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  1. Why not go bold and only play naked in public. That should really spice it up.
  2. Thanks, I was planning on waiting until the end of this month, but I guess I'll be waiting until mid to late October now.
  3. Figured going top of the line now will give me a bigger gap between upgrades. 7-8 years maybe. Little bit of "future proofing" in a way. Instead of upgrading roughly every three years.
  4. Hey everyone. I'm going to build a new desktop. And I've been out of the loop on CPU's for a handful of years now. What would be better for FM specifically (I don't play any other games on PC, just FM and use it as a work station), an i9 9900k or a Ryzen 9 3900X? My current desktop is using an i5 6600K, and FM19 can get pretty slow after the first season with only a few leagues loaded. And trying to do a journeyman where I load everything, its insanely slow right out the gate. FM16-18 were fine on that CPU. But FM19 kicks its ass. So I want to upgrade. Let me know which would be better. I'm assuming the i9 because of the single core power, but I know nothing about modern AMD. I stopped using AMD about 8 years ago. Thanks in advance.
  5. Based on your previous posts, I'm assuming you mean skins/faces/logos etc? Those go in the same place as before (documents/sports interactive/football manager 2019). But you'll notice a new folder in the FM19 folder called gamepass. Just put them in there.
  6. This is one of the ones broken on steam still too. Along with Goal of the Season and You gained the trust of the board to select a feeder team. So doubt those two also work on GP either.
  7. Yes. Almost all games on the windows 10 store have xbox achievements on PC. Its pretty rare they don't actually.
  8. This version is far slower than the steam version. Also its missing simple things like the animations on the tactics selection screen.
  9. The game files do not appear in that folder for me. But other gamepass games do.
  10. You probably can't answer this, but are we able to get access to the DB folder for modding with this version? I can't find the core game files for the life of me.
  11. Finally got graphics to work. Had to re-install the game though. Not sure what was up. Now to spend some time trying to figure out if its possible get this damn license fix installed.
  12. No error, but no images would show no matter what I did. No faces, no kits, no logos, etc. Nothing would show that was added to a the graphics folder.
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