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  1. Sure, I started out the season with a flat 4-5-1 counter, but after that early run with 5 straight without a win I decided to make some changes. I just happened to stumble across Ozil´s thread about the 4-1-4-1 and basically stole a few concepts from that one, like changing the DM from DLP to DM when facing a 4-2-3-1. I suggest finding that thread in the tactics section and have a read to understand how he uses the different tactics. What I ended up with are two variations of the 4-1-4-1. I am at work now so can´t post screens, but I will try to type out my two tactics. So here we go. 4-1
  2. So, second season is over and what a season it was! We were in the running the entire season and I was dreaming of a place in the CL as both City and Spurs seemed to run away with it for a while, but we hit an incredible form towards the end and they started dropping points. The fixtures over the season: And the heroes that made it all happen
  3. Maybe try to train the "comes deep to get ball" PPM if he doesn't already have it?
  4. Would love to see how you get on with this in the Premier League. I am playing as Newcastle and upon promotion I decided to switch up my tactic as I would no longer be the best team in the league. Settled on a flat 451 similar to yours - counter and structured, but I am using no TIs. I also have a CMa where you use the B2B and I have a DLPd instead of a CMd. So far three straight wins - 3-1 against WBA, 1-0 against Liverpool and 3-1 against Burnley. I like what I am seeing so far and the opponents are mostly limited to long range efforts. Like I said, I look forward to see how you get on
  5. So first season over with and we won the Championship comfortably. With 9 matches to go we were 22 points clear or something like that and we only needed one win to secure the first place. We were also on course for setting a new record for points and wins in the Championship. That is when the boys decided to show me exactly how they managed to get relegated in the first place. In those last 9 games we won 1, drew 4 and lost 4. I dont really know what happened, but we still managed to win the league thanks to our impressive display earlier in the season. With that "excellent" run in mind
  6. The borad didn't allow me more than the 5 coaches you are allowed so I had the problem of not having enough coaches to begin with to cover all areas of training. What I did then was to hire the guy I wanted as my Defensive coach as my U23 Ass manager, and then to cope with the burden of training I hired some random guy with decent determination, motivating and level of discipline and put him on every training category that was above average to bring it down.
  7. After a rocky start, which saw us win away to Fulham followed up by a defeat and a draw to Huddersfield and Reading at home we are now cruising. We have won every single game since and although the play out on the pitch didn't look convincing in the early games we are now destroying teams in a fairly satisfying fashion. We have a few excellent results, such as 5-1 away to Villa and another 5-1 at home against Wolves. We also have a few late turn arounds, like Rotherham away where I played the "b-team" and we went down 1-0 on a penalty only to score the equalizer in the 87th and the winner with
  8. I mentioned it a few posts up, but that a look at Carlos Soler at Valencia. Available to sign for compensation at the start of the game and he is willing to sign. He looks like a good prospect that should develop into a player that you can use in the Prem as well
  9. This. I have also noticed the problems with wingbacks making odd moves when receiving the ball and also a lot of the crosses coming in are low, aimed at the first post even though I have 3-4 players in the box around the penalty spot. They should be able to aim their crosses towards where my players are. I appreciate that sometimes they will try the low cross behind the d-line and in front of the goalie as I have crosses set to mixed, but right now I am not sure that what happens on a cross can even be qualified as that. A question about tutoring @Cleon, when you tutor your players do you
  10. I found Carlos Soler in Valencia and he is available to sign for compensation at game start and also willing to come to Newcastle. Looks like a great prospect at only 19 years old and should be able to contribute in the prem after a year of developing in the championship. He is a central/defensive mid and looks like a playmaker. Could probably be formed into a different dm/cm role though given his age and potential. I will try to make him into more of a box-to-box type of player with great first touch and passing.
  11. I love this thread and I hope you keep it up! I am currently trying something similar with Newcastle. Only in pre-season, but so far so good even though it is hard to read too much into the games being played. Keep up the good work, I will be following closely.
  12. I am playing a 4-2-3-1 on defensive mentality and structured shape. I use retain possession to prevent wasteful passes and I am also using higher tempo to prevent dwelling on the ball too much. My front four are: CFa, Ws, AMs, IFs. What I have noticed is that we get a lot of shots blocked, sometimes as high as 70% of my shots fired in a match are blocked. We create a fair amount of chances, but it is hard to score if the ball never reaches the net. I am suspecting it has to do with my instructions, but as I am happy with our play overall I would like to avoid changing too much. Is there a way
  13. I have a question about training and training schedules. Can someone tell me exactly what attributes are focused on within the different training schedules in team training?
  14. Hi, I am no expert even though I have played the game for a long time and these are just my personal opinions but: 1. If it is a young player, I believe this can improve and I will keep the player around/buy him anyway. 2. This is a no-go for me. If he is prone to picking up injuries it means he will not play and be unfit. I see no need in having a player on my wage bill that is not playing for me. 3. This depends on the position and the role/job I expect the player to fulfill. 4. I intend to play big matches (who doesn't) so obviously I don't want players in my starting 11 that will go h
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