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  1. Cant seem to be able to make the game show me ALL the positions possible under opposition instructions, so I can make a set and it will be applied to all opponents using the position. Right now I can only deal with the opposition one at a time I swear I had the same issue last year, maybe I button I am missing now. Any help appreciated. I can lock it with blue/green buttons vs MR/ML forexample, but when next side come with AML/AMR it wouldnt apply. Naturally. FM18 had a large screen with all positions, thats what I would like to find. I am certain I am being blind, hence silly question thread.
  2. You probably played loads. Do you think there is a chance that the code has missed out the freekicks, as part of defensive set piece match preparation? The reason I do ask that is because I used to concede most on corners. I also conceded on freekicks. I play a hard style and concede a lot of freekicks in good positions, so I do expect some damage from this. I just do not feel that conceding from freekicks improved proportionally to what I conceded on corners by running 4 full seasons, all games, with defensive set piece as match preparation. Short of actually going in manually to find the stat, I cant easily pull out those numbers, as I could with corners. Think I will bring out the good old writing pad, and keep a tab
  3. Hi, I have a game with Curzon Ashton, currently 4th in L2. Playing 7th season atm, and the 4 last seasons, +1 the current one, I have used "defensive set pieces" 100% to minimize corners conceded. As an experiment I concede few corners, BUT freekicks that is crossed into the box from outside the area I concede a lot still. My question is the following. Are not those freekicks "defensive set pieces" as well? Because it appears to me, I do not get better at defending against them, just the corners. I'd appreciate to know if some of you guys feel confident that what I describe above is just bad luck, working as intended or mis-read feeling on my part. The game do not really keep a stat for "conceded freekicks" in this manner, I believe. Thank you
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