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  1. Any update to this please? Only a small change but a yes or no would be nice.....
  2. Hi, simple suggestion really. As well as normal saves I like to do journeyman saves, to play in far flung nations that i'd not normally use, and work my way up the managerial ladder and seeing where that leads me. Starting unemployed, at the minute you can apply for jobs and continue rolling the game on, or go into holiday mode and tick what level you want to apply for. The option 'Return from holiday when offered a job' is greyed out unless the above option is ticked first, how about unlocking this from the off so you stay on holiday mode until you are offered a job somewhere? Obviously the job offer would be from the nations you opted for at the start of the game. This could also work if you get sacked or resign from the club you're managing.
  3. Just started a journeyman save, got the Boston Utd job. Tried the original tactic but switched to WB attack on either side, and all CBs changed to CD stopper. Retraining wingers as forwards, still managed 18 shots in a 4-0 win first game, other team only had 4 shots with 1 on target. Early doors but looking decent
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