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  1. Uh, no that isn't what I said. I got tired of waiting for a proper fix. So I got rid of the problem monitor. Me buying a monitor has nothing to do with SI. However, the issue is only on 1080p and 720p monitors. The issue does not effect any other type of monitor. I have now tested on 6 different monitors, and it was only a problem on the 1080p and the 720p ones, the two 1440's and the two 4k monitors were just fine. But they apparently don't understand that, so it will never be a true fix for those with 1080p and 720p monitors. 1080 and 720 monitors are locked at those resolutions and ca
  2. I just went and bought a $300 AOC (never heard of them before today) 4K monitor. Guess what, it looks amazing on that. I swap back to my $500 Samsung 1080P monitor, complete crap. I'll be selling the Samsung asap.
  3. So far I've tried Heffem, Kojuro and Material (all can be found on FMScout website). And they all look better than the default skin. Not 100% prefect, but readable enough for me.
  4. Not completely fixed for me either. The weird underline thing on bold text is gone. But it still has a bright fuzzy halo to all the white text in the game. Which makes it look very blurry and hard to read (and again, only in FM21). Also how do we still not have a dark or light official skin either? Why are we stuck with this purple only this year? I think that might be what is making it look so bad. I always switch to the dark theme. EDIT: I just switched to a dark custom theme and it looks perfectly fine. But, the theme also changed the font as well. So I guess I'll just be playing with
  5. This is incorrect. It has nothing to do with user defined settings what so ever. It is the fact the game can not render in 1080P properly. My monitor can not output any other resolution than 1920x1080. This can not be changed. You would know this if someone in the company bought a 1080P monitor and actually tested it to see for themselves. This is not a user defined setting via windows or the video card. It is an an issue with the game itself. I'm starting to think I need to demand my money back from steam for this years version. Because it is starting feel like you will never be able to resol
  6. Is this coming to gamepass this year? Or the full version? Or neither?
  7. I gave up on playing it until its fixed. It is just too much of an eye strain for me. Started giving me headaches. So I'm patiently waiting for a patch.
  8. So the version on Xbox is the full version and not the touch version then?
  9. Any chance we could see a patch by Monday for some smaller things? I know, I'm a dunce for even asking.
  10. No. Its an issue with the game trying to render in 1080P. All our monitors with the issue are 1920x1080 (1080P, like a TV and not a standard monitor). Which is why we can't change to higher resolutions like 1440. I've already tested using my same video card, but with my old 1440 monitor, and it looks just fine. They have to fix the game to render in 1080P. Since so many monitor makers are now selling 1080P monitors. From what I can gather this was an issue with last years beta as well. And they fixed it by release.
  11. Try using this skin: https://www.fmscout.com/a-wannachup-fm21-instant-result-skin.html Or this Skin: https://www.fmscout.com/a-priisek-dark-fm21-skin.html It is not a fix, and the text is still blurry and hard to read. But the contrast makes it much less of a strain on my eyes. And I am now able to play in short burst now. The contrast with the black/dark back ground makes the fuzzy white text not so much of strain for me. Maybe it will for you too. Until they fix the game to render properly in 1080 this is the best its going to get I think.
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