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  1. Ah ok makes sense thank you. Wasn't for anyone in particular was just planning where I will scout but if it is only if Spanish is a nationality may as well keep it to spain
  2. Have taken the job mid way through the 2020/21 season one place above relegation. Stabilised and finished 7th. Looking at the squad it all looks pretty similar to everyone elses stories but Inaki had been sold to Chelsea in the summer for 82 mill as he kicked off. Signed Hererra back from Utd for 10 mill as needed a leader and a load of youth Including a 17 year old called Velez from Sociedad who is one of the best strikers I have seen on the game at that age (will post a screenshot later). I approached them in jan as his clause was 1.2 mill but only got him in the summer for 23 mill after he increased his release clause but with the lack of options was much needed. Still have most the back 4 that started the game and a young midfield. 7 games into the season won5 drawn 2 scored 8 conceded 1 so you can see how I play. Loving the test so far having to plan ahead and the youngsters that are coming through are class. One question about the transfer policy. With the U16 rule is that any Spanish U16 allowed or any U16 from anywhere?
  3. Is there a different rule with how long training is effective for with youth? Sure I read you should look at changing individual training every 3 months otherwise development will slow?
  4. Is there any other downside to giving a 15 year old minutes on the pitch other than if they aren't good enough they will lose morale and slow development? Have a 15 year old regen who is once in a generation at Accrington Stanley. Just promoted to The championship and hes a solid level for League 2 maybe low league 1 at the moment but his attributes suit my counter system perfectly so think he would do a job for me as an impact sub. Want to keep him with me as training with my coaches will benefit him but don't want to ruin him by exposing him too early.
  5. 1st thing to do on this seasons game. Change Schalke to Gelsenkirchen
  6. England 1-2 Belgium (AET) France 4-1 Croatia Really don't think it will be 4-1 but I feel a bold selection is needed to give me a chance.
  7. Really?!?!? GK1Eduardo RB21Ricardo Costa CB6Ricardo Carvalho CB2Bruno Alves LB5Duda DM15Pepe CM19Tiago CM16Raul Meireles RW10Danny LW23Fábio Coentrão CF7Cristiano Ronaldo (c) GK22Sergio Romero RB17Jonás Gutiérrez CB2Martín Demichelis CB13Walter Samuel LB6Gabriel Heinze DM14Javier Mascherano (c) RM8Juan Sebastián Verón LM7Ángel Di María AM10Lionel Messi CF11Carlos Tevez CF9Gonzalo Higuaín
  8. Some great finishes in there I'm struggling to see your point
  9. When he first said it I assumed he was joking. Was a ridiculous comment. Even Maguire got up and looked embarrassed when he said it wasn't a pen to the ref.
  10. Lingard's trip was a yellow card. The ref lost the game long before then. Didn't punish petulance early enough and it got away from him to the point where every single piece of contact became a foul. Was a pathetic performance in an otherwise pretty well refereed tournament so far.
  11. Uruguay 1-1 France (France Win on Pens) Brazil 3-2 Belgium Russia 1-2 Croatia Sweden 0-0 England (England Win on Pens)
  12. Yeah him and Lingard both have knocks, nothing to do with bottling it.
  13. Round of Sixteen Saturday 30th June 3pm France v Argentina 2-0 7pm Uruguay v Portugal 2-1 Sunday 1st July 3pm Spain v Russia 3-0 7pm Croatia v Denmark 2-0 Monday 2nd July 3pm Brazil v Mexico 3-1 7pm Belgium v Japan 3-0 Tuesday 3rd July 3pm Sweden v Switzerland 1-2 7pm Colombia v England 2-1
  14. Great work @Sons FC. Think @Collzy could be hard to catch now! Will do my predictions once someone else has so I can copy the template as I'm lazy .
  15. might not be pretty but obviously great at grinding out results. When you have a finisher as good as Ronaldo you know you always have a chance. I get the argument that Morocco played well but if you don't take chances you don't deserve a thing. Would put it more like they should of got something, not deserved to.
  16. Fa Rules only state players can't be in each others half but can start when all in own half or off field (assuming that was meant for receiving treatment but celebrating would also count). If a team decided to go for it would the ref really call it back on moral grounds? Rules are rules for me so should be allowed. Also while going through rules found out you can score directly from kick off (think everyone knows that) but if you score a direct own goal from a kick off the other team only gets a corner. Wonder if that's ever happened!
  17. Still not fully fit I think. Makes sense not risking him against Panama to be fair
  18. Going down before contact for me. Was definitely a pen as the challenge was stupid but part of me wishes ref's would see that and not give it.
  19. I think its more that he signed a new contract with Spain less than 2 months ago and didn't tell them he was looking elsewhere. Also Neither he or Real Madrid spoke to the Spanish FA informing them of what was going on. Then after that not even telling them until 5 minutes before the announcement. Has been handled horribly by manager and club and the Spanish FA made a point of it. With regard to Conte/Van Gaal. Both Nations were aware they were taking the job and in Van Gaals case his contract was running out anyway, he hadn't just signed a new contract. I don't think you can say they had no choice but I can 100% see why they felt they needed to.
  20. Pre-tournament Bonuses: Which player will score the first goal? Golovin How many goals will be scored in the Group stages in total? 95 How many goals will be scored in the tournament? 117 Who will be the top scorer for the Group stages? Gabriel Jesus Who will be top scorer for the whole tournament? Gabriel Jesus How many hat-tricks will be scored in the tournament? 0 How many own goals will be scored in the tournament? 1 Who will score England's first goal? Lingard How many goals will England score in the Group stages? 3 How many yellow cards will there be in the Group stages? 92 How many red cards will there be in the Group stages? 2 Who will win the tournament? France Who will be runner up? Brazil Good luck everyone. All times BST Group Stage Thursday 14th June Group A 4 pm Russia v Saudi Arabia 1-0 Friday 15th June Group A 1 pm Egypt v Uruguay 0-2 Group B 4 pm Morocco v Iran 0-0 7 pm Portugal v Spain 1-2 Saturday 16th June Group C 11 am France v Australia 3-0 Group D 2 pm Argentina v Iceland 1-1 Group C 5 pm Peru v Denmark 2-1 Group D 8 pm Croatia v Nigeria 3-1 Sunday 17th June Group E 1 pm Costa Rica v Serbia 0-2 Group F 4 pm Germany v Mexico 2-0 Group E 7 pm Brazil v Switzerland 3-0 Monday 18th June Group F 1 pm Sweden v South Korea 0-0 Group G 4 pm Belgium v Panama 2-0 7 pm Tunisia v England 1-1 Tuesday 19th June Group H 1 pm Colombia v Japan 2-0 4 pm Poland v Senegal 1-0 Group A 7 pm Russia v Egypt 1-0 Wednesday 20th June Group B 1 pm Portugal v Morocco 2-1 Group A 4 pm Uruguay v Saudi Arabia 2-0 Group B 7 pm Iran v Spain 0-2 Thursday 21st June Group C 1 pm Denmark v Australia 1-0 4 pm France v Peru 2-1 Group D 7pm Argentina v Croatia 1-2  Friday 22nd June Group E 1 pm Brazil v Costa Rica 3-0 Group D 4 pm Nigeria v Iceland 0-1 Group E 7 pm Serbia v Switzerland 2-1 Saturday 23rd June Group G 1 pm Belgium v Tunisia 2-0 Group F 4 pm South Korea v Mexico 0-1 7 pm Germany v Sweden 2-0 Sunday 24th June Group G 1 pm England v Panama 2-0 Group H 4 pm Japan v Senegal 1-1 7 pm Poland v Colombia 1-2 Monday 25th June Group A 3 pm Uruguay v Russia 2-0 3 pm Saudi Arabia v Egypt 0-1 Group B 7 pm Spain v Morocco 2-0 7 pm Iran v Portugal 0-1 Tuesday 26th June Group C 3 pm Denmark v France 0-2 3 pm Australia v Peru 0-2 Group D 7 pm Nigeria v Argentina 0-2 7 pm Iceland v Croatia 0-1 Wednesday 27th June Group F 3 pm South Korea v Germany 0-2 3 pm Mexico v Sweden 1-0 Group E 7 pm Serbia v Brazil 1-2 Switzerland v Costa Rica 1-0 Thursday 28th June Group H 3 pm Japan v Poland 0-2 3 pm Senegal v Colombia 0-1 Group G 7 pm England v Belgium 1-1 7 pm Panama v Tunisia 0-1
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