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  1. So whenever I try to choose a particular scout from the 'scouting' screen, the game crashes immediately. I uploaded the save game to fm/game-saves/ and the file is called 'EHMEA_BUGGED_SCOUT_BUG_THOMOFFINLAND.sav' How to recreate the crash: Go to Scouting -> Scouts -> Choose Thom Venturi -> game crashes. Edit: Apparently the crash occurs regardless who I have in that slot.
  2. You can use the 2006 rules which still have promotion enabled. Other then that, I don't think you can change it as it is hard coded afaik. It is a shame though as the promotion\relegation finally works properly.* *Obviously it should be this way by default due to realism, but It'd be great if one could edit the rules a bit. http://www.ehmtheblueline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=110&t=16307&p=209399#p209399
  3. I've noticed a lot of minor bugs since '07 that aren't that game breaking, but imo should be fixed. I can't remember all of them so I guess I'll post here when they come back to me. - You can arrange exhibition games on unavailable dates if you first arrange a game, then wait for a response to the request from the other team, and then arrange a game again in that unavailable date. - If a player has learned a new role that he wasn't happy about (complains that he is unhappy with practise) and you switch him back to normal practice schedule after he learns the role, he will still complain that he's unhappy with practice. - If you go on vacation, the game will send players to affiliate teams, regardless of what settings you put. (Not sure if this is a bug) - If you go on vacation, the game puts people on farm teams that don't want to play there, causing them to go AWOL - You can loan players to fool the game into thinking you have spent less money on players, allowing you to hire more players. I know this is more a lack of a feature then a bug, but still. - Sometimes, If you search for staff (I guess players, too), and you have used filters before, you need to reset the filters before they are applied again. - Other teams seem to loan players to your team only if you're on vacation (I'm playing with a mestis team) Most are probably well known already.
  4. That's a bummer, cause I have few Russian friends on steam who I could market the game to, but they don't speak english that well. I understand that there's no plans for different languages, but It'd be great if one could at least modify the languages, so the community could translate the game.
  5. The things that bug me most are the before mentioned random retires, but also the fact that the season 'changes' in July. This means that teams relegate only in July, meaning their players won't leave the team until then, but it also means that the game doesn't know your team isn't promoted until July. That is a problem cause your team has less reputation and the board doesn't raise the budget, making getting prepared for your next season up harder. Oh and, maybe some little things such as making it possible to see avg rating on player search, and some more stats for players (such as giveaways and takeaways). Other then that, everything else that annoyed me in EHM07 (such as not being able to coach minor national teams, etc) was fixed and the game is even more enjoyable now.
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