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  1. [World] (Official) Specific Issues

    Hello Sports Interactive team!!! I'd like to report that I'm playing a save on version 17.3.1f939048 (m.e v1704) and, unfortunately after 3 years trying, my club Grêmio won the 2019 Copa Libertadores but was not qualified, somewhat, to the FIFA World Cup Club. I see some posts above stating that this shouldn't happen in version 17.3.1. Is that correct information? Is there any information I can provide to help? Any save or additional details? It also says: Game Created on Version --> 936783 -- Maybe this is the version with errors? Sad to say that this is the first time I got really frustrated by a bug in FM, after all these years. Certain of your comprehension,
  2. Slowness when navigating the Inbox Screen.

    Hello guys! I came in with pretty good news! I'm here, bored from life, trying to play some goof Serie A, where I found I can't stand with this problem anymore! Decided to put my hands dirty and take a look! Got my hammer, my Buckler, my Process Monitor and ended up finding the cause of the problem. I can see that the part of the process of switching from one news to another is actually the FM.exe writing a LOT into the file: C:\Users\thiag_000\AppData\Local\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\Preferences\version 3\inbox_scrollbar_state.xml The file, itself, in my folder was about 3Megs in size, with many, many, MANY lines. So, I've shutted down FM, renamed it, started and reloaded my save again. A new 1kb file named inbox_scrollbar_state.xml is created. EU fken REKA! It works! My FM is now back to speed of light! After that I tried to search for related posts or so, and there's an only, single post, lost in reddit saying the same: That's it folks! Problem solved! Now you just need to fix it from your side!!!
  3. Slowness when navigating the Inbox Screen.

    Just uploaded the save. It calls thiagotietze_GremioLarge.zip Hope it helps on anything. Thanks for the awesome job guys!
  4. Slowness when navigating the Inbox Screen.

    Hello All, I'm sorry. For some reason your Forum does not send me e-mails when I receive an answer.. That's why it took me a bit to answer. Answering two questions: 1- Nope, no specific news, I cannot guarantee that one news lags more than the other... 2 - I'll try to upload a Save of mine on the FTP. Let us see what we can get. LEt you know the details shortly.
  5. Hello SI team, hope you're doing good. Just wanted to report a very annoying problem that I'm having with FM17, that I really didn't noticed too much on later versions: When you're at the Inbox Screen, while moving up or down on the news, either by using the arrow keys, or jsut the space to read the news and "Continue" the feedback of the news changing up and down is just horrible!!! I would say it sometimes takes a second to jump from 1 news to the other news... Imagine whan you want the game to proceed faster... It is just a pain!! Would you mind having a look at it or try to improve? I don't think that just moving up and down on the news should have to cache something, or even depend on something that would make things so slow... So I really believe there's a bug here. What I've done so far: Tried GPU assisted vs Software Tried Windowed vs FullScreen Tried the 3 original skins. Here's a brief set of the configurations from my Laptop: System Manufacturer: ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC. System Model: G751JT Intel Core i7-4710HQ 2.5 GHz 16 GB DDR3 17.3-Inch Screen, Nvidia GTX970M 3GB GDDR5 SSD 256 Hard Drive