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  1. I think if anyone is natural in AML/R then they should have at least some automatic proficiency in ML/R, which would be realistic I think, then obviously focused training can allow them to become more natural. I would say the same for WBL/R and DL/R.
  2. Well made tactic and thread but I would have a couple of criticisms. 1. I would say the back three is comprise of three centre backs. They could have move into channels set so they provide some width with the ball, but they are centre backs. That's why when using this system Barca's mean danger is counter attacks down the flanks. If teams attack down the wings then Busquets moves into defence and the wide centre backs push wide, but if the opposition's transition is quick enough there is not time to shift shape (see Ronaldo's recent classico goal) 2. The central striker is not a poacher. If anything with the likes of Messi, Ronaldinho or Laudrop dropping deep, they are a trequartista with a free role.
  3. My mate was bottom of League 1 with Wrexham, having lost 16, drawn 2 and won 2 all season. I gave him a link to this tactic, he has won six in a row since. This tactic really is the business, give it a try guys!
  4. Yes I do but I think I might be better to make a separate thread for that, so it doesn't take this thread away from the original topic. Have a go with the 4-2-4-0 from this one, it's really attractive, will upload the 4-3-1-2 soon. It basically involves having three deep-lying playmakers, the advanced playmaker marking the right back and your left striker marking the full back, thus becoming a 4-3-3 without the ball.
  5. Great stuff, keep me posted! Feel free to post any screen shots of anything that might be interesting to people.
  6. Great to hear, any screen shots or other info for other potential users?
  7. Just seen I hadn't verified my Mediafire password lol. Sorted now. Please download and let me know how you get on with it, it really is an interesting tactic!
  8. When using this tactic, you may also wish to have attacking players changing positions to increase fluidity, or to have the training focus set to attacking movement, although of course that will be depend on the needs of your team against your opponents.
  9. http://www.mediafire.com/?u8ao8weqnu3ezwc Tactic. Apologies for taking forever over it, let me know how you get on with it.
  10. No upload yet, mad busy with work at the moment haven't got time for FM, apologies guys. Should be able to in a couple of weeks.
  11. Possibly tonight if I get time, if not then possibly the weekend, really busy for the next few weeks. Forgive my ignorance but how do I upload it? I've also got a 3-4-3-0 and a 4-3-1-2 that becomes a 4-3-3 without the ball that I'm planning to upload if I get around to it.
  12. @ sqirg, At the moment I've been using fluid and it's worked well, haven't tried very fluid but I will put it to the test and let you know the results. I would imagine it will work well, I just went with fluid because I did want some sort of structure with the back 4 and central midfielders. But seeing as I encourage every member of my defence to make regular forward runs anyway maybe it would be suitable to go very fluid. @Hat's, I tweek every area of my individuals settings and the team setting to how I want them. All the APM's have forward runs on full, and how often they run with the ball depends on the personnel being used, ideally it will be good dribblers (over 15) and running with the ball on maximum. The front 4 all have mixed passing, as I like them to be able to link uip small passes between them but also launch a through ball through the defence when necessary too. Every player has through balls on often, long shots on rarely and crossing on rarely (as the players in these positions tend to be short). In terms of team settings, I like to have the defensive line high to suit my pressing game, as well as having plenty of width, but you could easily change these settings to suit your own philosophy. If you were looking to play on the counter I would suggest playing with a deeper line, less pressing and less width than I use. I will upload the tactics and screen shots (not sure how to do this, could anybody explain or link me to an explanation please?) as soon as I have time. I won't be able to get screen shots tonight as I'm busy planning lessons (I'm a trainee teacher on placement at the moment) but they will be on the way soon. Which specific things would people like screen shots of?
  13. Hi, I've not really posted a tactics thread before so forgive me if it's not set out in the usual manner. I don't have screen shots and stuff yet so will have to upload them later. On my Man Utd save I've recently introduce a 4-2-4-0 formation and it's working pretty much exactly as I'd hoped. It sets out something like this: AML----------AMC----------AMC----------AMR (APM-S)---(APM-S)------(APM-S)-----(APM-S) ---------------CM------------CM -------------(DLP-S)------(DLP-D) DL------------DC------------DC-----------DR (FB-A)-----(BPD-D)-------(DPD-C)----(FB-A) ---------------------(SK-S) When I first tried this, I had the advanced playmakers on attack duty, thinking they would not get through the defence enough on support. But what happened was they all went too close to the opposition defence too early, they still won the game but it was not the fluid football I was imagining, they weren't collecting the ball from the midfield enough. So for the next match I set them on support duty, but still with forward runs on maximum. By half time again Olympiakos, we were 6-0 up (although I do have some great players on my team, it was really impressive). The football is so fluid, the opposition defence don't know where the runs and passes are going to come from. They all collect the ball from deep at times and burst through the defence at other times, the movement and passing was phenomenal. I set them all to have freedom of position, and have high creative freedom. This is necessary as without a striker there needs to be a more inventive route to goal. I also set all both the central players to move into the channels and the wide players to come inside to further enhance the fluidity. The midfielders need to be deep lying (preferably deep lying playmakers, but could be ball winners or something similar depending on your personnel) to keep some solidity in the shape. I use the system on attack mode, with a high defensive like and high pressing, but I've noticed my team are especially lethal on the break when playing this system so you could easily adapt the system to suit you stylistically. If you are attacking with this formation, I would suggest setting your goalkeeper to distribute the balls for defenders to collect, as you can build play up until it reaches you attacking quartet - then the magic happens. If you are countering, I would suggest a quick throw as the ball quickly gets to the four while there are still gaps and they will slice through the opposition. I would not suggest a long kick as players in these positions are unlikely to be tall and are unlikely to be very far up the pitch when the 'keeper kicks it, so you will lose possession. The reason I do not have any screen shots as of yet is that the game shut unexpectedly during a game after the Olympiakos match, so later today I will start again using this tactic. Please tell me any screen shots or other info you would like to see and I'll upload it soon.
  14. I use a false 9 in my United team, set your lone striker to the Trequartista role, have forward runs on rarely, through balls on maximum, roam from position and have an attacking mentality with high creative freedom. With Messi I would also suggest having run with the ball on high. For a false 10, I would suggest putting the role as attacking midfielder, have forward runs on high and have a very attacking mentality. Generally though, as in real life, false 9's work better with inside forwards and central midfielders breaking from deep. Also, as false 9's and number 10's can get in each other's way, it might be an idea to set your false 9 to move into the channels as well so they are not stepping on each other's toes.
  15. It's already in the game. The national manager can approach you to be U21 manager. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> yes but thats not how it happens in real life, the FA would approach someone for the job not the senior squad manager. U-21 management is definately something that should be added and definately something alot of fm players would love
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