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  1. Zia needs to score more for Chelsea Price tag means nothing
  2. Zia has top value in the pack but needs to amp on the goals and assists
  3. 14.7 mil :BULKS: Good choice being basque ...doesn't get goals though
  4. Well knowing myself that's a very literal characteristic I presume thats a 4th red this season?
  5. 8 match ban!!!...What did Zia do to deserve that? (BITE THE OPPONENT!)
  6. Uefa super cup medal COOL...Happy for Mr. Baker on improving his earnings. Sad that one of the dozen is due to depart
  7. Starting club: Racing Santandar - Spain Name Salman Zia Position Striker and 1 other Positions AMR DOB all will be 16 Nationality Pakistani, 2nd: Basque City Of Birth Karachi Height & Weight 5'11" / 62 kg Foot no two footers RIGHT Personality Stats you have 100 points to distribute between Adaptability 15 Ambition 15 Loyalty 5 Pressure 20 Professional 15 Sportsmanship 5 Temperament 20 Controversy 5 110 stat points to go on your Attributes everyone will have 20: pace 13 acceleration 13 composure 12 agility 12 finishing 12 off the ball 12 dribbling 12 flair 12 decisions 12 1 PPM Likes to place shots 2 Favored Clubs Fulham, Chelsea 2 Favored Personal Jose Mourinho, Arjen Robben 2 Disliked Clubs Man Utd, Inter Milan 2 Disliked Personal Sir Alex Ferguson, Roberto Mancini
  8. yum yum 6.25 mil and lapse of concentration going unpunished leading us to Europa final Happy for Zia, Hanging for the winners medal I presume
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