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  1. edit: it's not the antivirus, the problem was the skin I was using, it was supposed to be used with HD resolution... changed the skin, with Antivirus on, kits, face packs etc, and the game is fine, even quicker
  2. Did everything you asked, and the game worked fine (at least the game I played). I think its the antivirus, as I did disabled it and this time I Unnistalled it.
  3. ok, so I have to do what I already did??? ok, I'm going to try again, and if I dont succed??
  4. I'm still wayting on the answer. Can you help me please???it has been 4/5 days since the game crash started and untill now, nothing....
  5. the game is exactly before a match in witch the game crashes vs FCP. As I said before, the not responding problem hapenned in a lot of matches before this one, but I eas able to play a few off them by going on vacations for 1 day, or by simply clicking instant result. Hope you can help me now. Thanks in advance
  6. Just uploaded the save file, the name is Real.fm
  7. Just contacted Microsoft support, they say that if windoes update isn't showing any error (witch is not) than everything is fine and the belarc file does not count to them. here it is the new belarc file, only missing 2 security updates, that microsoft says that I can not do anything about. CAN YOU PLEASE HELP ME ???? this is getting ridiculous Belarc Advisor Computer Profile.html
  8. in the belarc files says I have the updates but they are not installed, I dont know how to install them as windows update says everything is fine, can you help me please? it has been 3 days since trying to solve this problem.
  9. How do I do That??? I open Windows Update and it says everything is updated "last check yesterday (24h)".
  10. Belarc FIle... Can You please tell me something??? Belarc Advisor Computer Profile.html
  11. Just sended the belarc file (by email). What can I do next??
  12. Game worked fine for an hour and wen back to stagging/not respondig/freezing... Can You Help me???
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