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  1. Another one that i also started a thread about is this guy, recently found him on my save and although hes a top talent he's worth £0 and most top clubs in europe keep trying to buy him but they offer no more than £0....
  2. Yeah see i never noticed it, but tbf ive never had to worry about it as most deals have been instant in the past or next transfer window so i guess i stopped looking
  3. Yeah they've left so this makes sense thanks mate
  4. I thought so, originally he was a wonderkid so how he's worth zilch is bizarre to me
  5. Anyone have an explanation? Lots and lots of top teams are after him but they offer £0 and even if i ask for £5million they say no?
  6. Thanks for the reply, some of them are French, few Spanish, a Brazilian and an Aussie. The 16 year old is from Germany and he's the one not joining till 2023 which is in 3 seasons so he'll be 19? To me that doesn't make sense as i've signed younger Germans before and they've just signed straight away but realistically the player who i thought i was signing could decline massively, he might not get played so seemed a bit bollocks to me .
  7. Hi, is it possible to cancel a transfer as i keep trying to sign youth players but for some reason there join date is in 3 years time.. or 2 years time like i dont remember asking to sign a player in 3 years time . Is this something the other club changes and i've not realised? Got like 10 players joining over the next 3 years which i want to cancel as it stupid.
  8. Update: Seem to be conceding too many over the top goals, or diagonal switches and also conceded from a cross where their striker simply wondered in front of my centre back and tapped it in. Have a few analyse screenshots. Too many i'm still conceding to many clear cut chances and I'm not scoring enough!
  9. Sorry for delayed reply. I've added instructions to the full backs and decided to try Modric at CDM so will see how it goes, also Fabinho was very active up and down and made quite a few runs past the striker which was a bit bazar but he scored from open play so i don't mind. Lovren is backup along with Matip and i usually start Gomez, but i will be looking into a centre back and will be offloading a few midfielders . Time to play a few more games tonight thanks for your help so far.
  10. Okay, so ill do that then, ill make Soler the BBM and keep fabinho as the BWM with henderson as the pivot on DLP/Defend and ive now swapped Mane for Fekir with IF-S and use Salah on the left like you've suggested oh and yes swap the CM pair so the creator is behind Salah. Another thing i want to ask, is ive now got Mane on the bench, along with Keita and Modric and also Goretzka in the reserves, now as your more experienced with the game how would you utilise those players for an impact from the bench and whilst we're talking about it Solanke has actually developed really well and last season he actually kept Firmino at the team. I used him as a CF-A and he managed to net 15 times with 10 assists so how would you use him also?
  11. I've given Soler mez role, and also i put him on the side with IF-A cause when he goes Soler can fill the gap or play into the hole, and the Mez already had roam from position locked in and yes he has that trait so thats good. So i've changed the centre backs to Central Defenders - Defend i think thats what you meant. Also ill give Mane a try and see how it does in the next few games but what would you recommend if i put Fekir in there what role/instructions/duty would you give him? One more thing, my team instruction are just play out from defence, do i need to add anything else live prevent short gk distribution as im sure that makes the forwards press which is what i want to happen.
  12. Sometimes people on here speak a completely different language to me , i understand football and tactics etc but sometimes i look at what people say and think da fuq haha. I'm fairly new to football manager and how the game works etc. I use tactics and options that i think work well but clearly have a deeper meaning
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