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  1. It crash in 17th July 2015 And I have some questions, do I have to download the Anglo-Scottish Cup dbc as well or just download this one? And I found that some Australian clubs are playing in OFC Champions League I hope you can fix it Thx!
  2. Welcom to the Thread This is an experiment that I did on the Football Manager 2016 So what is this all about? My objective is to see how a country do on the future until about year 2030s Here, I'm using editor data from Sangue Blu What I edit?? 1. All club on the country have Worldwide Rep, All Max Facilities, 1B Finance and Sugar Daddy Status 2. Youth Rating of the country became 200 3. 1 Country will have 10 other countries treat as Non-Foreign Sorry I'm suck at describe. BTW, I'm trying to do this with all the FIFA Member (including Gibraltar & Kosovo and excluding Liehctenstein) If you want to download my save file, I'll give you the link http://kumpulbagi.id/ilham-rizki/fm-2016-save-398807 Thx hope you enjoy
  3. What If Oldham Athletic Had a Wonderkid Team? In this experiment, I edit Oldham Athletic squad with English Wonderkid like Ward-Prowse, Reece Oxford and many more. Here the squad in 2015 : Squad 2015 Well, a lot of them have been move though BUT here their achievements until 2035 : Overview Domestic League FA Cup Capital One Cup
  4. Okay. And how much seasons you want me to do this experiment?
  5. Like your idea. Do you want England Wonderkid or maybe another countries?
  6. What If Arsenal Become a Sugar Daddy? Arsenal is a team that rarely spend a money on a great player. Instead, they always buy a cheap player and make them to be superstar. But, what if Arsenal became Sugar Daddy? Are they gonna be still the same? Or they gonna spend a lot of money? Let's see End of 2025 Season Squad : Here Transfer History : 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 2018/19 2019/20 2020/21 2021/22 2022/23 2023/24 2024/25 Extras : Barclays Premier League Winner UEFA Champions League Winner FIFA Ballon d'Or 1 FIFA Ballon d'Or 2
  7. Jumbo Camp Reports ATM FA 2017 Review League Table | Result 1 | Result 2 | Result 3 Second season. It got better because we got promoted. Luckily, the winner of 2nd division is the B team of Johor, so we got promoted because we on 3rd Well, in the result, I'm satisfied because in the league, we just lose in 2 matches and that's good In Malaysia FA Cup, AGAIN, we got beaten agains Lions in Quarter Final. WHY????? In Malaysia Cup, we knocked out in Group Stage Highest Average Rating : S. Veenod (7.53) Top Scorer : Jerry Palacios (13 Goals) Most Assist : S. Veenod (7 Assists) Transfer History [b]CLUB CAREER Season Nations Club Divisions Pos Cup 1 Cup 2 Cont Notes & Achievements[/b] ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016 Malaysia ATM FA 2nd 3rd 2R QR n/a Took over at pre-seasons 2017 Malaysia ATM FA 2nd 3rd QF GS n/a Promoted [b]INTERNATIONAL CAREER Year Nation NL WC Cont. Conf. Notes & Achievements[/b] ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Challenge Progress Club 0/10 top domestic leagues 0/10 domestic cups 0/5 club continental championships 0/1 club world championship International 0/5 continental tournaments 0/2 world tournaments
  8. They have rule Max 4 foreigner and 3 for those who from outside Asia
  9. I just found out there is an options on chairman tendencies called "Expect Sign High Profile Players". Dou you want do this one or the sugar daddy one?
  10. I want to ask something Does domestic cup like Capital One Cup count as domestic cups?
  11. Can I edit this : 1. Arsenal be Sugar Daddy 2. I gave Arsenal +2 Billions to their Balance on the first seasons
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