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  1. Has anyone managed to sign Danny Wilson?
  2. I'm in my second season and not doing to bad at all I'm more than tempted to play my reserves against Aberdeen The most satisfying game so far: My last game, in the 1/4 finals of the cl My next victim is Juventus...
  3. Finished my first season. http://img713.imageshack.us/img713/2843/94578360yp.jpg I was still undefeated when the championship was won, but then I started playing more youngsters and reserves beacuse I was still competing in the Europa league and coz I had a fair amount of injuries. I won both cups aswell and took my injury ravaged and out of form team all the way to the Europa final where I lost to Everton. http://img688.imageshack.us/img688/3268/eurox.jpg My best players were: Cardozo 46(9) 49 goals 14 assists 7.54 Van Der Vaart 24(1) 6 goals 22 assists 7.52 McDonald 36(3) 30 goals 11 assists 7.50 McGeady 51(7) 17 goals 27 assists 7.40 I sold among others: Zheng Zhi 1.9 mil Flood 3.3m Fortune 4.8m Boruc 6.5m Garrido 4.7m Brown 10.75m + 30% McDonald 11.75m Total: 44.5 mil I bought: Marcus Berg 8.5m Akinfeev 24.5m Wilshere 1.7m loan fee with an option to buy for 7.5 mil Radoi 5.5m Dzeko 15 mil Total 55 mil
  4. 10.2, Cardozo was cheaper probably because I have the Portugese league loaded. I remember in another save, where I didn't have it, I had to pay 11 mil
  5. Got bored so I started a new game yesterday. Transfers: League table: So far so good. Cardozo has been an inspired signing, 22 goals from 21 starts. McGeady is also great, 11 goals and 14 assists from 24 starts. I also signed Bale for 4.5 mil and Van Der Vaart for 7.5 mil who were both transfer listed.
  6. Tnx, I'll give it a try. Can you suggest any other player for the AMR spot? I think I'll try Marquinhos
  7. Lazy Bhoy

    Eugene Seleznyov

    He plays in Ukraine not Russia, for Shakhtar
  8. I was playing a bit yesterday, a little update of how I'm doing. In January I sold Pitak for 3.6 mil, Leitgeb (2.5 mil), Toth (1.7 mil) and Zickler (500k). I bought Leo for 7 mil over 24 months, Kalouda (2.2 mil) and Cavenaghi (4.7 mil over 24 months) League table The results have been great so far, my defence is watertight. Vilar is such a great keeper (24 clean sheets in 37 apps), I've conceeded 2 goals in a match only once so far, against the mighty Altach. But on the other hand I'm not scoring as much as I would have liked. Sometimes I struggle to win 1:0 against teams like Ried which is puzzling cos in Europe I had no trouble putting 6 past Dnipro, 4 past Portsmouth at Fratton Park, 5 past Fenerbahce and only superman Demirel Volkan saved them from complete annihilation
  9. Lazy Bhoy

    centre back for rangers

    Leandro Fernandez
  10. Also quickly sign Mauro Zarate when his loan expires before other teams do
  11. If you need a new AMC try Luis Jimenez from Inter reserves or Carlos Vilanueva or something who is on loan at Blackburn, but they never sign him coz he doesn't get a work permit
  12. You can get Leandro Fernandez for 2 mil€
  13. I've played with Salzburg on previous patches, only played for about a month or so on 9.3.0. I'm not really busy these days so i'll play a bit. First thing I did was to fire most of the coaching staff cos they were rubbish and brought new much better ones like Bruno Martini, Gerald Ehrmann, Eamon Mulvey, Steve Walford... Also I've decided to significantly strengthen the team, I bought: Daniel Parejo 1k Razvan Rat ln fee 700.000€ Balazs Toth 1 mil Aquivaldo Mosquera 1.7 mil Tore Reginiussen 1.2 mil Federico Vilar 2.5 mil Marek Sapara 1.3 mil Ezequiel Lavezzi 3 mil Robert Lewandowski 1.2 mil Diego Buonanaotte 8 mil Total 20.5 mil I sold: Johan Vonlanthen 3.5 mil Patrik Jezek 600.000 Remo Meyer 700.000 Niko Kovac 600.000 Milan Dudic 3.3 mil Ronald Gercaliu 600.000 Ibrahim Sekagya 400.000 Timo Ochs 1.1 mil Nelisse loan Mahop loan Total 11 mil GK-Vilar DR-Bodnar DL-Rat DC-Reginiussen DC-Mosquera MC-Aufhauser MC-Sapara AMR-Pitak AML-Buonanaotte SC-Lavezzi SC-Janko subs Gustaffson Opdam Boussaidi Janocko Toth Parejo Zickler Leitgeb Lewandowski With this team I'll have the league wrapped up by Hallowen and with a bit of luck I can stay in Europe after Christmas.
  14. I'm now scoring even more goals and conceeding less, although I've only played 10 games so far
  15. This tactic is even better in 9.3.0
  16. Lazy Bhoy

    Endless injuries... argh!

    Soooo realistic
  17. Lazy Bhoy

    Too Much Injury Time?

    I once conceeded a goal in the 53. minute of the first half
  18. Lazy Bhoy

    Pure Class Tactic

    Excellent tactic