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  1. Is it too late to add Rickie Lambert to the squad? And Matt Le Tissier?
  2. They mentioned it on Football 365, the 4th choice CB almost never gets any minutes. Think he's sacrificed Jagielka to have two strong full backs on each side, which I hope means he's using the diamond formation.
  3. As opposed to those other highly successful cup-winning England players.
  4. Given that three teams potentially go through, we'd have to be new kinds of awful for that to happen. Outlandish prediction - Spain to go out in the last 16. Saw their squad and don't rate it that much. A few off form players and a distinct lack of strikers. Think they could struggle.
  5. Staggering that Schweinsteiger still makes the squad really.
  6. Loving the fact that Costa isn't there. Would have liked to see Torres though. The squad in general has a strange lack of strikers, really.
  7. Rooney will definitely start, at CAM I should think. And I believe he should do, we don't have many leaders in that team, with experience otherwise. Spurs tried it, we had a young exciting team with precious little experience, it looked great until we crumbled at the finish line.
  8. Vardy - Kane Rooney Wilshere --- Alli Dier Rose - Cahill - Smalling - Walker Hart
  9. There's no chance he drops a fit Henderson and keeps Drinkwater. Woy clearly cares about trying to maintain players who he's worked with in qualifying. Perhaps if Henderson didn't recover from his injury in time it wouldn't be the worst thing in the world...
  10. No but being better than the other English wing options does.
  11. Yeah, I think this is probably bang on.
  12. Yeah, if he's planning to play the diamond midfield then taking four full backs makes sense. If he's playing 4-2-3-1 though then I don't think it's needed. Would like to see the diamond though, I think that suits our best 11 better. Dier holding, Alli & Wilshere either side, Rooney number 10 with Kane partnering either Sturridge or Vardy.
  13. Saying Wilshere shouldn't go is borderline ******** to be honest. I hate the ***** but if he's back playing (which he is), then he obviously, obviously goes. It was always going to happen. He's just a better player than the other options.
  14. Agree with that. I don't think Rashford goes, and either Bertrand or Clyne will probably be cut since you don't really need 4 full backs. After that, Hendo will be cut if he's not fit, or Delph or Drinkwater maybe. I don't think Delph should be near the squad though to be honest. I was also a bit surprised at Jagielka's exclusion.
  15. Belgium always look pretty strong but for full backs - Toby and Jan have been playing there in recent years, but will they shift to the centre do you think? If so that could be a really strong set-up since they've been playing together all season and helped Spurs concede the least goals in the Premier League. That France squad is ridiculous. Giroud over Lacazette? Gignac over Gameiro? No Ben Arfa either. Crazy.
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