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  1. I love the use of multi formations against specific opposition tactics with the principles staying the same. I agree with what you’re trying to achieve with the instructions you’ve used. im a little confused at the negative reception to one or 2 of these instructions. I have lived in Frankfurt for around 3 years and watched a lot of hoffenheim and Leipzig as well as lots of German football in general. and although you can never label any player with one individual role like you are forced to on fm it’s completely understandable to use Poulsen as a target man. Specifically against top
  2. love this but out of interest who do you expect to score the goals - barcelona - Messi obviously scored the goals but hes a rare talent. and then inside forwards popped up, but often on the right side Alves would provide width with pedro moving slightly inside being a more direct threat. -bayern/ city - lewa/muller/aguero - mostly goals from aguero and also wingers at city. inverted wingbacks creating central overloads to prevent counters i can see the aim of your system is to merge the best of both, i.e. inverted wingbacks and false 9. but who is meant to provide width and
  3. completely agree, i often do this. i for one would have no problem playing 4-3-3 with 2 wingbacks and 2 inside forwards or 2 inverted wingbacks and 2 wingers. as you say no player is identical so their PPIs and individual skills will change the role. think of city with of city of 2018 with sane and sterling. both essentially wingers but sane interpreted it alot more literally and sterling with his natural inclination to cut inside
  4. i think with the team you have i would try to somewhat replicate the way liverpool play. i think you have 3 elite attackers but a more limited midfield with a high workrate. you have 2 good wingbacks to replicate robertson and trent too. Lautaro Mbappe Pepe Ceballos/Guen, Torreira, Mctominay same back 5 i know thats not what you asked but i saw your squad and i just thought it was perfectly set up for that. i would personally play lautaro as a F9/DLF to leave space for the 2 "wingers" to come into.
  5. In my opinion to be more like the arsenal invincible tactic I would probably have an inverted winger on the right and a wide playmaker in the left on attack. I’d also change the striker to a complete forward in terms of team instructions in possession ones seem fine and I agree with counter but I don’t agree with the higher line of engagement or the more urgent pressing. I think arsenal returned to their shape quite often. The players look suitable. I think auba would work for the Henry role
  6. He has them specifically applied to the front players as PIs as you don’t see the centre backs specifically pressing for example. And the attacking mentality means in my opinion you don’t need the higher tempo TI.
  7. I’d love to see this. Would be tempted to play cesc and Messi and as F9 and a SS where they switch positions
  8. this would be hilarious but as a spurs fan i reckon you should google irony instead.
  9. i agree with the bakero element. i think juan carlos played alot wider than eusebio, eusebio could be a centre mid but i think juan carlos was more of an inverted wing back as you say. i prefer the use of libero in this tactic i watched the barcelona 1-0 sampdoria tactic recently and koeman dictates play from behind the back line. often stepping into midfield next to guardiola. i think this is a really good effort. only the juan carlos role i would question and thats purely opinion
  10. i literally love these threads. as a fellow gooner i also have a fondness for beautiful football and i can see that with your threads. i can see that team building and retraining is a crucial part of this however i was wondering how much time you spent watching the in game live to determine whether this is working as intended. also regarding Dybala on the right hand side, why did you decide him to replicate the pedro role. apologies if ive missed this there was so much interesting info it may have slipped by last thing.. my favourite pep system was actually the one he
  11. Hi ozil another excellent threat. I just want to check. Is this fm15 or 16?
  12. like so many of the other comments this is my favourite thread. i was particularly impressed that you managed to get the aggressive wingers without completely compromising defensively. my only question is, do you not get exposed by crosses, especially deep crosses? also do you use opposition instructions. apologies if you mentioned it
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