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  1. Hey guys! I'm new here but not to FM. I've had the game every year since '12, skipping only last years. I've never played my own tactics, always just downloaded the best ones from the forums but this year I don't feel like doing it, now I kinda take it as cheating. So I've started a game with my small local team and just played without caring about things too too much and I got sacked in my first season in january. So I thought I'd start a long term save with my favorite team, ManUtd! I started the save with 0 transfer budgets so the teams are the same as they were at the start of the season. I just like it more realistic. So I'm just after my first CL group stage match and lost to Juve at home 0-2. I don't care about CL too much to be honest, but solving the problems I have could make me want to progress in CL too rather than just focusing on the league. So I've got a couple questions that I'm looking for the answers for: 1.) Is the default squad you get at the start of the game capable of winning the league and progressing well into the CL? 2.) I'm watching every game on full so they take 30 minutes at least or maybe even more (time flies by so quickly when you play FM), as I'm trying to make my own tactics and I want to see how my players are doing. The problems I'm facing is basically the same as the team has in real life: can't create much chances, very few clear cut chances. The results I've had so far are: Newcastle (H) 2-1 win, West Brom (A) 0-0, Everton (H) 2-1 win, Crystal Palace (A) 2-1 win, Leicester City (H) 1-0 win, Juventus (H) 0-2 loss, Southampton (A) 1-1. As I watched every game fully I know that the wins I got were kind of lucky, at least that's how I feel. Never really dominated a game apart from the home game against Fenerbache in the CL qualifying game which I won 8-3 surprisingly. So the tactics I'm using are as follows: De Gea GK Def, Luke Shaw FB Attack, Rojo+Smalling CD Def, Darmian FB Attack. The idea behind the back 4 is to have the central ones focus on defending and have my fullbacks contributing to attacks on the wings, overlapping and crossing in from deep. The problem I'm facing with this is firstly that Shaw has 10 crossing rating, and whenever him or Darmian gets to a crossing position they just wait until a defender closes them down and then it's either a throw in or a corner for us... It's really frustrating as I have cross from deep set up for both of them, I just want them to cross from deep and find either Rooney or Martial inside the box. Are my fullbacks not capable of doing this? I thought Shaw has a really good crossing ability in real life so I was surprised to see him having 10 in the game. I have a midfield of two and there is not a set spot here as I'm just experimenting each game since I haven't found the best yet, at least that's how I feel. I usually play Schneiderlin as a BWM support since he has 18 tackle and I can tell some games he just intercepts a lot of attacks so I'm happy with that. Next to him is either Herrera(sometimes RPM, sometimes AP support or attack), or Schweinsteiger as DLP support. Then I have Memphis as an IF attack or support at left AML position and on the AMR I'm still not sure but I've tried Mata as AP support or attack or a true Winger like Ashley or even tried Memphis there and Martial on the left. The problem I'm facing here is that Memphis is just wasteful. I've seen a lot of screenshots here and everywhere and basically everyone gets him to at least 7.5 match rating and for me he just doesn't do anything, rarely gets the ball and whenever he does, he cuts in and doesn't find anyone, loses possession easily. I like to play with 2 strikers up front: Martial as AF attack and Wazza as DLF support. As I've never created my own tactics ever I had to read a lot about tactics in general and positions/instructions/roles so I'm not even sure I have the right roles to succeed with the default team I have atm but the way I'm imagining a perfect attack is like this: De Gea -> Darmian/Shaw -> Schweinsteiger/Schneiderlin -> either Memphis who cuts in and finds Rooney or Mata or Martial OR Rooney as he comes deep to collect the ball and spread it wide to either Memphis or Mata who is supposed to come in centrally with his AP support role and then one of them finds a through ball to Martial or any of the attackers really and then goal or at least that's a clear cut chance (forgot about the FBs, but as I said whenver they get the ball far up the pitch and have the opportunity to cross in they just wait for a defender to close them down and then we just get the crosses intercepted way too easily.) I have no idea about team instructions either as nothing seem to have worked so far, I'm mainly trying to play a high tempo attacking football with quick short passes and lots of movement as movement creates spaces that I'm trying to exploit. At least that's how I imagine I could break down a team that parks the bus which has been the case in a couple matches but then they counter me as I leave space behind and that's how they usually scored. I usually have pass to space ticked in with exploiting both flanks but yea... I'm still experimenting but as you can tell nothing seem to have worked so far. I have a Birmingham game at home comming up in the Capital Cup 1st round so I have a game to experiment again that's why I thought I'd ask you guys for some advice. Are my instructions/roles wrong? Can this team of players not perform the way I imagine it? Is it a problem that I never have the same tactics for two games in a row and it provides inconsistency? Anyways, looking forward to your suggestions and thanks! edit: some things I forgot: sometimes I have lots of team instructions on, like even 12-15. I've read that simplicity could work better and so just use a couple but I'm not sure... And to be fair I should be happy with the results I got in the league so far as I've had 7 injuries at the start of the season including Smalling, Rojo, Shaw, Depay, Rooney... In that west brom game away I used Borthwick Jackson, Tuanzebe and McNair in the back 4... and in the other away draw against Soton Schneiderlin got sent off in the 54th minute and even after we had 1-2 chances. But then again I'm not happy with the way we play and the lack of chances created...
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