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  1. Filippo Palmieri update: Filippo went straight into my u20's side after a successful trial, first game he dropped a 6.30 match rating.. Eek, only a friendly so I persisted and he started the next game which he did much better, scoring 1 and providing an assist but he picked up a niggle so was rested, next game again another assist and in only 15 minutes game time, wow okay. Fast forward he has now played 10(5), scored 8 assisted 9 with 3 POM awards and an average match rating of 7.70 for my u20's! Quite quickly Filippo is turning into what seems a lovely find and seems to be on his way to a top top talent, maybe one of AC Milan's greats but who knows. Let's fast forward again, 4th of November my winger Harry Wilson picks up a serious knee injury, okay I need to promote a youth player from the youth setup so who deserves it, do my usual checks and Filippo stands out, same position, average of 7.59, plenty of goals and assists so he fully deserves it. 7th of November it's match day, and he's on the 12th man bench, no intentions of playing him but he's their incase and on merit then the 38th minute, my RW has to come off... (yes I'm serious) and the best option for me is to swap the LW to the right side and bring on my sub LW which is Filippo, oh boy it truly is written in the stars for this young man but can he produce?
  2. Here are the others I promised, all purchased cheap using this method 👍. I will provide updates on the other players I have purchased when it's right to do so.
  3. Super Scouting Setup Oh boy, who'd have known spending an extra half hour to venture a little bit further into your scouting networks could be This rewarding! Now, let's begin. Step One We'll start with your coaching team, it tends to be that most top flight clubs have an array of scouts, we know this but what I tend to notice is they mostly consist of scouts from that clubs country, so AC Milan for example have mostly Italian and as you'd expect Italy is the league they have most knowledge of, sometimes they're have others of course. Anyway in scouting settings set cheif scout assigns assessments and he'll tend to send coaches to areas they know inside out or they end up in a country they have no idea about, so I offloaded 7 of my 10 scouts keeping the best 3 but varying in nationality, I then signed replacements who had great attributes for the role but specialising in all countries across the globe BUT I tend to ignore Oceania as there isn't a lot to unearth (I could be wrong) I then leave the scouting until the end of the season where I then check every scout assignment for each scout by using the drop down box to choose assignment; then I'll scan through and see whats been discovered although you do get a lot of known players you'll find a few with a small asking price or a release clause but this is why you have to filter! Below are 4 players I recently found using this method - Arman Jalali (Persepolis, Iran) Ancor Suanes (Las Pallas B, Spain) Lefa Mekoa (Sundowns, South Africa) and Adrian Jimenez (Cerro Porteno, Paraguay) Step Two I scout the lower tier youth leagues the u21 and u18's but I only bother with stand out teams so I check goals scored for attackers, goals conceded for defenders or general points etc it tends to be the top 3/4 teams in each as the rest arent good enough from my experience so at AC Milan I gathered team reports on all the good u20 and u19s sides who won the league scoring 50+ goals for example and checked scout reports using my best scout for a more accurate reading, I also check these teams for players performing really well so selection info > average rating and then again I check goals and assists. Again below you'll see Filippo Palmiieri who I recently signed as he was a stand out player for an u19's side who won the Italian u19's cup extremely over performing for a team I've never heard of, now what caught my eye was 34 games and 37 goals with 6 assists now the u19's is poor and the coach report isn't great but he could be a gem and so under 100k I'll take him and see how he develops, finally for step two I check the top 5 teams in the league below for example in Italy recently it was Brescia, Palermo and SPAL in the Serie B but these players cost a little more and you aim mostly for 19/20 Y/O who have played at least 40 games so a season and a bit like Enrico Brancadori in the pictures below. Step Three Finally, I will use England as I have a good examples from there. Final step of our scouting mission I use the world search in the top right, go to England and start in the national league then go through each team and scout any players (if any) that are playing or in squads from National League to National North and South now probably my best example would be Colin Seager at Liverpool still after signing him in 2021/22 for well I say a little but from a National League side it was a gamble at £165k but regardless he's worth upwards of £40million now after a few loans and having developed nicely at the club, again you will find a screenshot below. Examples of success after you leave below - |Left Liverpool in 2021/22 - Since then three League titles and 14 Cup wins. - |Left Real Madrid in 2023/24 - Since then 3 league titles and 6 Cup wins. As you can tell continued success and a lot of youth players I signed now playing. Note: More examples in the comments. I hope some of this can help you all to achieve a great youth setup and a long rein at the top with your chosen clubs, don't forget youth staff play a vital role as well, happy hunting and thanks for reading.
  4. I like to think I've done pretty well, finally feel I've mastered a formation and suitable tactic for the way I want to play. Started at Liverpool where I surprisingly smashed it from the get go and set up a great youth structure to the stage where I left 3 years ago and they're still winning title after title nearly 3 seasons on. I then ventured to Spain as I felt Real Madrid was struggling and needed a rebuild, again I attacked the first team managing to sell on the deadwood, bring down the wage bill which was huge seeing some players like 37 year old Ramos, 35 year old Bale and 34 year old Kroos earning a whopping £1,400,000 in wages! Anyway this isn't a detailed post so back to the point, I'm into my 6th season, 3 in England, 2 in Spain and into my first in Italy with AC Milan where I have a 4 year plan to turn them into world beaters before I move on again but below you'll see my stats, how do yours compare to mine after 6 seasons, how well am I doing as I struggled for the past 2 football manager games I played but finally I am enjoying the game! Any response welcome and screenshots 👍🏼
  5. Another one that i also started a thread about is this guy, recently found him on my save and although hes a top talent he's worth £0 and most top clubs in europe keep trying to buy him but they offer no more than £0....
  6. Yeah see i never noticed it, but tbf ive never had to worry about it as most deals have been instant in the past or next transfer window so i guess i stopped looking
  7. Yeah they've left so this makes sense thanks mate
  8. I thought so, originally he was a wonderkid so how he's worth zilch is bizarre to me
  9. Anyone have an explanation? Lots and lots of top teams are after him but they offer £0 and even if i ask for £5million they say no?
  10. Thanks for the reply, some of them are French, few Spanish, a Brazilian and an Aussie. The 16 year old is from Germany and he's the one not joining till 2023 which is in 3 seasons so he'll be 19? To me that doesn't make sense as i've signed younger Germans before and they've just signed straight away but realistically the player who i thought i was signing could decline massively, he might not get played so seemed a bit bollocks to me .
  11. Hi, is it possible to cancel a transfer as i keep trying to sign youth players but for some reason there join date is in 3 years time.. or 2 years time like i dont remember asking to sign a player in 3 years time . Is this something the other club changes and i've not realised? Got like 10 players joining over the next 3 years which i want to cancel as it stupid.
  12. Update: Seem to be conceding too many over the top goals, or diagonal switches and also conceded from a cross where their striker simply wondered in front of my centre back and tapped it in. Have a few analyse screenshots. Too many i'm still conceding to many clear cut chances and I'm not scoring enough!
  13. Sorry for delayed reply. I've added instructions to the full backs and decided to try Modric at CDM so will see how it goes, also Fabinho was very active up and down and made quite a few runs past the striker which was a bit bazar but he scored from open play so i don't mind. Lovren is backup along with Matip and i usually start Gomez, but i will be looking into a centre back and will be offloading a few midfielders . Time to play a few more games tonight thanks for your help so far.
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