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  1. It's been a well-known problem since Versus exists, and still it's an issue in FMT19 as well. When every both player set ANYTHING game freezes and won't continue until one player is kicked, forced on holiday, leaves match/server etc. It ruins online playing, even the first FM Wold championship had to be played in hot-seat mode because of this bug...
  2. In Versus mode when you select Knockout Cup there's a tick to make two-legged or one match. In previous verison if ticked 'two-legged" you could play 2 matches (with extra time and penalties if necessary). In FM19 only one match is played. That tick is good for nothing when playing with two teams. Please correct it quickly it ruins our online cups
  3. To be precise, it works fine with reserve/B team, but doesn't work with youth team (U17/18/19 etc)
  4. A Puskás Akadémia player, Gonzalo Vega won the Hungarian Cup in 2018, while all the other PAFC players lost that final to Újpest
  5. I have an issue with attacking corner instructions. Here are the insctructions (I know lurk outside area is shown wrong) and a picture how they actually setup for a corner. I wrote with green who are in the designated positions. 10 out of 11 is in the right position. But what's my defender doing at the sideline???? According to the instructions he should mark the keeper (or challenge goalkeeper as it was called in previous versions) The keeper is not at the side
  6. I often make rarely used first team player available for U matches to get match sharpness. I make those who have enough match sharpness unavailable in the news item. It takes 2 clicks and a small mouse movement, not so much really. BUT! In previous version (FM18, 17, 16 and 15 as I can recall) one notch on the mouse wheel was enough to make them unavaible. In FM19 "unavaible" is the last of list if I use the mouse wheel, so have to scroll a lot... I really used to the wheel. Could you please change the order back to previous versions order (I know there are new option but when I click "unavailable" is the first as it was, but it's not in FM19 when I use mouse wheel - or is it a bug?)
  7. This graph is kind of wierd... There are rounds when more than one team was in the same position, it may be possible (same points and results) but in 9 rounds out of 23 noone was leading the league
  8. when you access to the side bar ( in Possession etc) the Confirm button disappears. Click anywhere right out side of the panel to close it and confirm will appear A bit confusing but it works in match tactics
  9. Premier League last round, not all matches starts at the same time. Furthermore only 2 teams have chance to win the EPL (Man United and Arsenal, good old days ) and they play at different time... (not to mention that you know at 16:00 the full time result of a match started at 15:00 )
  10. /I'm not sure if this is the right topic/ Youtube upload works much better in beta than in whole FM18. But still director view isn't perfect. The highlight was fine in-game, but it uploaded this: /epilepsy warning!/ (Please not that it was set to 1080p so quality is still an issue)
  11. During beta (after 18.0.3 I guess) when youtube upload made available... in FM18 Youtube upload hasn't worked for a second From main screen view match option export highlight usually works and the exported video can be uploaded manually, but it's quality is awful (although it's set to 1080p) and that's not the way it should work. In previous series FM had great tools to share your results with friends, but in FM18 you can't post a picture with result and stats on it (you have to choose or upload 2 pictures for 1 match) and can't show great or crazy goals... It's a huge leap backwards and nothing has changed since October (In case of picture you said it won't change and we have get use to it, which is not a nice thing from you. But in case of videos you are at least "aware of") FM18 is the best release so far but has the most bugs. Many of them are fixed by this time and I'm grateful for that, but there are still some which hasn't changed since beta. I spent many time to test and report bugs to make this game better, but I saw many patches coming out without a touch of the things I reported. This discourages me from voluntary testing and pre-purchasing again...
  12. It's good to know that you are "aware of" an issue that hasn't been working from the moment it was enabled. Many patches and months have passed but no progress on this issue (which worked just fine in previous releases) It caused many setbacks in of our saves
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