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  1. Everton have recently called up Beni Baningime to their first team, but I can't find him there or in the reserves. Am I doing something wrong?
  2. My coaches are all Gold-badges at this point. I understand that I could shape their work by recruiting coaches with different specialities, but is there any value in getting in new coaches with the same specialities? For example - if the coach tells me "So-and-so has reached the peak of their ability", would it help to bring in someone new? Also, will my coaches ever get poached to be managers?
  3. Oh, interesting! How do my Coach Report ratings and my Scout Report ratings compare?
  4. For my own vanity, I like to see my players on the Scouting Agency world top 50 list. I find that when I scout players in the top 20 or so, many of them get 4 stars rather than the 5 that my players get. Is there a reason for this? It also seems odd that Neymar has held firm at number 1 for 7 years in a row. Is he really that good???
  5. I just installed it in Android and all my local saves are red. The large database option appears to be gone, too?
  6. What effect do the various coach characteristics (Nationality, Role, Style, Aptitude, and Badge) have? I have been trying to recruit a Defensive-style coach, and went through about 10 rounds of applications before finally offering a spot to one of my retiring players. He ends up being a Defensive-style, but his aptitude is Poor. Should I keep him and wait for him to get all his badges or fire him and keep hitting the "Place Advert" button?
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