions League. Nothing really to play for this season I guess. Can we fast forward to the next one? Squad and Key Player Profiles Youth players showing others how it's done. Solivan Roberto YP8C: Our little Brazilian magician, Solivan has stepped up in the league games where I'd usually rest our starting right midfielder. Gerard Smyth YP4A: And opposite him, our leader in assists so far this season. I'd say his average rating benefits from him playing in the league, but he has shown he can hang with the big boys with his 3 European sub appearances. Gary Morris YP7A: Back at the top of the charts, but still not really the form we saw 2 years ago from him. Not sure what's gotten over him, but I'm complaining of a player with a 7.29 average rating. Transfers Scott Gardyne I just wasn't a fan off from the starts, and Barry MdBride YP10C wanted to leave way back so I didn't stand in his way. Francis Hill: Had my eye on him since last season, but left him at Dungannon in the hope that they'll play him. They didn't do that as much as I wanted so I thought it would be better to develop him here. Andrew Montgomery: Similar to Francis, but he was sent on loan to Glenavon who have so far actually played him. Player Watch You Gavin A Laugh?: Meh. Should be doing better than this in my mind, 4 clean sheets in 20 matches is no bueno. Screenshot when he left. Laying Down The Smackdown: How he keeps getting moves I have no clue. Moved to Derby for 675k, but to be fair to him has actually performed well for them so far. Screenshot when he left. The Marksman: Playing more football, and doing a good job at it. Screenshot when he left. He's No Andy, But He's A Murray Fellow: Garbage. Screenshot when he left. Bittersweet Berry: Doing the business for Sunderland this season. We tried getting him on loan but he chose them, and has repaid their interest in him with some top performances. Screenshot when he left. If You're Reiding This It's Too Late: Super garbage. Screenshot when he left. Armstrong Mindstrong: Better than last season, maybe a season on loan will do him good. Screenshot when he left. Be Careful What You Walsh For...: I think he's been doing alright looking at his stats, but the average rating says otherwise. Screenshot when he left. https://i.gyazo.com/16895413309866664bdca06b96ce2f92.png Gray Skies Without You: No matter how average he is I'll always love him. Screenshot when he left. Doesn't Feel Wright: Definitely still not ready for EPL football. Screenshot when he left. Why'd You Only Col Me When You're High: Spent the season on loan with us where he's been banging goals and providing assists. Screenshot when he left. Nice Day For A White Wedding: I don't really care. Screenshot when he left.
  7. No one has gone pro yet, and here's what the coeffieicent looks like after we've just finished our group matches. I doubt anyone will be turning pro at this point, unless they do well in European qualification. Next season we should be moving up to the a position that will give us 2 teams in the CL, and that's maybe when a team might turn pro. So far Linfield and Cliftonville are the two teams with the most money, so my hopes are pinned on them, but Glenavon also has an outside shot. When another team turns pro is when I feel the league will really kick on in competitiveness and reputation, and we can all get some better signings.
  8. Glentoran FC 2027/2028 Pre-Season Update Slowly but surely, there's a 95% chance we move up to have 2 teams in the CL next season. Barely broke a sweat. The strongest team we could have come up against, annoying to play them in the 3rd round. Meh. Qualification is what matters. (Olympiakos were the last team drawn) Ouch. I can't see us getting 2 positive results against Leverkusen, bar one positive result against the other 2. A massacre of a window. We lost many important first team players, and there just wasn't any affordable players of good quality that were interested in joining us. Really doubt our European chances this season. Gary Kerr: Will slowly take away Luke Hyam's position as our (backup) defensive minded midfielder. Peter Goodwin: Released from Hull, will be one of our starting creative midfielders. This is the level of players we can attract. Disappointing. Emyr Huws: Rotation and tutoring.
  9. Glentoran FC 2026/2027 End of Season Update Schedule and League Position Record breaking season in the league, with most points and most wins and most goals scored. Treble only, but I'm fine with that as we play mostly youngsters in the cups which helps their development. Europe was good also, as we're slowly increasing the coefficient. Squad and Key Players Good average ratings all around, spread around the whole team. Good squad rotation and competition. Dylan Smith: Great performance all round (bar Europe, where he wasn't a starter), and he became a starter halfway through the season. He baffles me. He really, really baffles me. Gary Morris YP7A: Definitely a bad season for him, but 41 goals and assists in 49 matches, 13 off the bench is nothing to look down on, especially since he played in the big matches vs. Linfield and Glenavon and in Europe where it's obviously harder to score. Benoit Malandin: And finishing up the three musketeers is Benoit, who had his best season with us. Combining assists and key passes, very good performances. Transfers Andy Carrington was great starting for us. Frederick Adam was meh, and then wanted to leave so I'll try to sell him in the summer. Luke Hyam did his job. The three defenders didn't adapt as quickly as expected, but they'll have next season to prove their worth. Player Watch You Gavin a Laugh?: More than a goal a game conceded and 6 clean sheets in 31 matches. Ouch. Did play well for Northern Ireland though, so maybe the problem lies within the West Hame defence? Screenshot when he left. Laying Down the Smackdwon: No clue how he keeps on getting signed. Screenshot when he left. The Marksman: Didn't play much, but when he did he performed well. Hopefully will get more chances next season. Screenshot when he left. He's No Andy, But He's A Murray Fellow: Yuck. Screenshot when he left. Bittersweet Berry: Crystal Palace gave him more chances, and he delivered. Not sure if he's up to Spurs level yet, so maybe an other season on loan art a mid table club will do him good. Needs to play more though. Screenshot when he left. Screenshot when he left. If You're Reiding This It's Too Late: Haha. Screenshot when he left. Armstrong Mindstrong: Not happy that he's doing badly, was very respectable when he left. Screenshot when he left. Be Careful What You Walsh For...: Not played for them yet, hopefully will get some chances. No point warming the bench in Preston. Screenshot when he left. Gray Skies Without You: Did really well for Reading, but I feel that time is running out on his big move. I don't think mid-table Championship football is what I wanted for him. Screenshot when he left. Northern Ireland in Europe Crusaders Meh. Linfield Disappointing that they didn't have at least one positive result against Rijeka. Cliftonville We get them to the 2nd round and this is how they repay us. Horrible. Finances
  10. Glentoran FC 2026/2027 Youth Intake The gift that keeps on giving. More players with future first team chances, luckily not many centrebacks so my transfer OD on defenders doesn't look too stupid. Mark Adams YP11A: Wow. The diamond of the bunch, Mark looks good enough to start now. Will get some games definitely. James McGowan YP11B: ANOTHER striker to add to our list, almost like the spirit of Curtis Allen is in our club from our youth intakes. Gary Wilson YP11C: Has potential to be retrained to centreback in my opinion. George Morris YP11D: Potential to be a good advanced playmaker with some tutoring. Phillip Halliday YP11E: Going to be retrained as a left midfielder. Brian McCormack YP11F: Fairly professional and decent attributes, thought might as well take a punt on him. Peter Dillon YP11G: Attributes aren't good, but a good personality so I thought to sign him and eventually he'll be good enough to play for someone else. A very, very admirable performance against Villareal, but they just proved to be too much for us. We're improving in Europe.
  11. Glentoran FC 2026/2027 Mid-Season Update Schedule and League Position A strange season. WE've lost 3 times, but we're on course for a record points total. Out of 2 cups on penalties but should be good value for the other two hopefully. We continue being solid in Europe, but I'm not too sure about us getting a result against Villareal. Squad and Key Players 3 of our top 6 rated players (and our top 2) are youth players. Yay. Gary Morris YP7A: Definitely a down season for him, but I can't not put up someone with 20 goals and 10 assists on here. Benoit Malandin: Our top scoring player that isn't a striker, Benoit has settled in and taken Tarek Maaloul's place in the centre of the park. John McIlhagga: Really came on this season, and has been a consistent performer throughout. Transfers 3 centrebacks might be a bit much, but first I got Gardyne and Naismith as 2/3 centrebacks have been kicking up a fuss. But then I remembered White, a player I've tried to buy twice before but had his work permit rejected. It was accepted this time, and I couldn't say no to a player of his calibre. The outs then. Matt Walsh YP9D was signed about 2 seasons ago, but Preston needed to wait till he was 18. John Gray YP1A. This one hurts, but I couldn't say no. 26 now, and this could be his final chance of a move away from us. He came to me to talk about it and this was the only player of all those that came to me in the last 10 seasons that I accepted to sell without arguing with him. Goodbye John. Tyrone Sutton was kicking up a fuss and I argued with him but then sold him Scott Gardyne: Still 21 and has good base stats, but probably an unnecessary signings, as the other 2 show there were players of a higher calibre available. Jim Naismith: Older, but a better personality and stats (especially mentally) and he's become my highest rated centreback. Peter White: Until Peter came along. Incredibly only 21, so there might be room to grow, and incredibly still not capped by Ireland. I plan on keeping him and not letting him go. Player Watch You Gavin a Laugh?: Got his big break. A 14.5 million pound move to West Ham, where he now starts, and is doing alright. Not setting the world alight, but it's still the 22 year old's first season in England. Screenshot when he left. Laying Down the Smackdown: What do you get when you play poorly for Blackburn in the Championship and get relegated with them? Why a move to Premiership side Burnley and 3 international appearances! This absolutely baffles as I am really struggling to see what's good about him. Screenshot when he left. The Marksman: Another player who got his break to the EPL, a 2.1 million move to Swansea. Doesn't play much, and when he does he's very average. Which is fine as long as he's in the EPL. Screenshot when he left. He's No Andy, But He's A Murray Fellow: Gone on loan to League 1 side Burton, where he's still not good. a 6.72 rating for a team that's 3rd in the league is horrible. Screenshot when he left. Bittersweet Berry: The big boy. Isn't a regular on loan, but when he does play he's brilliant. 2 goals and 7 assists in 13 games, resulting in 2 player of the matches. No clue why he hasn't played for Northern Ireland, I can't wait to get that job. Screenshot when he left. If You're Reiding This It's Too Late: Does it feel good David? To play in the EFL cup and the U23 matches when you could've been playing for us in the Champions League? Twunt. Screenshot when he left. Armstrong Mindstrong: Wow. Not sure I've seen a rating that bad for someone who plays that much, especially when you factor in that Wolves are 10th and not exactly doing horribly. Crazy. Screenshot when he left.
  12. The ultimate goal: 90th minute in the CL Final here, and West Ham have just brought on Peter Van Mijnks YP36a. A great passing move and Peter is through on goal. Only the City keeper to beat now! AND HE SCORES! WEST HAM WIN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE THROUGH DUTCH YOUNGSTER PETER VAN MIJNKS!
  13. I may have missed this point if you've wrote it somewhere, but what are you to do with youth intakes? Will the goal be to have a team made up of Dutch players and you youth players or will the youth players be shipped off?
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