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  1. This version is far slower than the steam version. Also its missing simple things like the animations on the tactics selection screen.
  2. The game files do not appear in that folder for me. But other gamepass games do.
  3. You probably can't answer this, but are we able to get access to the DB folder for modding with this version? I can't find the core game files for the life of me.
  4. Finally got graphics to work. Had to re-install the game though. Not sure what was up. Now to spend some time trying to figure out if its possible get this damn license fix installed.
  5. No error, but no images would show no matter what I did. No faces, no kits, no logos, etc. Nothing would show that was added to a the graphics folder.
  6. They weren't unlocking for me either. But once I quit the game, it then did a sync (like PSN does) and then they showed on my xbox profile. So its not instant like with other windows games that used them in the past or the xbox itself.
  7. Also I wasn't really paying attention to logs last night. I doesn't look like you can add logs or face graphics. Or anything in the graphics folder actually. Just skins and save files are working. Thats lame.
  8. That or if you bought and used the in-game editor, that could disable the achievements.
  9. Hmm. You'll probably have to contact Microsoft support to ask if they are aware of any issues with them unlocking. SI wont be able to help with that.
  10. Are you in the Windows Preview Program and running the latest beta version of Windows 10? And did you download and install the Xbox app from the win 10 store? And then install the game from that app using a Microsoft account, and then launch the game from the xbox app? Only way to get the achievements.
  11. The exact same as it is for you through steam or any other provider. This is still on PC. It is not on the xbox itself.
  12. Yep. I tested that tonight. When you install the GP for PC version it just creates a folder in your documents/sport interactive/football manager 2019 folder called gamepass. And then inside that is just the noraml folders for the game that are normally in the football manager 2019 folder when installed on steam. You can just copy every thing inside the gamepass folder and it works. The only thing you can't do is the license/naming fix because you can't access the db folders.
  13. Its just an okay version of FM. It has new shiny paint and flashy features. But there are so many issues with the game. Saying FM19 is the best FM is just a bonkers concept to me. It is the most flawed version of the game I've personally played.
  14. I'm kind of shocked so many people voted for 19 honestly.
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