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  1. Thank you so much! I'll adjust my tactic with your suggestions, they seem very logical to me!
  2. sometimes this kind of tweaks work, it doesn't sound logical but if you're a top side you can pull it off. seems strange but understandable. thank you by the way.
  3. thank you! just changed box to box to mezzala attack, even though it seems risky I have 10 match winning streak.
  4. I'm trying to play a slow paced, possesion football with my Southampton team. I average 58-60 possesion but I have problems creating chances, what should I do?
  5. thanks for the reply, will do that but this is so annoying and they have to work on that imo. Every year we wait for .3 update to play a decent game smh.
  6. Since the beta 1 on 1's are absurd. It's just absurd. Also high block or mid block defending is extra hard, every through ball opposition make is a CCC. 6 CCC and 5 HC, and I scored from a corner lol. Ok It's just a SS from one match but this is too frequent. And the following match. This game is BAD. this is not usual, this is broken. this is a bug. Of course you can experience something like that in a football match but having 2 games in a row with 12 (twelve) CCC's and only score from a corner is RIDICILOUS. From this point any explanation to tactics etc.
  7. First of all, I've been playing football manager for over 10 years, this game is more than a game to me I really enjoy, it has become a part of me. However, this years edition is making me crazy, This cannot be so hard to defend I mean it's not average it's scandalous bad. Everytime I go on an attack, my wingers or playmakers dwell on the ball and make a stupid pass instead of passing into space for striker and then they lose the ball and my ****ing full backs are nowhere to be found and my opposition scores with a 3 pass build up play, dribble past everyone in my defence. I consider myself go
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