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  1. Suppose your right there, and maybe I won't need to pay so much to maintain it. At least there will be potential to expand! I wil knock Everton and Liverpool of their perch!
  2. Having the same issue as myself in my Tranmere save. We were newly promoted and flew out of the traps in our bid to get back to the Championship. But during Dec + Jan we have lost our consistency. I believe it is down to teams not being as surprised and having a plan for you. Stick with it and maybe a minor tweak here or there and you'll come through the otherside. Quality will always show through!
  3. So currently playing with Tranmere Rovers and obviously based at the 16,000 seater Prenton Park. I've had two promotions in 3 seasons so far and currently sit in the playoff positions of League 1. Bank balance has been steadily improving over the seasons but we are very much reliant on a good cup run to keep us in the black at the end of the season. Then my ever so helpful chairman has announced that we are going to take out a whopping 11.25m loan and build a new stadium - creativley called "Tranmere Stadium" and it's got a whopping capacity of 9,000. So not only am I now saddled with a debt I didn't ask for, I now have a poxy capacity. I am curious as to why the stadium capacity is so low though? Is this due to the rep not increasing in line with my rapid promotions? Or is it cause I was only averaging 7 - 8000 in League 2 when the stadium build was announced?
  4. Broke the bank to bring Xabi Alonso to Olympiakos what a coup I thought!! 3 games in Damaged his Cruciate Ligament out for 11 months he "promptly" decided to retire 4 months later. Obviously just padding out his bank account.
  5. Losing out on automatic promotion on the final day to Walsall is my newest one! Then getting humped by Notts Co in the playoffs despite smashing them both games in the league. Needless to say a clearout of my squads professional bottlers happened in the summer!!
  6. I've loaded the majority of Europe, Australia, MLS, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and for the first time ever China - interested to see how the game develops there now they have loads of dosh!
  7. Decided to start at Tranmere Rovers and try and make them a big Liverpool club.... However might jump at the first tempting overseas job that appears!
  8. Well I thought I had one when I managed to steal Jovic + Kovacic from PSG's reserves, however they appear to be big game bottlers.. Hey ho next season, i'm sitting here at work plotting my revenge! Feel your pain that would drive me round the bend. You'll just have to show them what they are missing out on and get Wimbledon to the top of Europe!
  9. I feel your pain! On the plus side it makes you more determined to get there in the future.
  10. Joined Arsenal for 22M - Wegner must be crying at the waste of money as he only played 3 games in two seasons. Joined Celtic on loan for 6 months did nothing, and now plying his trade at Colorado in the MLS.
  11. As the title say's what is the most frustrating thing happening in your save right now? Example in mine i've bounced around a few teams and leagues until I got the Standard Liege job. Had a great season turning the club around but left due to the horrendous finances and the need to sell virtually everyone I had to keep the club afloat! So then I get a big oppurtunity at Olympiakos! Think winner here we go, titles a bit of money to spend and Champions League football. So to the frustrating part, my continual inability to make the group stage of the Champions League - year after year we are dumped out by teams that (at least I think) we should beat, some Cypriot team, Legia to name a few. I am finding this incredibly frustrating, it's harming the leagues rep and i'm spending the club's reserve of cash to try and bankroll that Champions League dream. FRUSTRATING, however I am loving the challenge and it immerses me further into my FM obsession! Would like to hear your thoughts...
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