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  1. No I really don't, usually I have 40-50% possession and against Pescara I had only 39% possesion. If I changed my CM to attack and one of my wing backs to attack, that would mean I'd have 3 attack duties in my team and that feels like too many for counter attacking and I feel I'd lose my defensive shape. If I used a deep playmaker, surely that would slow down the counter attacks as my team looks to get the ball to him rather than just attack?
  2. I'm trying to create a counter attacking tactic using a variant of the 3-5-2 formation So far it has be going well and after 20 league games I have won 16 drawn 2 and lost 2 but I feel the tactic still has some issues and needs some tweaking. For instance often it seems difficult for the team to break down oppositions that play deep and defensive and this is exemplified in my champions league games where I have drawn 3 matches 0-0 with Celtic, Basel and Porto. In my last match I was knocked out of the Italian Cup in the first round on penalties after a 0-0 with Pescara. I understand that playing a defensive style like this will have its shortcomings and I'm wanting to know if there's anything I can do to improve the tactic for these situations. I have attached some pkms of matches I have lost to help give an idea of the problems. Sorry I'm not sure what details to include so just ask if there's anything I should add. Juventus v Genoa.pkm Juventus v Pescara.pkm Napoli v Juventus.pkm
  3. How does a ball-winning-midfielder differ from a centre-mid instructed to tackle hard and close down?
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