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  1. Great tactic and I know it's hardly a difficult test with Man City but in the first season I played the usual 4-1-2-2-1 and I did well winning the FA and League cups, but came third in the EPL and I struggled particularly away to good sides. Starting the second season with two bad loses made me look at new options and I fancied your tactic even though I knew it probably meant an average season at best as the team adapted to the new formation (which I've never tried before in many years of FM). The three CBs all had good pace and were class defenders (important as I found out) and I converted all the full backs (except Zabaleta who's poor crossing didn't, I thought, make him suitable) to wingers and were instrumental when getting results against strong teams especially away. I then pushed the wingers (except Sane who is excellent at MR) up to F9s and Hazard and Jesus made the transition very well. So I didn't have to get rid of any players due to the new formation. The team then immediately went on to win the EPL with only two loses (one away to Arsenal with an injury struck team and then the penultimate game against Liverpool when I'd already comfortably won playing my reserves). In my third season and by mid-November I'd only lost one game away to Arsenal and that was only because I was holidaying. My key players have been Aguero and Iheanacho up top, Hazard, Sane on the wings and Fernandinho as the B2B. All the defenders rated highly. With a huge budget I bought in Dybala, Ter Stegen and Zappacosta in the third season and so my team is as follows: F9(L) - Hazard/Luan CF - Dybala/Iheanacho F9(R) - Aguero/Jesus ML - Marcus Alonso/Coentrao DLP - Gundogan/ Thiago Maia B2B - Fernandinho/Naby Keita MR - Sane/Zappacosta DCs - Otamendi, Kompany, Stones plus Hoedt, Nico Elvedi, Ruben Dias GK - Ter Stegen/Prinz When up against strong teams away I often play two converted FBs to give more defensive ability (Marcos Alonso at ML and Zappacosta at MR) So I'm delighted with the tactic and especially that it's not a 4-1-2-3-1 formation. Next season I'll try it with a Championship team to see if the tactic is just as successful. Many thanks for the enjoyment!
  2. Jackrosiemaisie

    Free agent database

    I've really enjoyed free agent games in previous FM versions so I attempted to create my own this year. However, by accident I only set a part of the player database as free agents, 50,000 to be exact. It was fairly evenly distributed across all teams and released some top players and wonderkids including Ronaldo, Bale, Neymar and Alaba. The problem with total free agent databases previously is, as KUBI mentioned, the very top players won't join a club and tend to retire early. But because teams still have a decent rating with less than a 10% reduction they do sign. In my save Chelsea have snapped up Ronaldo, Bale and Pedro amongst others and no-one is refusing to sign for a club. I'm Spurs and whilst I retained key players, Kane, Eriksen, Lamela, Alli and Lloris et al, I've also snaffled Lahm, Javi Martinez, Aboubakar and Batshuayi and a few promising youngsters. It's fun having access to players that I would normally have little chance of acquiring.
  3. I've used (and had great fun with) free agent databases (although not in FM16 as I don't think it's available). sporadicsmiles is right about the wage budget severely restricting clubs ability to acquire players. I've often seen the big clubs at the end of the first season with only a handful of below average players on £100k plus a week wages. What I've noticed is at that all the AI-managed teams try to sign goalkeepers first and then slowly work there way up the field, so you often get star strikers retiring from the game after the second season because they don't get signed. But it's good fun especially if you edit your team with a decent wage budget and see your beloved, normally minnow team playing with the likes of Messi and Ronaldo! I'm currently managing Crystal Palace in a Legends database and just signed Del Piero on a free!
  4. One really useful shortcut for me would be a simple CTRL & <key> to go on holiday until the next match - it would save something like six keystrokes which when often repeated become a pain. If that's not an option at least default the time to go on holiday until the next match rather than the arbitrary "next week".
  5. As mentioned before it would be nice but it's unlikely to be economically viable to do - unless, of course, it was an extra add-on for a cost - I would use it.
  6. I've created a view with all the columns I need, but it reverts back to a standard view every time I progress which means I have to make three clicks every time. Is there a way to set a custom view as the default view? I've checked preferences and can't find one. Many thanks.
  7. Jackrosiemaisie

    [FM16] USV 4-3-3 Tactic

    Download doesn't work for me via Steam Workshop (I've found this quite poor in the past). Can you create a download from a more traditional and reliable source? Thanks.
  8. Thank for the info, Cleon, very interesting. To clarify, my squad's personality is determined. Does that mean that my players under 24 (depending on their adaptability) will get a minor boost to their determination attribute?
  9. If my limited test is anything to go by I'd say that this tactic could even be better under 15.3. Managing Chelsea (I did say that it is limited proof) I've played the first three EPL fixtures of the 2014-15 season with the following results: Crystal Palace (H) 6-0 Man Utd (A) 5-1 Aston Villa (H) 6-0 Goals for 17; goals against 1 - pretty impressive even for Chelsea especially when the team are still less than 50% familiar with the tactic. One difference I've noticed so far is that crosses are more likely to be blocked by defenders. Mind you, Chelsea do have a near perfect team for this tactic from the start: STL - Remy (bought Fierro as backup and future) STR - Costa (4 goals, 3 assists, 8.80 avg rating) ML - Hazard / Schurrle MCL - Matic (bought Lucas Romero as backup and future) MCR - Fabregas (3 goals, 2 assists, 22 key passes, 8.74 avg rating) / Ramires MR - Oscar / Willian DL- Luis (Ricardo Rodriguez bought to complement Luis) DCL- Cahill (Zouma future replacement) DCR - Terry (bought Balanta as future replacement) DR - Azpilicueta / Ivanovic GK - Courtois / Cech Still a cracking tactic I think. Well done Mr R.
  10. It would help if I clicked PLAY instead of typing "play" I suppose - doh!
  11. Hi, I can't download the graphics or database from Mediafire. I enter the text in the rather dubious captcha and then AUTHORISE DOWNLOAD but nothing happens except the page reloads with a different captcha question. Help or alternative download would be appreciated.
  12. On a previous tactic that was struggling with the defence being caught out converting one of the CDs to "cover" worked well. Btw early days but encouraging signs as I've taken over Liverpool in Jan 2016 when they were in 15th position and I've played 7, won 6 and drawn 1. Admittedly the only top team I've played was Man City (which I managed a two-goal comeback to draw away from home), but I inherited awful morale and the tactic is still 'awkward' in five slots and 'competent' in three. But there does seem to be some defensive issues as I've only kept one clean sheet in those seven games. I'll have a little tinker and report back if I discover anything fruitful.
  13. Jackrosiemaisie

    Finding Diablo Tactic

    My first match immediately after switching to this tactic - so horribly unfamiliar - we (Swansea) played Everton away and won 2-0. Even got Michu scoring goals again, very nice. Worthy of further testing.
  14. Jackrosiemaisie

    Recalling loan players

    Ah OK, that makes sense. I'll wait until Jan. Thanks for your help.
  15. Help please. I'm trying to recall Bendtner from FC Lorient in Dec 2014 but can't work out way to do so. His contract states that he can be recalled, but I can't find the appropriate button to do so. Anyone?