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  1. Seconded! Would be really helpful for those of us on the switch too.
  2. I'm moving to Solihull (outskirts of Birmingham) where house prices have always been strong. I can't help but feel signing up to a 350k mortgage whilst things are so uncertain is not a good idea.
  3. No idea what to do as a first time buyer here due to move before the end of August. Do I pull out or wait and see what happens?
  4. It might be better to get the metropolitan from wembley park and change at baker street for the jubilee. But don't trust me, we were a bit of a shambles. Did you have your coach ticket booked before or did you buy it when you got there? We just walked straight on in front of everyone else with our bit of printed paper.
  5. Well, we had absolutely no experience with the tube so we were just going for the way with minimum changes, which was the circle line then the metropolitan. That took forever on the way there. On the way back we got off at baker street, got the jubilee to green park, then the victoria line. That might not be that quick for you though, it was just a lot lot quicker than our original plan. I bet other london based users can give you better advice.
  6. How did you get back to Birmingham in the end by the way? I didn't think the next coach was 'til the morning.
  7. I thought something like that happened as i could see you were all standing at the front of the coach and he still decided to try and move off. Have to agree, he did seem a rather large ****. I probably would've been stranded there with you if it wasn't for some nice london people telling us how to get to victoria station extremely quickly after being late out of wembley.
  8. I was on that coach. You weren't the one who kicked the coach were you?
  9. Haha, i can't believe they've sold out over 70,000 tickets in a few minutes. Muse so good.
  10. Just looking at the National Express website. It's saying something about "funfares" and that the price is from £1? What's the catch?
  11. I have no idea how i'm going to get from Birmingham to London and back, but i MUST go to these Muse and Arcade Fire gigs.
  12. You legend. I had no idea Arcade Fire were playing any time soon. 'Mon me getting tickets.
  13. Good work I starting to think Zaitsev may be correct with his Debase obsession.
  14. The Tuesday Birmingham gig was amazing and VERY lively. So, i'm gonna go with Lovejoy and say it's just down to you Londoners being crap.
  15. er no. </div></BLOCKQUOTE> Why did everyone suddenly get up then? Certainly seemed like it was in fear of not getting a barrier spot after seeing my mate go straight there.
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