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  1. Not only is good to not judge a player by their star rating, its also not a good idea to fully trust your scouting reports on players to sign unless that scout is 16/16 or better. I've gotten scout reports that the scout (14/16) gave a rating of 56 (not a good rating) and said he wouldn't be a good signing. But looking at the players ratings, he was world class in his position for my league. Yet my scout was like, nah this guy isn't any good don't sign him. I signed him and hes been player of the league the last three years. I fired that scout.
  2. If a team leader comes to you and asks to move on because he has done everything at the club and wants a new/fresh challenge. IF you say okay you've been a great servant to the club and I wont stand in your way, I'll move you on. Everything is good so far. Problem is once he is moved on, someone else in the club is going to come to you ask why (nine times out of ten). And there currently is no response for "he wanted to move on, and I wasn't going to keep him here against his will". This really needs to be added. OR, no one should ever come to you ask why you let him go in the first place. They should know he asked to leave and that is why you sold him. One or the other needs to be added.
  3. Okay, someone explain the logic in this to me. Player has squad status of Rotation. Player has started 10 games in the league. And made 11 sub appearances as the first sub of the game, usually at or right after half time. We've played 22 league games. He's featured in all but one game in the league. He just came to me asking to leave the club, because he doesn't feel he will ever get enough game time. What are you talking about? You've started almost half the games. And played in the other half as a sub, from Rotation status. That is the definition of rotation. How in the world does he have grounds to complain about his playing time? There is only one other player on the roster who plays in his position. So these two guys, barring an injury, are the only two options in that position all season. I don't get this at all. EDIT: Never mind. After talking to the player the real motivation was him missing home and not feeling like he fit in. If that was the case, why did the news/inbox article, my assistant tell me he wanted to talk about leaving due to his playing time. That makes even less sense if that isn't why the player is actually upset.
  4. This year I seem to be releasing a lot of youth players on frees when they refuse to be tutored by someone.
  5. That shouldn't matter. Its a new season, which hasn't even started.
  6. Why am I having a backup player come to me before the second friendly of pre-season complaining about his first team chances? Why? There is no logic to this what so ever.
  7. Its because its end of season and not immediately. Its always been like this.
  8. Why was this option removed from this years in game editor? In the last two versions you could go to a clubs page, edit the club details, go to finances and click a button to give them an embargo. Then fill in an end date. That is missing this year. Why? Also why does the link to the manual go to 2017 version of a generic page. There is no actual online manual for the in game editor for 17 or 18, so why is there even a link?
  9. @Alex Pitt Sure, the one that had issues was a Samsung 32GB EVO Class 10 Micro SDHC (MB-MP32DA/AM). It was purchased in 2015. I've replaced it with a Samsung 64GB (U3) MicroSDXC EVO (MB-ME64GA/AM) purchased in 2017 but unopened until this month. The one that had issues, the 32gb one, was previously used in another device before being reformatted for the Switch. So I have no idea if it was going bad before it was ever used in the Switch or not. Prior to FM I only had one other game on the Switch.
  10. oulzac

    Do we all need the Internet?

    The internet needs us more than we need it.
  11. oulzac

    Premier Leauge TV money

    You get the money broken down per game, when you play the game. You'll get news items in your inbox before a match that will say Premier League Television Coverage....... Blackburn will receive around 1.2M in TV money for this match. You never get it in one lump sum. Then after the match if you look at your finances you will see TV revenue.
  12. @Alex Pitt I actually installed it on the main storage the other night, shortly after posting this. And since doing so I've had no issues what so ever. Its faster as well. I still get some slow downs, but nothing like before. I'm not sure if it was the SD cards itself (it might be going bad, have bad sectors, etc) or the lack of free space on it. Its was almost entirely full with FM installed on it. But I don't know how the Switch works in that regard, or if the game needs a set a mount of free space. I might also try swapping in another unopened SD card I have and try it on that when I have some free time, just to see. Was going to post back after doing so, so I had more info. But as of right now with it being the only thing on the internal storage its 100% faster and I haven't had a crash in ~5 hours.
  13. Why does the coaching staff of a top flight club always tell you to consider opening contract talks with a player who has 3-4 years left on their current deal? Seriously? Why is this a thing? It nonsense. If a player has 3 years left on their deal and they are making 180K a week, why on earth would I want to offer them a new contract. They will want more money and it will just mean I end up paying them more for those three years.