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  1. I seldom play international bcoz it is very hard to get it in previous FM. Actually, I mean CM01/02...., it was so easy to get international job now
  2. In jul 2018, finally got appointed as England manager after the original one resigned bcoz of being knocked out in group stage. I only won 2 fa cup and promoted to premiere league in first year. Finished second in season 3. Reputation is not high, 3.5 stars, but over 70% of my team is English.
  3. I do not mean the "Match Stats" page. What i mean is, for example, Man Utd Vs Chelsea, the page of "Man Utd Stats" and "Chelsea Stats", where i can check the key passes made by individual player before. Right now, after the update, the key passes stat is gone.
  4. is it removed? i can only find passes, and completed passes, but no key passes in stats page during the match
  5. Is there an easier way to get the "average" card per game for each referee and the league?
  6. For normal referee, what is the average number of yellow card / red card per match? How about easy and strict referee? Where can I check the number in the game? Thanks
  7. Anyone tried Phil Jones as DM? His ability and PPM fit as BWM better than CD. Low jumping reach, always get forward and dive in tackle are surely for DM. Besides, his professional personality also attracts me.
  8. Cork has very good tackling and work rate. Mental decision is also very decent. I think he is better to play as BTB, similar to Lampard. (Lewis Cook is also better to play BTB with good long shot) It is my current squad. I have bought Gray as well, and he rocks, score 3 goals in 2 games.
  9. Dier is over 30mn and just transferred in my save during the third year. My first year is Brighton. (Skybet CH) Promoted in second year and won FA Cup. Spent 80mn to build a full English squad at the start of the third year with around 30mn budget left. Looking for a DM at around 15mn.
  10. Since I have Wilshere as AP, I am playing Lewis Cook as BTB to partner with him. Jack Cork is the DM at this moment, but I think he can be put in the CM for his ability to rotate. It seems hard to get a good defensive BWM as DM for english player.
  11. It is the third year, Reece is too young with low current ability for first team and West Ham is not going to sell it cheap. I have Vela, but still think he is not good enough to compete in Europa League and the top 4 in the league. (Despite my Save is using Brighton)
  12. It looks like quite difficult to get a decent DM for English players. I am using Jack Cork and Besic for DM, but Cork ability seems better to play more forward role as BTB. I have Vela, but it seems too young for important matches. Does Phil Jones play well in DM? Any better choice? For left foot IF, is Patrick Roberts good? Just worried about the low decision rating.
  13. I use winrar for both pc, what is the reason all files are extracted as.png and some files are extracted as .PNG in another pc.
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