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  1. Its just an okay version of FM. It has new shiny paint and flashy features. But there are so many issues with the game. Saying FM19 is the best FM is just a bonkers concept to me. It is the most flawed version of the game I've personally played.
  2. I'm kind of shocked so many people voted for 19 honestly.
  3. I lost 0-12 at home to PSG as Paris FC in the league. And I'll be honest, that loss made me not want to play that save ever again.
  4. Its currently fairly ambitious. But it should be very loyal. I've been at this club for 19 years. In one of my previous saves (might have even been fm18) it was spineless or something like that.
  5. That is a completely different place than he was even talking about. This still makes them show up in your inbox however, and that doesn't resolve the issue. I don't want to ever see one, period.
  6. This doesnt' work. As soon as you hit continue it undoes the changes to the filters. Ugh.
  7. Oh wow. I've never noticed that little icon before. Man do I feel dumb. Thank you!
  8. I'm saying the sales on the Xbox would be better than on the Switch. So if they can make excuses to put it up on a system where it barely sells, there is no good excuse to prevent them from porting the windows touch to xbox, because very little would need to go into that since xbox runs the same architecture now. Reading comprehension, how does it work?
  9. Oh, watch out! Everyone is going to tell you to play FMT because that version doesn't have it. The go to response for all the "how dare you criticize or bring a valid point or opinion that differs from mine" response on this forum.
  10. You think the sales on Switch are very good? I doubt it. Yet they've put out two versions on there. Nothing is stopping them from throwing it up on XBLA or PSN. We aren't talking about the full blown game here, it would have to be the moble/touch version like is on switch. I don't see any legit reason preventing them from porting that over to the other consoles. Sales isn't an excuse because it sells like **** on Switch.
  11. I'm very tired of FM19 with the "pre-concern" ********. Players feeling we lack depth, or they deserve a new contract 6 months after signing a new one. Its gotten to the point now where I have had to buy and use the stupid in game editor to tell players to F off by resetting their unhappy every damn week.
  12. Correct. You caught me. I made it up because I wanted to be apart of the discussion. Sorry about that.
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