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  1. DarkSleeper

    Who do you think will win the world cup?

    I would put my money on France, got a great team there. My instinct would say Germany but they have a few people out of form and some important players aren't getting any younger. No way in hell Belgium are going to win it btw, as a belgian myself alot of local media have their hopes up high. But the team lacks experience on big tournaments and we have no width in defence.
  2. It is quite annoying that there is a 'cooldown' between team shouts. U dont see a manager irl taking a 10 min break after shouting once at his team. Especially if u want to do a few individual shouts, by the time u did them all the match is over.
  3. Wow, this is huge, very nice transfer! Indeed a legend at the club, loved very much.
  4. Going good so far btw! U should become champions again withouth any problems I think! A good way to wash away the bad cup and CL campaign. No worries though, u will only get better with this team, ur youth will develop even more and start shredding!
  5. This is not exactly a manager of the year award. It's an award specially made in honor of Raymond Goethals (a legendary belgian manager who has died in 2004). U can win this award if u play and coach in a somewhat similar style as he did when he had many succeses. U can only win this award once in ur carreer if I'm not mistaken. The award itself is quite an honor in Belgium because Raymond was loved very much in the football community (has coached Anderlecht several times also). But outside of Belgium it is not worth much.
  6. Wow, u really sold alot of first team players! But I very much like that u are keeping true to your vision! Oh, and great start so far! First seasons are Always the hardest.
  7. Ah the play-offs in Belgium... Where u only have to worry about making it into the top 6 and only then u have to start performing. Such a ridiculous and stupid system. Still a good comback man! Anything can happen still, fingers crossed!
  8. Great thread, great read! I have been a huge Anderlecht fan for many many years and I Always play them in every FM for (often) a long carreer. I like that u are playing the youth card, they do have an incredible youth and it will be satisfying to play them!
  9. Could u post a screenshot of Rashford plz? As he was a total beast for your England side. I'm curious, thanks!
  10. DarkSleeper

    Nurturing the next Pirlo

    Yes, I'm afraid so.
  11. In earlier fm's (before fm17) I'm 100% sure u would get an assist if a player won a pk. It has been removed since u don't get an assist in real life either I think.
  12. Nice read so far! Especially love ur campaign with Martinique. Never seen anything from the caribbean cup before! I wish u luck with ur though draw, u will need it.
  13. DarkSleeper

    Selling players

    In my personal experience it's alot of playing games of going back and forth with the other teams(buyers). Especially for players that aren't transfer listed. I often get offers for players below their value, but if I keep rejecting and negotiating I often get a pretty good offer in afterall. Sometimes only after a week or 2 or on transfer deadline day. It might help to let them know why u are rejecting a bid, e.g. "offer not good enough", "indispensible player" etc. The same for players that I offer out and transfer list. It is a bit harder to get good deals on them cause the buyer knows u (desperatly) want to get rid of a player so they are in a better position. But if players are unsettled and transfer listed it is gonna be hard to get very good value. The buyer knows u have to sell anyway or u'll get a even more unsettled player so they keep trying for a low amount. It also depends what u agreed with an unsettled player, are u selling him as soon as possible or only for the right price? Exactly the way I do business when I try to buy players. Start low and hopefully don't end high...
  14. Maybe the biggest achievment here is to fill up your stadium, not so easy in Italy! It only took u 145 goals... Great thread so far, keep up the good work!