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  1. When the load screen comes up select the download option. Wait a few seconds and the option for paid unlockables comes up, click the right had tab and it will bring up a screen where near the top will be the option to download from steam workshop. Select that and you'll go online the steam workshop.
  2. Yes. Look to the right and you'll see a box with various options in. Put a tick in the one you want.
  3. He's a very naughty boy!
  4. Just do what others have suggested and only buy it yourself every two years. There is nothing that says you have to buy it every year just because it's put out every year. I myself only buy it every two years now. That way I get all the upgrades of two versions all in one go and it feels better value to me!
  5. FM from Steam

    That's if the editor will load for you. A few people, myself included, have had a problem with opening the editor via Steam. Some of them are with discs activated on Steam and others are whenthey have downloaded the game from Steam. If you have any problems there is a thread in the Bugs Forum > Data Editor section that may be helpful to you.
  6. Explanation please!

    There is some suggestion that is people using FM 2010 logos, kits etc in FM 2011 that is behind this. If you have FM 2010 kits, logos etc installed then remove them. If you're still getting the issue after doing this / or if you haven't done this then there's something more serious at work.
  7. If you buy via Steam then be aware you may have an issue opening the editor. You can see a thread in the Bugs Forum about how to solve that issue in the Date Editor section of that forum.
  8. Do what I do and only buy it every other year - that way you get a whole raft of improvements at once and it feels like a completely new game! I've got FM 2011 and though I have had a major issue with it over the weekend (regarding the editor which I could not open to simply change the English competition names) the game itself is enjoyable.
  9. FM2011 - same old, same old

    I think what is more annoying is the issues that many people have with what should be simply installing, activating and playing the game without getting error messages and crashes. I did not buy FM2010 as ever since FM 2007 I only buy the game every other year. The last two iterations of the game I have bought have been a nightmare to get working. FM 2009 had the unacceptable activation issue where despite buying it first thing in the morning the game could not beplayed until the evening of that day and this year I have had an issue (one I am not alone in having) of not being able to open the editor in order to change the English competition names only via Steam (I downloaded the game from Steam). It is these basic things going wrong that are putting me off buying the product in future. For FM 2011 it took my over 24 hours to finally find a solution to the editor problem for myself, despite trying the FAQ solutions first before posting on here, due to the lack of input from SI (okay I know Friday was busy but given it was in the BUgs Forumthen I would have expected staff to have been monitoring that forum as a priority before others). I can accept that once started the game will have issues, because I know there are millions of lines of coding in the game and it is inevitable these will sometimes not work, but the issues of users notbeing able to install the game, open the editor, crashes etc - these are not acceptable at all. If the basics cannot be got right then what hope is there? Having said that I am enjoying FM 2011 in the main. With skipping last year's release it is obviously a brand new game to me. The look of the 3D engine is much improved on FM 2009 - the new (at least to me) crowds, shading and outside stadium scenes all add to the atmosphere and the contract negotiations, backroom advice and new tab navigation system are all improvements from where I sit on previous games. There are stupid issues such as players with international bans not being able to play in pre-season games and the lack of certain responses for certain issues in player interaction are frustrations that could and should have been avoided. I'm just glad I don't play in Spain because fans of that league have a real gamebreaker issue regarding suspensions that definitely should have been patched.
  10. I'm not on here that often these days as I don't have the time anymore to spend reading repetitive threads but aside from the release weekend, things have been nowhere near as bad as with some previous games. Anyone who thinks this year is bad should have been on here in the days and weeks after CM4 came out - now that was a bad release! I agree with everyone in here who has said that two of the main issues are in the same bugs cropping in game in game out. Any big that has been in more than two consecutive versions of the game must be treated as a priority fix for FM 2010 just to finally get rid of it. I also agree that the communication between SI and the forum members is not what it was, but the way in which the forum has gone downhill over the past couple of years is perhaps the reason behind that? All games need hype in order to entice customers to buy them but sometimes SI have been guilty at overhyping certain features (not just in FM 2009 but in previous releases as well), which means that when the customer finally gets their hands on the product it will inevitably disappoint some sections of the community. Getting the right balance between honesty and hype is difficult but a little less hyperbole would go a long way to keeping expectations at a manageable level. For my money. despite its faults, FM 2009 has been a relatively enjoyable gaming experience. For its faults, the 3D match view has made playing the game more enjoyable for me, and I am prepared to overlook the glitches in it for the fun I have had with it so far. Yes, the game is not perfect and there are still large issues that spoil the game somewhat, but on the whole it depends on the individual as to whether you are prepared to overlook those until they can be sorted in favour of the game's good points - and there are many of these to be found. (I suppose it also depends on the country you are plaing in your game as well?) No matter what the absolute bottom line is that SI will continue to put out games every year because the seasonal nature of football demands it and despite their efforts there are people that will never be happy. As the saying goes you can't please all of the people of the time. I hope the beta testers chosen for this year's game do a good job and that the faults they pick up on will be fixed before release. People moaning about the patch being out on release date seem to forget that this has been pretty much the way of things with every SI release (with one or two exceptions) and I am sure that will continue in the future as well. My biggest beef with FM 2009 was the activation issue and I hope this will not be repeated in the future as it was totally unacceptable to not be able to play for the game for nearly 12 hours after buying it - and I was one of the lucky ones in this regard! As ever though, we as a customer have a choice about whether or not we buy the game. No one ever forces us to part with the money and for some years I have maintained that if SI want my cash they have to impress me with the demo. If that doesn't grab me then I don't buy the full game. If others did the same rather than just blindly handing over the cash then it would be a start.
  11. New game

    Try East Stirling in the Scottish Third Division - no money, small stadium and its only claim to recent fame is that Sir Alex Ferguson started his managerial career there.
  12. surely this cant be real?

    *Waits for others to come in and take that reply seriously*
  13. If you PAID to download it via STEAM or bought it on a DVD-ROM in it's original packaging then it's REAL. IF you didn't pay for it then it's FAKE. As you don't know, then I can only conclude that it's a FAKE.
  14. For me FM 2007 was the best game SI have produced. It had the addictiveness of CM 01/02 (my previous favourite in the series) but also had the depth of features that makes playing the game so much fun. FM 2009 hasn't been out long enough yet to say it's the best game in the series, but it's certainly up there already as one of the best for me. The 3D view, despite its imperfections has brought a great deal of fun to match days.