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  1. This happens to my managers face everytime on first loading my save, i have to reload skin from preferences to fix it. Every single time. I use Flut Dark Skin btw.
  2. For some reason the save had saved to the Onedrive/documents section rather that C/documents, despite it not happening before and my setting preventing it?? anyway a copy and paste job sorted it
  3. My Save file no longer exists just a save from a week ago, i was playing it a couple hours before? Any ideas whats going on or am i gona have to start again?
  4. Yeah this what it was, i should read the questions properly haha
  5. it happened in a multiplayer which i am not the host but if i see it happen in my solo game i will happily post the save file.
  6. Ah i wasnt aware that was a thing so quite maybe haha ill double check when i see it next thanks
  7. Yeah I had this last night where it said my player was exited to play against team#1???
  8. lol at some point im going to sign a team of dans. I feel it will add something to the team shouts.
  9. Haha she is adept at handling press conferences after a defeat and a steal at £9500 a year!
  10. I read somewhere that if you use a custom skin it fixes this problem, my game didnt stutter terribly but i thought id try it and it definitely sped things up. I also read somewhere that using a custom skin then reverting back to a default skin also fixes the problem but i havent tried this.
  11. Hi guys, im getting a bug where during the tunnel interview i am asked a question relating to my or my opponents position in the league, however the positions the questions mention are completely wrong! "How does it feel being in 18th place?" On the very same screen, just to the left of the the answer options, it shows im actually in 4th... I had this problem throughout the Beta but it wasnt present on release, now after 40 hours or so into a mp game it has reappeared! I know this isnt a huge problem but what concerns me is, will this affect player performances, ie will m
  12. Hey, thanks for the help, i had an update pending on my Nvidea Graphics card via Geforce experience app, havent had a problem since so fingers crossed. Thanks again!
  13. Ive had a multiplayer going now for a few day with no problem, now all of a sudden it keeps on crashing? Any help would be much appreciated as i dont know much about pc's. FM 2020 v20.1.4.1318683 (2019.11.26 15.13.05).dmp FM 2020 v20.1.4.1318683 (2019.11.26 15.55.00).dmp FM 2020 v20.1.4.1318683 (2019.11.26 16.16.04).dmp FM 2020 v20.1.4.1318683 (2019.11.26 16.38.18).dmp
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