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  1. Hey @Connor Winks, Thanks for the response, I have uploaded devrow - Billericay.fmt. I do not have the option to request new training facilities, and never have since I really started paying attention to the situation, pretty much after getting into the Premier League as I upgraded the youth facilities multiple times. While at it, can you please check why the board is rejecting my request for a new stadium? The option just showed up and I assume I just need to wait a little bit more, but if it is not much of a hassle, I would just like to know if that is indeed the case or if they will never really bother with building a new stadium. Thanks again
  2. Hello, So I have been playing as Billericay since the start of the game, from the start of March this year, so from a winter update database. Early on in the save, 25th June 2019, my team made a partnership with Kings Langley, where we have access to all of their training facilities. I am currently playing the 41/42 season. This agreement has now been in place for over 20 years. Since then, we have gone on to become the best club in the world, and yet we are stuck training in Below Average training facilities, with world class players and the best prospects in the world. Now I guess this isn't a bug per se, but I would say a team of this class would not be keeping this agreement going. I am now waiting a few years, as I should be getting a new stadium once the 20 years is up from the stadium built from when we got promoted to the championship. Please let me know your thoughts, and if you have any idea on how I could go about getting training facilities that would match the club's status.
  3. Yeah, haven't been able to expand anymore due to hitting the current stadium's max expansion capacity.
  4. Hello all, I have taken Boston United to the premier league and won everything possible. After a couple expansions the stadium has been maxed out at 19605 seats. We are one of the most reputable clubs in the world, have a good amount of money in the bank, yet the board state: "We have considered your request to build a new stadium but we don't feel this is currently needed." every time I ask for a new stadium. During expansion works we would relocate to a much bigger stadium and get decent attendances. I have even sold most players as a test to see how the board responds when there's a lot of money in the bank. With £360m they still won't build a stadium. Any ideas? This has completely put me off my current save, and if I start a new save I want to make sure it's with a team that will build a stadium as currently I just can't make any money with such a small stadium... Thank you,
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