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  1. I find it annoying to do both personally.
  2. Thanks for pointing this out. I just checked the refs and there are some insane numbers on a bunch of these guys. I didn't edit the refs, but I did make some pre-game edits to add a team and a lower league. I wonder if this caused the game to add extra refs or load extra refs or something. Mine currently looks like the second image you posted 20 games into a season. So I assume this is the real issue.
  3. I'm not talking about just me. The AI teams get them a crazy amount. I get one maybe once every fifth or six game with stay on feet and no pressing. The AI gets one like every other game.
  4. Anyone else seeing an insane amount of red cards?
  5. This pre-concern for squad depth nonsense needs to be fixed in the next patch. I'm really getting tired of the nonsense.
  6. Well since FM19 does not give you that information about the DoF (philosophy or tactical preference), how do you suggest getting around that? And if its not realistic for me to hire a DoF, then why can I do it? To me a DoF is just a glorified scout. Not someone who is part of the board. Basically what you just said to me was, you shouldn't complain about this because its not a real thing in real life. But you should try to look to hire someone with info you want to match yours even though the game doesn't give you any of that info about the person. Very helpful.
  7. What are DoF so worthless? Why do they always try to sign players that don't fit the main tactic. They only sign players for their prefered formation. I've been trying to do a DoF challenge to add something extra to my save, to keep from getting boring. And I'm now on my fourth DoF. And not one of them has signed a player that even remotely makes sense. I play with IF and they only sign wingers. I have my mids at B2B and DLP. Yet they sign BWM and DM which I don't even have. I also have WB's set. They sign defensive fullbacks. I mean whats the deal here. Is it just too hard to code them to look at the tactic and sign players that fit into it? Its complete nonsense.
  8. In that situation it was never just one or two players. Its was usually that players entire social group, which in most cases is half your squad. And it all came down to not being able to tell them to F off because the player demanded to leave and you were doing the best thing for the team as a whole. However I will say, in over 200 hours of FM19 I've yet to run into this. This was a major issue in past versions however. They seem to have gotten this correct this year, where players don't usually get upset about a player being sold unless they were a vital part of the team or a team leader. And when you talk to that person in the "hey just a heads up about so and so" pre option the captain brings to you, you can always dissuade them from making a fuss about it. At least I have so far. Last year however in my experience I want to break my laptop with how often this caused major squad morale issues.
  9. Some times it not about giving into threats, but keeping the morale up so you don't tank 10 games in a row because of one stupid little issue.
  10. LLM is just as easy this year. Something is off about this years game. Its just way too easy to win.
  11. Overwhelmed by the feedback.
  12. Any progress is good progress. This was a minor update after all. No one should have expected ME updates or anything like that from a minor update.
  13. The issue isn't the agent. Only player she represents on my roster and she "has a friendly relationship with me". After having thought about it more today and looking over things, and not in the heat of the moment last night when I was angry about it. I realized its because the player is wanted by league one sides. We are in the VNN. He is way too good to be playing at this level now. He is 18 and I signed him as a 16 year old championship youth reject. Hes developed really well playing every game for us since signing. The bug in this instance is him wanting a new contract in the first place. The agent rejecting is the proper part of the situation. The proper issue I should be having is him asking to leave to join these league one teams, not him wanting a new contract. The captain should have come to me saying he wanted to leave. And his negative dynamic should have been wanting to leave due to interest in him. But the game presented me the wrong situation, which made it worse. Because now he has three broken promises and hates me. And now I have to sell him for far less than I should be getting for him. Should have made a save at that point so I could have reported it as a bug.
  14. So he wants a new contract to earn more money, but doesn't want it to be with us. Okay. And I just had a talk with him, told him if he wants one I'll offer him one because we love having him at the club. He is excited and a promise is made. His agent still refuses to allow an offer. DoF can't even offer him. And now of course the promise has been broken and the player is now upset about being mistreated. Fun times.
  15. Yeah, what is the deal with this? I've noticed everyone on my team has been having a massive decline in determination.