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  1. Haven't seen anything that would make me buy the game. I see a lot of work has gone into new features - and that's great - but nothing regarding the area of the game that I feel needs improving the most - more detailed & varied options for the defensive phase, and the negative transition. Purchased a subscription to Netflix instead to keep me busy for the year ahead - until FM19 is announced...
  2. Does FM18 actually allow you to do this? If yes, apologies, as I must have misunderstood the feature. Were this to actually be possible, I would buy the game as this would be a definite advance defensively!
  3. You could already do that in FM17 using specific man marking. I don't see any difference apart from how it's branded, unless I'm missing something...
  4. Taking a couple of years off FM while I wait for SI to improve the defensive options available to us. Just no longer prepared to put the time into the game until this is finally addressed and brought into the 21st century. See you all in 2019.
  5. Really disappointed with the defensive side of the game. Nothing on vertical compactness (i.e. not just pushing up d-line but getting strikers to drop back too), pressing triggers, counterpressing. Just hopeless. Given the debacle that was FM17, absolutely STUNNED that nothing was mentioned on fixing wide midfielder positioning. Also, you could already tell a player to mark a specific position, it was just hidden inside the specific man marking instruction so not sure why this is being sold as a new feature - it's just been moved. Agree that the underlap feature needs to be refi
  6. This is exactly why I will now not be buying FM18. Absolutely gutted. This will be the first version of FM/CM that I have never bought. Now awaiting FM19.
  7. Whereabouts? Only saw scouting video and don't remember seeing this mentioned. Is there another source of info I've missed?
  8. Disappointed to be 30 days from release and still not have heard anything major on tactics. Really dislike the way SI is going about this.
  9. I learnt the same lesson with FM17. I pre-ordered as I had usually done over the years and was largely disappointed. Wide midfielder positioning spoiled my experience for the most part, until recently, when I created a 3-5-2-0 formation that I was actually happy with, and one seemingly immune to the worst parts of the match engine. That experience really eliminated any "benefit of the doubt" I previously had for FM releases and now I want to "see" before I "believe". I'm patient enough to wait. Was encouraged when the first headline features video mentioned new player roles and match
  10. Interesting feature and relevant to real life football so I think it's a good addition. However, I won't be pre-ordering as I don't have enough info on improvements to tactics, training and the match engine. Happy to wait until post-November 10, if necessary, as these are the parts of the game that really matter to me. I'll miss the discount, but that's fine.
  11. I had a similar experience with Tranmere Rovers in terms of the Barcelona-style football you referenced with Ebbsfleet FC. One of the regretful aspects of FM is that to enjoy a more difficult save, one must usually choose a club that is somewhat restrained in the transfer market and with the quality of players they have at their disposal, due to size and resources, as opposed to being able to find a deeper, more sophisticated tactical challenge in a higher/different league. We've even seen teams like Rangers/Celtic hold a Messi-inspired Barcelona scoreless in CL games despite limited reso
  12. I'm totally with you on this. Only interested in the match engine and tactics/training - i.e. the stuff that actually relates to football. In the last 10 years, the football world has really moved on in terms of pressing and marking schemes but SI has been stuck firmly in the past with just "zonal", "tight" or "specific man", completely ignoring recent innovations or just letting them fly right by them without really noticing. There needs to be dramatic improvement in these areas or SI risks the game being a simulation that doesn't reflect modern football, but instead a 1990's brand
  13. I actually liked the video and the way it was done, especially the Mike Duff reference and Miles' drive-and-stop interview. However, Miles acting was really bad (in a playful, funny kind of way - I think Miles is great 😀) and he gave away the info too easily but, still, it gave me a good laugh. I was just happy to hear about new players roles and potential tactical improvements, as I mentioned before. In terms of buying the game, I'll wait for the specific details of the tactical improvements to be released as I'm quite happy to miss the pre-order deadline and pay more for the g
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