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  1. Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it very much! About 2) Ok so i went back before the end of the season and remade the contracts and the extension after promotion worked fine. I messed up the date they would activate, instead of immediately, I pressed at the end of the season so it would be impossible to activate since i already got promoted! Sorry for wasting your time on this. About 1) I know it wont trigger automatically and i will have to trigger it myself but at the moment the trigger option doesnt even exist! Will it appear later when the number of years on the contract + extension = 5 years total? Thats what i am asking. Also what do you mean with define event? Thanks again in advance!
  2. Hello! First time playing fm and posting here so sorry if this is already common knowledge! I read that the maximum amount of years of a contract at any given time can be up to 5 years. If thats true then, My two questions are: 1) I singed a player with a 3year deal and 3 year optional contract extension, will the optional contract extension be able to be triggered when 2 years are left in the contract? 2) I made 4 year contracts with 2-3 year extension after promotion and i did get the promotion and played the first game of the next season but still the contracts expiring date did not changed. Will the extension be triggered later when the contract remaining time is 2 years or will they not be triggered at all? Thanks in advance!
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