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  1. Out of interest why would you use a (D) duty in the CM line and an (S) duty in the DM line?
  2. Same problem for me - also even though I selected the Experienced profile the game has made me sit through all the Inductions, and won't let me mark untaken Inductions as Complete, it's greyed out and says "Scheduled for next match". Any word on a fix for this?
  3. As a lurker/non-poster just wanted to say thanks to everyone on here providing what is no doubt the most informative and entertaining blow-by-blow coverage out there. You even got my FM hating wife to create an account.
  4. I feel you man - Diet Coke is answer! One per day, unless I have a beer on the weekend and it manages to keep the cravings at bay. The most important thing is to just keep going, if you have a day or week when you mess up then get back on the horse and start it up again. Keep us updated and let us know if you need any help or direction!
  5. Pre-lockdown I was doing quite well, getting in decent shape - once lockdown hit it all went to ****! About 6 weeks ago I did 2 things and saw massive change. 1st thing was to do a 25 - 30 min HIIT workout every day. Do 30 secs intense work then 30 secs rest and repeat, pick 5 different exercises and repeat (you can find loads of these online). Don't need any equipment, can do it on my lunch break, and moves that anyone can do. It's starts hard (was sick the first time!) but will get easier, now I've cut it down to 4o secs work, 20 secs rest. Second thing was intermittent fasting. I'
  6. Yeah it's a shame, hopefully not a problem for the next game
  7. I leave my set pieces completely blank and comfortably score 3/4 of all goals through set pieces / knock downs & deflections from set pieces. Most other chances just seem to be smashed into the side-netting.
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