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    19 - Wigan fan - Attend all home games and try to get to a few away - New FM player.

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  1. This looks an amazing club, going to start a save with these as soon as possible!
  2. Have any of the lower teams in the Bundesliga had an update? Likes of Darmstadt, Ingolstadt etc.
  3. Slightly sexist comments, can't base our views on Maggie Thatcher
  4. You've fixed it! I did those steps but instead downloaded another version and it worked!
  5. When I go to that it just says Microsoft Basic Display Adapter?
  6. Not enjoying it! Myself and quite a few other who had to re-install FM due to having to factorize or have even just bought the game have insane levels of 'lag' as people call it. The games unplayable and needs to be fixed! :/
  7. If I knew how to go back to a previous version I would, but I have no idea aha.
  8. I've followed all those steps and it has made no difference?
  9. I've tried the top two, going onto the last now but now it's gotten to the point where even the load up screen is lagging, it's strange? :/
  10. Most, as soon as I load any screen it takes far longer than it used to.
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