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  1. I never have my full backs taking them. I'm not worried about who stays back, it's the attacking roles. It's really poor. My problem in my Roma save was, I was playing 4-4-2, and my set piece taker was either Lorenzo Pellegrini, or one of the two wingers. LP might have been playing either of the two MC positions depending on who else was fit and playing alongside him. Therefore that's 4 positions that I cannot give a specific role to in the corner routine. I'd just have all four midfielders on 'get forward'. And it limits your options. Since 'get forward' is a kind of generic on
  2. Yeah that's the kind of thing I was worried about. I wish the game would be sensible and reassign one of the 'go forward' people to cover that duty. Basically means every potential set piece taker can't have a duty. Bit rubbish.
  3. So they have 5 or 6 players in the box - which one does he mark? Surely it's not random??
  4. 1. You have the options 'mark tall' or 'man mark'. If you just set it to man mark, who do they decide to mark?? 2. If you give someone a specific role for the corners, let's say 'mark keeper' - but then they end up taking the corner themselves, does that mean you'll have no one marking the keeper for that set piece? Or does the game send someone else to mark the keeper in his place?
  5. I said what the reason was - the club don't believe he has a future with them. Wasn't by request.
  6. You'll kick yourself... I imagine most of them happened after he was listed. It tells you the date he was listed though hence why I know it was two weeks later.
  7. Luka Jovic was transfer listed in my game, PSG bought him for £31m. Then two weeks later they transfer listed him. It wasn't for poor performance, he's scored 16 in 11! His value is 46m and their asking price 65m. Would they really buy someone just to sell him for a quick buck? This is PSG we're talking about. Or is something weird going on? The reason for listing says the club do not believe he has a future.
  8. I can report that after just about two years, Raspadori can now Shoot With Power. Vlahovic still can't, but then he hasn't been very good generally, so dunno.
  9. This just got me 21 league games unbeaten with Roma, and I don't think it's overly complicated. It's almost a 1990's 4-4-2 other than having IWBs instead of FBs. (Ignore the 'shorter passing' I only use that occasionally.)
  10. I don't think he was using Jorginho as a Regista in real life. More of a deep-lying playmaker? He definitely held position most of the time.
  11. So, I would get a news item saying Raspadori has failed to learn how to shoot with power? And as in my current situation, where he's been trying for about 21 months now, that's normal??
  12. Is it possible as someone said above that they never ever learn it??
  13. As mentioned above, I don't have visible coaches, as it's FM Touch. The strikers are Raspadori and Vlahovic, both young players with good potential (supposedly). No staff member advised me to do it, I just like my strikers to have it as I hate that pathetic tap to the goalie they do otherwise. Schick managed to learn the trait and he bangs in goals now. I feel like there has to be something wrong here and they should be able to learn it.
  14. I don't have coaches, this is FM Touch. All I can do is change the assistant manager or the head of youth development, but I don't know how that affects coaching.
  15. Number 10 position seems to be extremely hit and miss. I had best results creating a sort of half-shadow striker role (because you can't have an SS on support). So I picked Attacking Midfielder, but added instructions like 'get further forward', 'move into channels' and 'take more risks'. But ultimately I just gave up on number 10s and play a flat 4-4-2 now. Two strikers seems to work better than one striker and an AMC.
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