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  1. Thanks for the write-up SS, really interesting look at the principles of pressing. I know this isn't intended to be plug&play but I was wondering about what kind of PIs you would use for this style as it's an area that I find tough to navigate - e.g. if we're compact on defence should I ask my wide players to sit narrower, or is that overkill? Same with an SV type ball carrier/creative player, should he run with the ball more and play more risky passes? Cheers!
  2. Out of interest why would you use a (D) duty in the CM line and an (S) duty in the DM line?
  3. Same problem for me - also even though I selected the Experienced profile the game has made me sit through all the Inductions, and won't let me mark untaken Inductions as Complete, it's greyed out and says "Scheduled for next match". Any word on a fix for this?
  4. Yeah it's a shame, hopefully not a problem for the next game
  5. I leave my set pieces completely blank and comfortably score 3/4 of all goals through set pieces / knock downs & deflections from set pieces. Most other chances just seem to be smashed into the side-netting.
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