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  1. Not sure if it helps but I am currently playing a similar tactic but I have players of extreme quality who can finish off their chances! Your mileage may vary. I am using Esposito at CF on Support and Mo Salah on IF Attack. But when I play Hlozek on AMR I switch him to IF on Support and Esposito on CF attack! Mo's Superior finishing helps him to take chances if they come his way! Still my preferred tactics is/was 4411 as below! Llast season I conceded only 14! Good players matter as well but I feel it is more solid at defense than 4231! With new players warrant a
  2. Yeah I understand what you are saying but the pre-concern soon starts to become a big concern. Mostly within the first year.
  3. I know the players in FM tends to be greedier than they are in real life and make unrealistic demands about salary. But it is too much when a player becomes unhappy just within his first season! I know this is a sim and not a real life emulation, but how everyone else is dealing with this? I don't mind paying the salary because I have Roman to back me up at the end of each season if I go into debt. Just because I have enough money to spend I do not want to give in to each players demands. Most of the times I won't back down but when you have team full of players thinking they need a better sal
  4. Good to see my rig in top 20 and with the lowest base clock! Also I have limited my turbo to 3.40 Ghz with Throttlestop to keep my laptop running at sane temperatures!
  5. Type: Laptop Model: Dell G5 5590 CPU Model: i7 - 8750H CPU Base Frequency: 2.2GHz CPU Turbo Frequency: 4.1GHz RAM: 32GB RAM Clockspeed: 2666Mhz GPU: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2070 with Max-Q Storage Type: CORSAIR Force MP510 NVMe PCIe 1920 GB Benchmark A: 1 min 15 Sec Benchmark B: 8 min 03 Sec Benchmark C: 8 min 33 Sec
  6. Is version 20.2.4 the beta? I have updated just now. Can I use my old save game with this?
  7. The 1v1 mishap happens only when playing human vs AI! When I let my assman take over the game, there is no such issues with the 1v1! Scored 3 out of 5 CCC! Attached pkm Crewe v Leicester.pkm
  8. I am not playing the public beta. This pkm might give a better understanding of what is wrong with the design in ME! I do not want to speculate or start a flame war on why the ME is bad. In this match out of 9 Clear cut chances I was able to score 2. Out of which one is a penalty. The miss at the end of game before whistle sums it all up. 92.40 ish to be exact- The winger Cheriki shoots and the ball rebounds of the bar, with keeper down he misses the open net! Apart from that the defenders/attackers or midfielders anyone in a position to head at the net always misses
  9. I think I may have to modify the second tactic slightly. It works okay ish so far! One game one win, but I didn't like what I saw. May be a few more games and let's see
  10. When in possession he ran up and wide, not hugs the line wide but wide enough to support the winger who was pushing up higher and plays one two's with the winger or wingback. When we don't have the ball he kinda sits near the middle and hunt for the ball from incoming opponents! I will try to post some screens of his movements!
  11. When I started, Everton were not top contenders in the league. So I choose a tactic which majorly relied on keeping the ball and make sure that possession counts! Had good players for dead ball situations. Now after becoming champions and a small boost in reputation, I will face teams who won't allow me to play the same tactics I used in previous season. I was a big fan of Sachhi's tactics thread. And as per my understanding of the tactic, I believe the following two closely resembles his. Please correct me if I am wrong or if there is any suggestion to make, as it early in my title defen
  12. It was a busy day at work. Lot's of transfers in and out. Some I wanted to sell because of players not fitting the tactics I had in mind for the upcoming season, some wanted to leave when the big guys knocking, some were moaning about the lack of depth or competition because of new faces, all sold, loaned. Only a few I kept. I really didn't wanna lose Sigurdsson but he was hell bent on leaving for spurs whom he believed a much better squad and now I am gonna prove how wrong he was. Then the other guy I didn't wanna lose was Nikola Vlasic! He was perfectly fitting in the tactic, he even rejecte
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