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  1. I very much doubt this will ever get fixed, but if you do fix it, please can you ensure that achievements that have been fulfilled already get unlocked, rather than having to do them again.
  2. Under 'Downloads and updates' in the store there is no option for FM 2020. Then on the FM 2020 page itself I only have the option to 'Play' or 'Buy to own'. I don't understand why I have no option to update. I've double checked and I definitely still cannot load fmf files.
  3. I am aware that there was a recent update to fix the inability to load .fmf tactics files to the game. However, using the Xbox Beta app I have never been prompted to update the game and so I am still unable to load .fmf files. Has anyone else had this issue? Is there anyway to force the update? Thanks
  4. I've managed to fix this, I've had the issue for days and typically when I post about it I end up finding out what was wrong. It was a problem with my Windows Store and apps not updating correctly. I had to sign out of the store and then run the WsReset.exe command, which meant that all of the apps, including the (I'm assuming) important Gaming Services have updated. The game now works as normal. Phew!
  5. Hi all, I'm playing the PC Xbox Game Pass version of FM19 and I've had no issues with it since it was availble. However, with no changes at all made to my PC or the game itself, it now won't load. If I try to launch it from the Xbox app simply nothing happens. If I try to use the FM19 direct shortcut in my start menbu it opens the Microsoft Store app and takes me to a product called 'Gaming Services', which it tells me is already installed. There is an option to Update, which does nothing when I click it. I can choose to install it on my devices which allows me to select my PC, and it tells me it will try to install. But nothing happens. I'm absolutely gutted as I was really getting into my save and now can't even get the game running
  6. Andre Silva Andre Silva Andre Silva Andre Silva Andre Silva
  7. I'm just going into my fourth season with Brighton. Finished 7th in the Premier League last season, managed to get a Europa League spot as the team that won the FA Cup had already qualified for the Champions League. I'm 2-0 up with away goals against Boavist in the qualifying playoffs, so all being well I should be in the Europe League this season How is that fun in any way?
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