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  1. @Experienced Defender yes it is, glad to see i'm the not the only one who doesn't like the AMR/L roles also I may start another thread, but I'll keep an eye in this one first see how the info pans out, you guys must get fed up of helping out constantly lol
  2. @Rashidi Easy questions from me, whats your favourite role in game? (only 1) Also how long do you give tactics before adjusting/tweaking them? I'm really struggling with a 4411/442 tactic just now. I usually play with a DM and really missing that extra bit of cover he provided. Also, your videos on youtube are first class, so thanks for taking the time to do them.
  3. @Rashidi has got a video about the SV on youtube thats great (its for FM19 but still relevent), just search busthenet on you tube and his guides/videos will shoe up
  4. Thanks so much, I'll take a couple of screenshots and pm shortly. So would this work fairly well if you want to setup a team to be hard to break down/play through? Assuming roles and other instructions are adequate of course
  5. Great post @Columnarius, I actually really like the way the instructions are broken up in game, but as you say its the unknowns that I struggle with. How long will I press before dropping into shape? Or more importantly if I do x and y will z happen? I've actually thought of any other query, if you for example choose to regroup and a pressing intensity that matches your team mentality I.e you don't move the slider, BUT you then ask your front 2,3 or 4 front players to close more aggressively will this split block override the regroup? After writing this I'm not so sure as its pressing related rather than counter-press, however my biggest fear using regroup is it gives the true world class players long enough to find that pass over the top that seems to be dangerous this year. I think I'm going to experiment and try not using anything in transition and leave pressing as default, see how we behave, then change transition first and adjust pressing after.
  6. @Experienced Defender Yeah guess so, although to be honest I try not to look too much at other peoples as I just tend to copy them and not actually learn anything If you don't mind would you help me pick some roles or suggest alterations for a couple of formations? I can PM if you like? I'm hoping to make 2 very similar systems with minimal changes, just one is more conservative than the other.
  7. @Experienced Defender I hardly see any set ups that don't use increased pressing urgency, mind if i ask how you normally do it?
  8. Out of interest how would you set up a 4-4-1-1 (2 Dms) or a 4-2-3-1 DM system? obviously in the 4411 I would have to forego the Raumdeuter, but a shadow striker would be a better bet as a second scorer anyway wouldn't he? My last attempt at a 4-2-3-1 didn't end to well, hence the question, before trying the raumdeuter (which I'm still undecided on) my 2 favorite roles in FM were SV and SS, so could we get both those (plus my beloved anchorman) effectively into both these formations?
  9. Excellent, all I want to see is how good my wonderkid is actually capable of being between saves, so thanks for the help Though I may be back when I load the game as I've never used the editor before
  10. So the editor will tell me the max it will possibly be on that save, taking into account, personality etc All I have to do is develop them correctly?
  11. OK a little bit of a necro, but rather than start a new thread my question is related to this, I'm considering buying the editor so I can see players varying PA across saves, but when does the game decide what there PA is? for example I purchase the same player on 2 saves, he has a variable PA -9 (160-180?) will the game decide immediately at the start what there max is or does it vary depending on game time/training etc? so one could be 165 MAX whilst on my second save he could be 185 MAX? will it show the max he could be?
  12. Thanks @Experienced Defender it all makes perfect sense, the reason I had the Mezz on the left initially was to account for the fact that the Raumdeuter would be far narrower and further forward so thought the Mezz may have more space to work in there, but the switch makes sense and actually suits my players side preferencse a little better. The stay on feet is just there because I seemed to be giving alot of fouls away and also to try and encourage players to intercept passes rather than diving into tackles. In hindsight could this have anything to do with my players (especially fullbacks) being beaten easily in wide areas?
  13. Yes please, I'm keen to understand better how the roles interact together and why you (and other people) make certain changes. Also any instructional changes you would make and why if you could, more importantly why you wouldn't use certain ones. I tend to have an idea of what I want from each tactic I try and create, I just seem to struggle to get it to translate to FM or see it through as I get frustrated and not being able to progress in its evolution. Some notes about what I've seen so far: My defenders seem to be making alot of individual errors, I appreciate this is more than likely down to the actual players themselves, but I've already conceeded 2 goals (2 games) to individual errors. I'm unsure why these could be happening, as in the player is in a position to make these errors, he basically got pick pocketed twice as the last man. Just individual errors or another reason? He seemed to have at least 2 passing options (plus the ball back to the keeper) but turned and dwelled on the ball uni\til he got caught. So i'm wondering if Ive asked him to do something thats hard to execute for him or just coincidence it was 2 games in a row. I'm not expecting you to fix that btw just an observation more for myself to keep an eye on Edit: I should also state that whilst I'd like the raumdeuter to stay, the idea is to make 2 people responsible for scoring goals, with one coming from deeper or wider, so I guess for the sake of balance if needs be a SS could be used, or even a free scoring midfielder, just no IF please. Formations I have considered so far or discounted: 5/3 at the back is a no, I don't feel my defenders are good enough, plus quality cover is limited. 4141: genuine option as I think it would alleviate the pressure on my pretty slow defence? would mean losing the Raumdeuter, so who would be my "second scorer"? 4411: genuine option, Would give my an option for my second scorer easily, but would I sacrifice my defensive cover to much? 4411(2DM): Thought about this, but what would be the advantage of this over a 4231DM? 442: Considered it, but felt with me being a top team, alot of opposition will sit deep and pack there own final third which I don't feel 442 would break down easily? 4231: Considered this as a 2 DM version but I know its very difficult to balance, however would give me the options I need with defensive cover, plus means I could make my second scorer in AM slot, probably my prefered formation but I'm worried about struggling with balance even more. 4123: I chose this as it seems to tick the most boxes, good depth to break down/recycle possession against defensive sides, can still give protection to my defenders and can still include a second scorer. I did also consider doing a 4141 but pushing the Left mid into AML slot but I just dont like looking at non symmetrical tactics and didnt really see much benefit from the Right Mid being deeper?
  14. Yes to both, I am testing it currently. Any help and advice would be much appreciated. Currently thinking of a couple of changes: The mezz has hardly been in the game at all, so thinking of swapping this to a carr/bwm/cm. Still unsure of the fullback roles.
  15. I haven't settled on a formation yet, my squad is probably suited to 4-1-2-2-1 formation, or maybe a 5-2-2-1 (with wide players). I could even do a 5-3-2 or 4-2-3-1 at a push although my midfielders are creators rather than holders I feel. I'm playing as Ajax who I have never managed before, minimal signings as yet, just a couple of younger players. I'm open to all suggestions but I do like have a DM I've been using anchorman last few tactics, I like the way he prevents counters and doesn't do anything too flashy he's just there, ALL THE TIME, churning out possession passes and curtailing counters, an extremely undervalued role in my opinion. I also like to try and squeeze an exotic role into my formation, just to keep each save interesting and different, I've done Regista and SV (both with limited success) and this time I'd like to try Raumdeuter. Is my first attempt, I do have another one with 2 CM(s) and right fullback on FB(A) but it wont screenshot for some reason, only added a pass shorter TI as I didnt have a dedicated playmaker so defenders tended to clear it long all the time. If needs be I can say why I chose the roles, see if it helps me undertsand the game better and also it might help people to see what I'm trying to acheive?
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