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  1. First three month update 8th November 2015 Results Almost 3 months since I started my career at Manchester United, I've had a fixed fortunes of results, losses aplenty in the league. Some results there just bordered on unbelieveable, my first game against West Brom was just a 3-0 drubbing, barely any flair, chances were sparse and yellow cards were thrown at my players just for fun. We seemed to kick off the season better than that after, except for the CL qualifiers. where we were beaten by Monaco over two legs. Picking up an away win at Anfield is the highlight of my season so far, that was the first time my formation seemed to click right. Transfers Some of my transfers I'm happy with, I signed Mustafi from Valencia who has quickly formed a nice partnership in the centre with Smalling. Harry Kane was bought from Spurs for about £47m, and he's put in 9 goals in 16 apps for me atm, I was hoping for a slightly better return, but he's worked his socks off for me at the moment. Memphis has also been a nice inside forward for me, slamming in crosses left right and centre and also contributing to the goals aswell. Pione Sisto has also done quite well, he scored a hat trick for me against a minnow in the Europa League, making sure we qualified to the first knockout round with 4 wins from 4, I've used Victor Valdes in goal for all of those cup games, so far, he's conceded 2 in 8 games, he's on a run atm of 6 games without conceded, I'm contemplating to use him in the PL as long as DDG keeps having a horror show. I managed to pick up Adriano from Barca for £2.8m, he plays L/R wing/full back, L/R mid, and L/R att mid, and he's been quite the player for me at the moment, the fans are also quite happy with his contributions. The table The table makes for a little poor showing at the moment, but I've got faith that I can turn this around in good time, the board seem happy that the transfers I'm bringing in are showing good potential, and they've only had one result to be really annoyed at, which was a 2-0 defeat to Newcastle who seem to be my bogey side on FM16. The most furious I've got up to now was about 10 minutes ago, a defeat at home to Everton, I was building on a strong OT, where we barely conceded and won every game, but thanks to Valencia scoring a horrific own goal, that went out of the window. Up to now, Fergie finished 11th in his first season, which means I'm already doing better in the game, that being said, Fergie didn't have £75m to spend and a class of talent in his squad at the time, but, I think it's gonna be a toughie!
  2. So, for the third save in a row, I'm taking over Manchester United. It's my actual team, so obviously I need to make sure we play creative football, attack like crazy, and eventually bring in 6 new players from the academy therefore, making a new Class of 92. For this season, I'll be trying out a 4-1-4-1 DM Wide formation with controlling play, focusing on the more "keep ball, look for an opening, goal" style. As my previous threads and comments have suggested, I'm not very up on the tactics side of things, I only really started checking out roles on FM16, and I've been playing since 12', but that's just the way it is, I like to think that tactic can actually work, I've used tips from others, and also implemented some of my own ideas that I have about United. MY AIMS? 1.Qualify for the UCL outright, 1st, 2nd or 3rd will be nice. I've noticed that Chelsea seem to start the first season with a great attacking power, so I highly doubt I should be aiming for the title. 2.Sign a centre back who will last in the first team for a good long time, Smalling, Jones & Rojo aren't the types of player I want defending against some of the fastest strikers in the game, Smalling is good, probably, to me, the best defender we have. Jones & Rojo have a tendancy to get either sent off, or just have terrible games. 3. Bring out the best in Martial, he's one of my favorite players in the game, with a great head and the right personality to go on and become a great player, in FM15, I had a 10 year save, in which I'd won several trophies, and also had Memphis to be United's all time leading goalscorer, after that, I brought in Lukaku, to which he went on and broke that same record in 4.5 seasons, plus, he had Messi & Ronaldo either side of him firing them in too (No joke, I had the ultimate dream team). I'm aiming for that again, not Ronaldo & Messi this time, but players who will be to me, the greatest players on earth. I'll be posting updates every 3 months in game, so the thread doesn't get littered with posts by me, which in turn keeps it tidy. Some of you may disagree first off with my actual tactic, and even my signings, but I tend to feel that I'll find out myself if I'm wrong, I went on to be hugely successful in 15 without any help, maybe I can do the same on 16 without any real help.
  3. Well, taking that into account, what about a sweeper keeper to come and Neuer the long balls away?, too risky?. obviously the downside to this is that if I end up with an opp striker with great strength and finishing, along with 2 wingers coming at my keeper, I stand to lose a lot
  4. I'll be posting my own season review, of course, if I can survive a season of not getting sacked that is
  5. Cheers for all your tips, sorry about leaving out the team instructions and mentalities, I need to remember to add those in here. I agree with you now looking it, too much emphasis on attack, will cost us in leaking goals, The mentality I'm looking at will either be control or attacking, as I like the thought of a fluid flowing move. Team instructions will be very minimal, get stuck in, a normal defensive line, be more expressive, more direct passing and play out of defence will be the ones I'd look to use, and only them
  6. Well, I'm looking at signing Pione Sisto for about £10m, which I think would give me some depth, and also Harry Kane, which then means I could drop Memphis down to left wing and hopefully have him control from there. I also like the thought of keeping Valencia, not sure werther I will if I see an offer come in for him, or get offered another winger who could work better in his spot. Saying that though, what's everyone's experiences with 451? I've got two potentials here. I'm not planning on using those players there, but the roles are how I'd imagine would go well, as you saw, my tactical experience isn't great, so if there's a role conflicting with another that would work, please let me know. or
  7. Sadly, after getting us to the CL Final, we were hammered 5-1 by Juventus, so they sacked me xD I've started again now, with a huge host of new staff and scouts, and I'm going to start off with a decent 4-4-2 diamond wide formation and just hopefully work on it from there. I think Harry Kane seems like a good choice to play off Martial, I shouldn't ask too much from Martial, but I know he has potential and I'm determined to make it happen
  8. Well I'll give you a quick rundown, last night I removed all OI's that were supplied for me by the assistant manager, and also completely removed team instructions and started applying them as the game goes on. Some matches last night, and even today were excellent, We beat Real Madrid at OT, and drew 1-1 at their ground, which amazed me, and I did that using a control mentality, I can't seem to get it right when I'm using an attacking mentality though, although saying that, against Everton in my last game, we lost 3-0 -.- As you can see, the run of games in the league haven't been good enough, I'm not setting any OI's barring against Madrid, I instructed my team to go hard on Bale & Benzema, seemed to work, but most games since I changed it to this method, I don't set an instruction on anyone.
  9. So after changing most of my tactics last night, I now seem to have completely lost it. My defense is crap, despite the fact I seem to have an idea how the roles should be, my strikers can't score, and my wingers are terrible at crossing What the bloody hell can I do here!
  10. I've just come down to earth with a 1-0 loss away to Newcastle, saying that, we still look good even when we're losing. I do seem to have now struck a good balance with possession based play
  11. That's one hell of a tip, much appreciated, and after FINALLY spending 45 minutes figuring out how to attack screenshots, I've done it. I've managed to remove all OI's and also completely clear the team instructions from the 4231 wide formation I've been playing, and just adding one or two team instructions here and there, and we've managed a return of 1 win and 2 draws in 3 games, while that's not spectacular, a game we played against Tottenham was almost total football. Up there is my current team, it's also my most likely starting 11 too, this picture is after I've removed OI's & Team instructions too
  12. I've got Donorumma coming in January, hoping to ship him out to a good side where he can play a good amount of games, those ratings he has got are enough for me to consider him a long term replacement to De Gea. I do like De Gea, one game stands out this season for me where he was basically a huge wall against Chelsea as we beat them 1-0, but the defence I think is severely lacking, I thing United as a whole have been downgraded due to our real life problems in seasons. FM while Fergie was still in charge, I went on insane season runs xD January is a few days away in my first season, thinking Marcos, Chris & Phil all have to go, Need someone beasty to partner Chambers, who went from being my worst defender to someone who seems to walk the MOTM awards at the end of games. Might just sell all 3 keepers and have a good look at Rulli or Lloris as a stop gap for when Donorumma becomes good enough
  13. Hiya guys, thank god I found a forum where I can find people like me who play this game, I'm in the need for some tips, like asap as I'm into my second save on FM16, and we've lost 7 league games in 16 as Man United . First off, tactics aren't my strong point, but what's the best tac you've used on FM16?, I've alternated between several this season, and can't seem to find one that just clicks. My main tactics are 4-4-1-1, 4231 wide, and 442. I've had poor performances using different ones, I've also just come off the back of a 1-0 defeat to 20th placed Crystal Palace, despite seemingly dominating the game. Secondly, when you first start off on a game, what sort of manager do you tend to see yourself as?, I've gone constantly for tactical as a way of brushing up on my skills, but on FM15, I had it set half way between tracksuit and tactical, helping me on the way to 2 PL titles, 6 LC trophies and 4 FA Cups, not sure if there's a hint there as on this FM, I'm doing very, very bad. I prefer at the moment being tactical as it's probably the worst part of my game. Thirdly, with my OI, I tend to get my ass man to give the advice on who to slam to the ground and what not, Ivan Caramanti is my guy, and I've just been leaving it to him, should I? or should I take his advice and add my own?, I have Martial as the usual up front striker, playing as a complete forward on attack, Memphis & Mata usually feeding him in on the wings with Shaw & Darmian as attacking wing backs, Schwein & Schnied/Herrera as the usual midfielders alternating as attacking midfielders or advanced playmakers, I've got Calum Chambers & Phil Jones/Chris Smalling playing as complete centre backs, putting Jones as cover, Chambers as defend. Also switching between De Gea & Valdes in goal as I don't think De Gea is playing to his full potential. I tend to play high tempo and usually with an attacking mentality, closing down more, direct passing and between look for overlap and hit early crosses, be more expressive and stay on feet are also two instructions I tend to use more than others. but also, something I'm not sure if I should be doing, I tend to have 7-10 instructions per tactic, using some of the above, I don't actually know if that's the right way to go about it. Edit: Sorry if you need more info, just ask, if there's anything I've missed out that's important I'll be happy to add it, it's my first thread on here
  14. How are you guys finding De Gea? he's been immense in some of my games, but I'm into my second save on fm16, and some games, it's like he just can't be bothered, so I've rotated with Valdes, and we lost to Roma 3-0, and I swear valdes was lay down for the full 90 minutes -.- I'm switching between a primary attacking 442 after stuffing Everton 6-0 at OT, but the game straight after, we draw 3-3 with Villa, Tactics have never been my strong point, but I want one that accomodates Martial as I can see big things coming from him, plus Memphis = For some reason, has been completly ruined in FM16, in 15, the guy scored 45+ a season for me, I'll be lucky if he scores 5 for me this season Rooney = Can't shift him, no one will touch him, even at £7.5m xD Wilson = On loan, hoping he becomes the new Rooney, barring the attitude and dreadful hair transplants Higuain = Injured for 4 months Perez = This guy has spells of brilliance, scored 3 for me against Everton, currently AWOL in the goals department though
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