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  1. I'm playing as FC Porto and have Under 19s, Under 23s and B Team squads. I'm struggling to understand how best to use my B team. Players who are 15-17 sit in my u19, when they are 18-20 move to my u23 (if not good enough for first team yet). Anyone older than this should be good enough for my first team otherwise they're sold or released. Should I be using the B team as a development pathway? It seems like it clashes with the u23 in terms of age range. Thanks
  2. Playing in Liga Nos (Portugal) and in my 4th season I have just come across this strange bug(?). One fixture at the start of November and then nothing for 2 months. This has happened for every team in the league, not just me. I only noticed because I got a message saying my assistant had arranged 4 friendlies for December!! It's also resulted in me playing twice a week for Jan and Feb after this, which is crazy. I could play even more games as I'm due to progress in the Champs League as well. Has anyone seen anything like this before? I have looked at previous years and there's always a 2-week break at the end of December but that's it. Is there something specific to the Portuguese league where this happens every few years?
  3. I'm really trying to avoid that as I rely on a very high LOE with extreme pressing. I also rely on my wingers for creativity & goals, I feel like I'd lose my main playing identity by putting them on support. It's a good idea though and one which I think would work, was hoping to get the full backs to do their job first!!
  4. I'm noticing a lot that my full backs are defending narrowly in the penalty box, leaving the opposition wingers exposed (on both sides). When the ball eventually comes to the winger, they're quite slow in getting out to close them down I've tried tight marking and specific position marking without success I play a flat 4 defence, my defensive style is extremely urgent closing down and standard width Has anyone else experienced this issue and have any suggestions? Thanks
  5. Interesting, thanks for the reply. As I say, I'm picking things up as I go along so I'm grateful for the advice. It's confusing that the default C-A tactics would have you go with a Cautious mentality. So based on what you've said, my take on a very basic flat-back-four C-A tactic would be something like: Mentality = Balanced / Positive Formation = 4-4-2 / 4-4-1-1 / 4-1-4-1 Lower defensive line / Lower LOE Tempo = Faster Passing = More Direct Distribution = Quick CBs = Defend FBs = Defend / Support CMs = Defend / Support WMs = Support / Attack AM = Support / Attack ST = Attack Obviously there would be tweaks depending on attributes and PPMs, but is that a decent starting point?
  6. I'm just getting back into FM after a good number of years away from the game. One thing I'm struggling to get my head around is how player mentalities (attack/support/defend) relate to the team mentality (very defensive, defensive, cautious etc.). I tend to play as weaker teams so often favour a counter attacking style of play. That to me suggests I should be using either defensive or cautious as my team mentality, with support/defend as my player mentalities, to ensure I keep things tight. But where does the counter attacking intent come into play? Playing anyone with an attacking mentality makes me think that they won't be doing their part defensively, and I'll get exposed. To give an extreme example, what would happen if I set my team mentality to very defensive yet all my player mentalities to attack? Thanks for any advice!
  7. Hi Sorry if this has been covered already however I'm just getting back into FM after a few years on hiatus. One thing that is frustrating me is having to re-do all of my set piece instructions whenever I substitute a player and I want to utilise him in a different way. Example: if I'm starting the game with a small, pacey striker then I want to leave him up front when defending set pieces; however if I sub on my 6ft target man then I want him coming back. This is a fairly common scenario for me, so do I need to go through each and every corner + free-kick type and change the instructions every time I do this? Or is there a simpler method that I'm missing? I thought about creating multiple set piece routines and switching between them however the different combinations of players on pitch is endless. Thanks
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