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  1. oh. now i can see it too. was reading to fast, i think ...
  2. Hi. I'm interestet to, but dont have Facebook. Will you make the Skin available in this Forum too? Greets superkoch
  3. yes, your the man, thanks a lot. unfortunately there is no option in the settings for icon-only-sidebar, like in the classic version. is there anyone knowing about if this is tweakable manually?
  4. How you can load more then 3 Nations? In FMT on Android you can choose all Leagues from a Maximum of 3 Nations, i think. I got the same Scouting-Problem. Especially by using some "Scouting Focus" for the Needs of my Team they everytime came back with nothing.
  5. Hi. I cant get the Skin to work. Is there a Base-Skin like the Alternative-Dark for the 2015-Version i have to install first? Do i put the "Quakes FMT Dark Mods 16.3"-Folder in the skins-folder? Please help me out, on my tablet the wide sidebar takes so much place and i think only the icons is what i need.
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