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  1. Premier Leauge TV money

    You get the money broken down per game, when you play the game. You'll get news items in your inbox before a match that will say Premier League Television Coverage....... Blackburn will receive around 1.2M in TV money for this match. You never get it in one lump sum. Then after the match if you look at your finances you will see TV revenue.
  2. @Alex Pitt I actually installed it on the main storage the other night, shortly after posting this. And since doing so I've had no issues what so ever. Its faster as well. I still get some slow downs, but nothing like before. I'm not sure if it was the SD cards itself (it might be going bad, have bad sectors, etc) or the lack of free space on it. Its was almost entirely full with FM installed on it. But I don't know how the Switch works in that regard, or if the game needs a set a mount of free space. I might also try swapping in another unopened SD card I have and try it on that when I have some free time, just to see. Was going to post back after doing so, so I had more info. But as of right now with it being the only thing on the internal storage its 100% faster and I haven't had a crash in ~5 hours.
  3. Why does the coaching staff of a top flight club always tell you to consider opening contract talks with a player who has 3-4 years left on their current deal? Seriously? Why is this a thing? It nonsense. If a player has 3 years left on their deal and they are making 180K a week, why on earth would I want to offer them a new contract. They will want more money and it will just mean I end up paying them more for those three years.
  4. Happens often with Paulo Dybala. Especially if he moves to England, usually I see him move to City or Arsenal. In one save I saw him have 46 goals in the league and 12 in the UCL for Arsenal. I've also seen Andrea Belotti get a 40+ goal seasons while playing for United once. Here is a screen shot I found in my fmshots uploads from FM17, this is the season he scored the 46 league goals and the 12 in the UCL. The only screen shot I still have. Thought I had the Belotti one saved too but I guess not. I also don't appear to have that season highlighted so you can see the none league goals.
  5. Was asked to open this from the feedback topic. Team managed - Liverpool Leagues loaded - Just top English league In-game date - July 12th? Not sure on the exact date I had started the save. Before doing anything else I enacted Oblak's release clause from Atletico and placed Simon Migs on the transfer list. Then set my formation 4-1-2-3 DM wide. Filled the spots with the starters. And continued. Few days later confirmed the transfer of Oblak and replaced in tactic screen as starter. Continued another day or two, noticed the dates were set DD/MM/YYYY, opened the options and changed to MM/DD/YYYY. Continued another day or two. Had an offer for a player, can't remember who, went to check them in the squad screen to see if I would miss/need them and it crashed when click on the player to load up their profile page. Before doing all that however I had tested two other saves just messing around. One in Germany and one in France. I got about two-three weeks into each of those before deciding to start the save above to actually play. That is all the info I have/remember from when it happened. I did tell Nintendo to send the crash report on the console. Is there a way I can give you an identification number from the console that will match a report you get so you can track them that way maybe?
  6. Strangely when I play one of the challenges, its much faster. But if I start a normal save its pretty slow. I'll try deleting and installing on the system memory tomorrow. And thanks for that on the tactic screen, I didn't even notice the Y to close it. That is much better. As for opening a bug report I'll do that. But not sure how helpful it will be.
  7. I thought maybe I was being a little too harsh on the game, and booted it up today. After playing for an hour it crashed. Awesome. I reported it via the console. Also, why can't we change colors of things like stats and the color of loan players. The color scheme and the theme/skin are awful to look at. I want a dark skin and to be able to change the colors to something I can look at without straining my eyes. I doubt I ever boot this up again unless there is a patch to fix some things with the interface and options.
  8. Germany. It took forever to do any transitional load. Day to day, moving screens in the menu, etc. It was just slow. The worst was going into the match. And then the match itself took 25 minutes on key highlights only at the fastest speed. Almost everything about it was bizarrely too slow. Especially getting into the match. There was three different load screens, and each one was bout 60-90 seconds. Oddly I've now watched some youtube videos and those don't seem anywhere near as slow as what I experienced. Maybe its because I have it loaded on an SD card and not the systems main storage? As for the interface, why does this only have the green default thing with the background image? Where is the plain black or white skin? The green default is awful to look at. And the tactics screen is just mind boggling. Having the pitch w/ kits take up the whole screen so you can't even see the lineup selection. Also when you view your squad page, if you make any changes to add or remove info, the header section gets removed. Also when you click the right bumper to open the menu, when making a selection, the menu doesn't auto close when it loads the new page. You have to hit the bumper again to close it. It should close when loading the new page. I also had issues with the context menu button (x) changing pages instead of opening the context menu. The in-between match screen stats page is way too big and takes up the whole screen and juts generally looks bad.
  9. Extremely disappointed. Its insanely slow with just one league loaded. The interface is pretty bad on such a small screen. It should have been more stream lined to make navigation quicker/easier on a tiny screen. I feel like I wasted $40 on this. I'll never load it up again after being insanely frustrated for 2 hours last night. I'd wager 20-30 minutes or so of that was waiting on loading screens. How is this a quick portable version when you are having to constantly wait for 2-3 minute load times. Nonsense. This is not light enough to run on this platform, nor is it user friendly enough for such a small screen. Maybe its because I've only ever played the full PC version. But man was this a terrible experience. How can the switch play games like Zelda so quickly and smoothly, and this little thing run so poorly. Its mind boggling.
  10. Yes, but you can now close this. I completely deleted FM last night and reinstalled it. Since doing so it hasn't had a crash issue in in multiple tests. So it must have been something in the setup. Maybe some left over custom files that I didn't see to remove while testing before.
  11. Set the asking price you want on his transfer page and then set the option next to that to reject all offers below asking price. Then you'll never see those offers. I always do this if I start getting these non-negotiable offers.
  12. I'm really getting tired of this. EDIT: This wasn't even a pre-season match by the way. This was the world cup first game in the group stage with France. I made three subs, and went to change the third subs role from box-2-box support to ballwinning support. And it happened. Just trying to provide more info. Because I can't seem to start any save where this doesn't happen now. FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.12 10.31.24).dmp
  13. I'm still experiencing this across multiple save snow. Any time in a pre season match where you make a lot of saves and start changing everyone's duties in those roles. I can reproduce this at will.