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  1. Was the clear cache option removed in this latest update? I can't seem to find it. NEVER MIND. Found it.
  2. If I wanted to edit the files to make the context menu centered, what file would that be in? I thought it would be in the generic folder which has the title bar and header files, but I don't see it in there. And by context menu, I mean the one at the top that is aligned left that has things like Inbox - Social Feed - News etc when you are in the inbox left hand menu page. Thanks.
  3. You're missing the point of that option from FM19. There is an extra processing stop because of this being there. With it turned off in FM19 you didn't have that unnecessary stop just to show you that screen. Even if you do what you say in FM20, that processing stop still happens. Which, lets be honest, there are far far too many breaks in the weekly processing to begin with. This is just a byproduct of that problem really.
  4. Why was the option to not be forced into visiting the social feed removed? This is unacceptable.
  5. The new preferences is very annoying. We need the actual dedicated page back.
  6. What is this this tonight BS, its 10:30 AM where I am. I still have hope, right? RIGHT? Oh, right...
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