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  1. the transfer activity does not in fact represent reality, I have Mbappe which i bought for 210 million winning ballon d'ors. Real madrid have made him their primary target, i dont think they offered more than 120 million, its completely unrealistic. I remember in 2017 there would be some large offers at least, i remember getting offers for 170 million. Sad that the game has decreased in realism.
  2. good suggestion, I will do that in my next save
  3. For some time now i have noticed rediculous regens in my saves. Typically i stop playing around 8-10 seasons. Each FM its the same every single year there is a Messi/Ronaldo level born. Usually by the time i stop playing there are 20 players at Messi/Ronaldo level. I beileve its because i play with like 20-25 leagues active. Regardless the amount of talent injected into the game is really unrealistic. Does it bother me a lot, not really but its really unrealistic.
  4. Wondering how i train my fullbacks crossing? It is not listed as a focus traning attribute.
  5. same player, when placed on the transfer list instead of just offering to clubs. Strange discrepency.
  6. The AI this FM is completely out of control. Last FM i would get resonable transfer offers when i ask for a sale, perhaps 50% of market value. This year they are sending troll disrespectful offers lol I tried with phil foden a while back that was valued at 70 mil and i got an offer for 5 mil.
  7. After being promoted to the Prem with Leeds ive noticed that i will play Man U 3 times, twice away. Anyone had this happen before. I have been playing FM for over a decade and have never seen this ever.
  8. i had not played fm for a couple of months, i did the update through steam. Once i loaded my save the 3d kits looked liked this.
  9. I feel by pointing out that nobody could have predicted Vardy's rise you are playing into my main argument that the PA values are never really exactly accurate, thus why the game's events should determine the slight variation that could arise, case it a margin of error similar to how polls give you one as well as a confidence index. Thanks for the link, will go give it a read. And to your Ronaldo Viera point, attributes are a reflection of a players capacity. If that player is playing at such a high level for an extended period that should be reflected in his attributes. If he got the equivalent of whatever a 8.23 would be in real life and dragged his Leeds team to a title next year he would have at least 175 PA in FM 20. I just feel like that would be a cool feature to the game.
  10. Hello forum, I have frequented this forum over the years usually taking long yearly breaks here and there depending on my FM usage so I know that the topic I am going to cover is one that has been talked about frequently, i would however like to gage this communities opinion on player potential. I know players have different aims when playing this game, mine has always been the same since the early 2000's when i started playing developing young wonderkids in a lower league (usually English) and guiding them up to their full potential and winning everything. If we start from the assumption that player potential can never be predicted accurately, especially for younger kids why is player potential set in stone during the course of the game. It kind of deminishes the impact I feel I can have on player development and the impact their play has. If a player is at maximum potential but is playing amazing against better players over a decent time period his potential should increase. The game could not forecast Mahrez and Vardy's rise 2 seasons ago; to account for this uncertainty why not make initial potential slightly variable. In my current save for example Ronaldo Viera lead leeds to the Premier League title with a womping rating of 8.23 with huge performances in away games at title contenders. Those key moments and subsequent winning of a title at such a young age should, in my opinion, increase his potential to more than 143 (his potential set point is i believe a -7). I anticipate people saying that for most young people a variable set potential is provided in the form of -# but i would just like the random factor in player potential to be the actual unfolding of events during the game and not a random number attributed at the start of the game.
  11. its mostly intuitive, like for a poor finisher you want likes to round the keeper. However one thing i know for sure is the more talented the player the less PPMs you want him to have unless they dont come into conflict with any other decisions they could make.
  12. The one realistic thing i would really expect and want to see changed is make relationships count for something. If a player is close to me, there should be some benefit to me. If i manage another team I should be able to interact with him to tell him I want him at my club. The only way bonds between players seem to happen is if a player is mentored. I have 4 players that are young playing with each other for 7 years or since the age of 15-16 and none of them are in favored personnel. Also i would like the money in the game to be more realistic especially with the new tv money coming for the Premier League, and all the money in China. With that said it would be nice if they increased the marketing side within football in the game. For us to be able to pick our sponsorship deals, and for the to be as lucrative as in real life; the inclusion of instagram followers or something as a partial meter for a players reputation, and how that translates to marketability and how much income we rake in off jersey sales.
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