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  1. Never mind, nothing to see here.
  2. I've actually done this before. The save files on PC (not sure about Mac or any other versions like mobile) are stored in Documents/Sports Interactive/Football Manager *year*/games. So if you all buy 2018 the folder name would be Football Manager 2018/games. You just copy the file to a USB stick to share in person. Or attach to an email if its small enough. Or upload to a file sharing service for others to download. I hope you guys end up doing this and have as much fun as me and my buddies did with it. The save took some crazy paths. Because we all had very different playing styles. Formations changed a lot. We moved teams a lot, etc. It was always interesting to see where the save had gone when you got it back.
  3. I only use concentrate. And I'm still upset they took away the ability to choose a tone for the shout.
  4. I just pre-orderd another copy because of this topic.
  5. I often see players taking up citizenship when its not required. I've never seen it in a league where it would actually matter though. It always says its to help the team in some way (can't remember exact wording). But I see this in leagues where it doesn't even matter. Like in Sweden for example. Where there are no work permit rules and no squad registration rules. The only rule there is you have to have 9 home grown in the match squad. So changing your nationality doesn't matter. Yet it happens a lot. And I've never seen anything about work permits in all the years I've managed in Sweden.
  6. Can you actually add a team as a competitive rival over the course of a save? Just curious if its possible. I don't think I've ever seen this. But it would be nice if it could happen.
  7. If that was the case it there would be a news item about how the player was upset in my inbox, since I'm following the player. Never happens. But an offer is made, and he is sold snap snap in back to back emails in the same day. Its always been like this. I've reported it as a bug and was told it wasn't. So take your mod snark ******** else where.
  8. It always says don't want to sell. But then they sell for much less than I offered anyways. So your point is moot. If they don't want to sell to me for a high value, they shouldn't be turning around within the week and taking an offer for much less. Broken system is broken.
  9. This is what makes me angry. I've had this happen countless times. My scouts bring me a young player who is valued cheap and has massive potential. The player is valued at lets say 1M. I make an offer for 10M and they turn it down, demanding 100M. Then a week later he is sold to a team in a much lower league for 5M. This stuff really ticks me off. If they were willing to accept 5M, why turn down 10M and demand 100M? In fact in my current save this happened last night. I offered 18M for a player in Portugal who is valued at 850K, they refused to sell at 18M and demanded 65M. Then a couple days later a rival in my league offered 4M and it was accepted. Its bull crap.
  10. You have those attributes set way too high for a youth coach is why. Those are senior level attributes levels. Consider yourself lucky if you can find an U18 coach who has those set at 12's let alone 14's. And if they do, they are now ready and want to step up to a bigger job. Its why they are demanding a senior role.
  11. If I set the Dof to handle all contract matters, why are players allowed to come to me and complain when he refuses to give them a new contract? It has nothing to do with me. I'm not in charge of it. It is not my decision. Yet I'm forced to deal with an upset dressing room who feel the feel player should get a new contract. It makes little sense. They know I'm not in charge of doing this, so why are they complaining to me? This needs to be fixed. I'm getting tired of having to deal with fallout from the DoF choices that I can't affect. I mean, I hire a DoF. Put him in charge of the things I'm sick of dealing with. And yet, here I am still dealing with it. So what is the point of a DoF then?
  13. If you don't speculate, you can't accumulate.
  14. It doesn't at the moment, as the season change over has happened. But, would it have said something about a board take over forcing him out? Also thanks for pointing that out.