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  1. Hi This year I've been struggling with FM. It seems that anything but attacking, gegenpressing, overlapping, etc. tactics are MUCH harder to get to work, than simple 4-4-2, 4-1-2-2-1, 4-1-4-1 formations with little to none team instructions. As I usually start as underdog teams I'm having a hard time getting momentum as defensive tactics just seems sub par in every situation. I'm not going to use plug and play tactics (but don't mind others do) and I'm not going 4-2-3-1 attacking even though it often is the best solution. So, has anyone examples of s i m p l e tactics that you would be able to imagine a low level underdog team play?
  2. Haven't bought the game (2020) yet, just browsing around in the demo. Are we still not able to pick a specific scout for a specific short term focus? Say, sending a danish scout with knowledge of Scandinavia to a short term scouting mission in Scandinavia, and thereby improve his knowledge of that region.
  3. What to do with this .fmf file once downloaded? Also, will it work on ongoing saves or will i have to start a new? Good work btw (I think - haven't tried it yet). I've always been tired of how say english players seem to be all over the place. Especially Italy in my saves.
  4. I can't believe this isn't an option already. If I have a Scandinavian scout with knowledge of Denmark, Sweden etc. of course he should be assigned to a short term focus in this region. Same goes for South America, USA, Africa and so on. Since the scouts develop their knowledge of a country/region by scouting we should be able to micromanage these short term focuses to build a specific scouts specific knowledge. Also, it should be possible to scout a competition (say U19) without the 4 weeks restriction. I guess what I am looking for is a mix of general and short term scouting, that in greater detail let's the user decide to what degree he/she want's to micromanage the scouting system.
  5. For now I how just chosen the auto general focus with a few short terms mixed in. I've become quite a fan of the new scouting system as it is now harder to build knowledge and find players at low costs. Also, I just started using short term focuses to fill in specific needs. But I can't find any option to choose a specific scout(s) for these short term projects. Say, a Scandinavian scout to scout Scandinavia. A Portuguese/Spanish for South America and a Brit for USA and so on. Also, short/long term should be mixed; having a couple scouts on a season long deployment i fx Eastern Europe, Asia and South America + (Plus!) having the rest on general focus should be possible. Sorry if I don't make any sense. Maybe I am missing something here.
  6. To me it's a ME bug. My wide players refuse to cross from open space - a back pass or center pass is always their solution. It seems a winger (or FB/WB) has to have an engaging opponent nearby to consider the cross, which results in the wide player "luring" the opponent in to cross it to his shins. So frustrating as I see several minor fixes to the ME. It still doesn't look like football though.
  7. So would I, but since it seems that they don't (already a lot of somewhat unuseful features are added) they might as well change this. It would literally takes seconds to code.
  8. I know I can quickly cancel the prearranged fixtures (I believe my post suggests that). What bothers me is that it should be unnecessary and just underlines how talent less the assistant (or whoever) is. After all FM is supposed to be a somewhat realistic sim. Maybe a possibility to opt out of prearranged friendlies in the game setup would be an idea.
  9. I might have a tendency towards OCD but I just can't stand starting every new save with cancelling the pre season friendlies. For some reason they are always the most odd choices of load and opponents with absolutely no progression. Often starts with what probably should be the final test and degrades to easier opponents. I suspect the assistant manager to be behind all this, as he is always of no practical use. Anyway, since I like to put some efoort in my saves seem as realistic as possible, is there any way of not having friendlies arranged in the first season.
  10. I'm so with you. It was working fine as it was, but for some reason had to be changed. Maybe it's a NEW FEATURE! Also, the no-nonsense full back (or whatever he is called now). Why in the world change something like that?
  11. Hi Where did the view only / playable option for leagues go in an already started save game? Wasn't it in the "add/remove leagues"-option in the game menu? Note that I'm not asking for the setup of a new save. I'm looking for an option in-game to change leagues from playable to view as I move on from smaller leagues. Say, remove the danish league when I move to Germany (I know how to remove and add though), SWITCH Germany to VIEW ONLY when I'm hired in Premier League and adding Championship, 1. division etc.
  12. Are those numbers official? I would like to see them. I suspect that Asian and American customers have heavily inflated the fan base .
  13. Oh, I believe I understand now. It is just like raising the price of a product don't affect it's demand. It is only AFTER the price has been processed inside the complex algorithm of a human mind, that the demand will fall...
  14. Then maybe - since time and money will always be scarce, remember - more should be invested in the ME team since the ME is clearly in some areas in beta state. Few of the new features has been well received the later years and many of them has been unnecessary.
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