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    My first Football Manager was '07 and '08 but didn't play seriously until 2012 and since have spent far too many hours on the game.


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  1. I’m in the process of developing a tactic for a new Manchester United save I am doing. I’ve been reading several guides from these forums to create a solid system, but there’s some further guidance I’d like. My philosophy for the team will be (broadly speaking) high line and high pressing intensity hoping to win the ball back quickly. In the attacking transition I want to play swift, direct counter attack if the gaps are there. Playing a lower LOE/higher DL should help facilitate this style. If gaps for a counter attack aren’t there, I want to play a more patient possession based game until the gaps arise. I will endeavour to use attacking overloads to create this space. However, I’ve a few questions. I’ve got several aspects of the tactic solidified in terms of which roles I want to play, which TIs I want to use etc., but there are still some grey areas. Firstly, if I select in the ‘In Transitions’ tab to counter upon winning the ball back, but then in my ‘In Possession’ tab a more patient approach, will that deliver what I want? I.e will the tactics then be to only counter if we can and if not to play patiently? Or will we counter regardless of the opportunity every time the ball is won back? Secondly, I know I want a DM who will give cover in front of my CBs and hold his defensive position in the attacking phase. The Anchorman role suits this, however it means their passing will be simply and risk-free. A DLP on defend, however, gives the opportunity for more adventurous passing if the opportunity is there - this could be crucial for launching counter-attacks. However, I worry a DLP would not sit as deep and be as defensively disciplined as an Anchorman... is this true? If so, how do I get what I want from my DM? Thanks!
  2. One issue with the player roles that stands out to me is that your RB is heavily-attacking, which is fine, but there is little cover for him. I'd recommend swapping your 2 CM's so the supporting role is on the right side, so they can help cover the gaps that RB would create while in attack. At the moment the right side of the pitch is too attacking.
  3. I have difficulty understanding the difference between how the several roles on the flanks impacts defensive responsibilities. For example, how does an Inside Forward and a Winger impact how they defend? And secondly, what is the difference between Wing backs and Full backs not just in terms of defending but in regards to attacking, also. I struggle to tell the difference between any of the full back roles. Any help would be appreciated.
  4. I've wondered this myself, and I see the logic as to why it should be effective as a strategy to dominate the midfield. I've seen people like Bustthenet who love the 4-1-3-2 formation, and really there isn't much difference between that system with one of the strikers dropping deep and the 4-1-3-1-1... I don't see any reason why you shouldn't give it a go.
  5. I watch La Liga more than any other league and have played it a lot in Football Manager throughout the years. It is a much more competitive league than people realise. Real Madrid, who I am managing currently, is the easiest save on the game. There is great depth in all positions and almost every player is world class. There is a slight challenge in dealing with declining players such as Ronaldo, Marcelo and Ramos, and could be fun to decide on Galactico signings to replace them. Atletico Madrid have really overachieved in recent years, led by Simeone who I regard as one of the best managers in the world. Managing ATM is certainly a challenge - you are faced with financial constraints, a good squad but not good enough to win the league really, a slightly ageing squad, and high expectations due to recent success in real life. Definitely a challenge I'm not good enough to attempt. Barcelona are a more difficult team to manage, and I don't think this is documented. Their squad really isn't as good as people realise, and they really lack strength in depth. They have neglected youth in real life recently, and that is evident by the uncharacteristic lack of talent in the youth/B team. The generation of top players in Barcelona i.e Pique, Iniesta, Messi, Suarez are getting older too and the task of replacing them is huge. Other clubs such as Bilbao, Valencia, Villarreal, Sevilla would be interesting and challenging to turn them into title challengers. Also, if you're into big challenges they have teams such as Girona who really have no place competing in La Liga, but somehow find themselves there anyway. It would be incredibly challenging to develop Girona into title challengers far down the line, but I know many like such challenges. I really think La Liga is the league to manage.
  6. Kovacic for Real Madrid is a real underrated gem, and if you have the means I'd certainly recommend signing him. You may also like a more experienced option to sit back and allow Arthur and Keita to play with freedom, and I'd recommend Gundogan... he's probably 29-30 in your save (?) but I can speak from experience when I say he's a very, very good player.
  7. That's helped a lot, thank you very much. The first game with Isco in the attacking duty he got a hat trick against Atletico Madrid
  8. In my Real Madrid save I wanted to create a system that achieved the following: High defensive line, with offside trap and quite narrow for high possession; Intense pressing from front line, semi-intense from midfielders/full backs and not so much from CB's; Tackle hard to try to win the ball back as quickly as possible; To keep the ball as mentioned, but as soon as gaps emerge to attack the opponents quickly; A fluid front 3/4 to confuse the opposition defence and draw them out of positions, to create the aforementioned 'gaps'. So far the results have been largely mixed: The game against Manchester United we were admittedly unlucky because we dominated the play and just struggled to find that killer final ball; and this is a common problem I feel. The first leg away to Barcelona shouldn't be considered because we played a different, more conservative, system, however in the home leg we played my system. We were 1-0 down at half time and with a kick up the backsides we managed to dominate the second half. Now the problems emerge: against Valencia we really, really struggled to break them down and, similarly to the game against Manchester United, couldn't find that final killer ball and couldn't really stamp our authority on the game in regards to possession. We only achieved 51% possession in this game. The game against Girona which, on paper, should have been domination, was so, so, so poor. The first half we lost 1-0 and created NOTHING and that isn't hyperbole. Again the same problem occurred: we couldn't dominate the ball and couldn't find that killer pass in the final third. We only drew 1-1 due to a Sergio Ramos header after putting 6 men up front, overload, and go route one. We should have lost that game. Finally, the game against Bilbao was better, but not as dominant as we should be. The system: I have very few Team Instructions because I feel the attacking mentality achieves a lot of what I want to by default. Player instructions: GK: Distribute to CB's; RB: Shoot less often; CB's: Shoot less often; Close down less LB: Shoot less often; RCM: -- LCM: -- RW: Close down more; Mark tighter; Roam from position CAM: Get further forward, Close down more, Mark tighter; Shoot less often LW: Close down more; Mark tighter; Roam from position ST: Close down more; Mark tighter; Roam from position Any help or two cents anybody can offer would be much appreciated. I don't often write on these forums because I like to figure stuff out for myself but I have really struggled tactically with FM18 to replicate the play style I want to achieve within the game. If any further questions are needed, just ask
  9. I'd be skeptical to play a 4-2-3-1 with a counter-attacking style because you lack support from your wingers in the defensive third. Consquently, you are asking a lot of your two central midfielders to pick up the opponents midfield (which they will usually be outnumbered by anyway) as well as their fullbacks/wingers who are bombing forward down the wing. I think this could very much work if you change it to a 4-4-1-1.
  10. The style I want to create is a attacking/counter style, whereby we remain tight at the back but apply a little pressure, not stand off completely, and then when we win the ball back I want my one midfielder and my 3 man attack to work with fluidity, speed and creativity. I am managing Sporting Lisbon and chose this style because it most suits the players at the club. I am struggling to put my ideas into the tactics creator. I have read a lot about tactics, but I have no faith what I have created will match my desired style. Tactic: There are a few problems I notice, but I am unsure how to resolve them: Firstly, Bas Dost can only play Poacher really, he is not a very developed striker yet he is by far the best at the club. I don't feel like playing wingers around a poacher will help, as he is the only real goalscoring option and it's always good to have more. Also, a poacher doesn't very well compliment counter attacking systems, I'd rather my striker track back and help defend or at least put pressure on opposition defenders. He lacks to ability to do this. My first idea was to have the wingers as Inside Forwards, but I think this will compromise my system as it relies on my wingers tracking back and helping defend. I am unsure what to do here. Secondly, I was unsure whether to play on attack or counter. I feel that on attack my players will be more inclined to put a bit more pressure on the ball and play with a bit more creativity and ambition. I feel that counter would be playing it too safe. I am okay with playing with risk as we are one of the better teams in the league. Thirdly, in terms of team instructions (this links with the first point), I was unsure whether to use early crosses. I feel that if I am using a poacher this could be effective as he will always be up top ready for delivery, he is gifted in finishing and heading, and so maybe this could work. However, I think that only having one option for attack is dangerous. Thanks in advance, any help will be appreciated.
  11. I would like to create a tactic where its kind of counter attack, but more of an attacking style. I want to remain tight at the back, but press the opposition and play fast, direct balls to the front line who I'd like to be very creative. 1) I'd choose the attacking mentality because it fits all of the criteria of how I want to play. 2) Slight deeper defensive line - so my defence doesn't get caught out by long balls and also gives the forwards more space to be creative. Pass into space - to enhance the counter attack and pass to forward players in space. Be more expressive - I will be playing with Man United, so I want to exploit the creativity of my talented forward players. 3) 4-1-2-3 DM Wide - to remain solid at the back but have my attacking 3 remain forward. 4) My striker and left winger are on attack, and the right winger on support to link my midfield to the attack. My two center-midfielders are on support and attack, to support my attack, and my DM is on defend too. My fullbacks are going to support to help link defence to midfield. 5) I will play structured because I want my players to play strictly within their duties. Especially I would like my striker and LW to keep attacking. 6) --------GK--------- FB--CB--CB--FB --------DM-------- ---DLP--CM----- W---------------W --------DLF------- So have I followed these instructions correctly based on the type of football I want to play? Is there any way I could improved or could have misinterpreted the instructions? Thanks in advance.
  12. I am currently playing a Manchester City save and I am struggling a little. Tactically, I find FM17 (and FM16) more difficult than previously. I have had injury issues, but I still don't think thats the problem. I have won my first 5 games in a row, but honestly through a lot of luck - we've played small teams and been fortunate in terms of opposition red cards & penalties etc. just about scraping the win. I am not confident going into a tough run of games, I was wondering if any of you had any suggestions as to how I can improve my tactic. I opted to aim for a fast, attacking strategy whereby we remain solid at the back but when we win the ball back we do so with urgency and exploit some space the opposition leave at the back. I am certain on the formation I want to play as I have set up my squad around this, so I think the only changes I could make would be in terms of team instructions/player roles. Any help is appreciated.
  13. Nation: Any European League Division: First or second European Competition: Any Media Prediction: Not relegation favourites, but otherwise I'm not bothered Board Expectation(s): Any apart from avoid relegation Transfer Budget: Any Wage Budget: Any Finances: Stable Other: Good youth team/youth prospects for me to build a team
  14. I don't think I agree with the 'Play Narrower' instruction. I remember watching Liverpool playing the diamond that season, and Allen/Henderson seemed closer to wingers rather than central midfielders. That instruction will just make them further away from wingers, and I think your system could benefit from the width the 'Play Wider' would bring.
  15. Where can I find this? Thank you for the help by the way!
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