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  1. Here are images of the tactic and of Salah's stats with his latest season highlighted (this is just before season 5). It's a pretty simple 442. The PI's are: GK - Distribute to fullbacks RB/LB - Play more risky passes LM - Sit narrower RM - Cross more often STr - Move into channels I originally wanted to create a 442 similar to Arsenal's invincibles, but at some point I stopped worrying about emulating that, and just focused on what gave results. RM is an IW but I always play a right footed winger-type (Mané and Sterling) there and they both perform great, getting loads of assists from crosses.
  2. Instead of adding the Retain Possesion instruction, I would advice you to consider just lowering the mentality. It's kind of weird to select Attacking as mentality and then add Retain Possesion to "remove" on of the core concepts of the attacking mentality, instead of just selecting a lower mentality. I know you said you wanted to loosely emulate Liverpool of this season, but I still wanted to share some of my results with Salah. I just finished my 4th season at Liverpool and Salah had a record breaking season. He got 40 goals and 15+ assists in the league alone. He is playing as the left striker in a 442 as an Advanced Forward. I play a Control mentality which combined with a Pass Into Space instruction provides him with a lot of through balls from defenders and midfielders. I'd be happy to share some screenshots if you would like some inspiration, even if my tactic isn't an emulation of the current Liverpool tactics :-)
  3. It's hard to tell without more information, but that sure is a lot of personal instructions. If I were you, I would remove every single instruction for the wingbacks and start over. Look at what your wingback is doing with no instructions, and then correct the unwanted behaviour (if there is any). Put on extended/full highlights and only pay attention to what the wingbacks do. Also ask what you want from your wingbacks. You have cross more often, but retain possesion as a team instruction will make them cross less. You have run wide with ball and dribble less, how does that work? With all these instructions, it's impossible to know what instruction is causing problems.
  4. Good work. How often are you using the counter attacking setup?
  5. Good point about tempo, if you are playing at a higher mentality lowering the tempo might be a good idea. Like I said, I'm gonna try shorter passing and if I remember correctly, that actually lowers the tempo a bit too.
  6. This is a topic of great interest to me! Hope somebody comes up with something that emulates the style, whilst also giving good results. I'm going to give it a shot aswell, and here are, what I consider, key instructions that I will start out playing with: Shorter passing: As a team instruction, this will decrease passing length across the team. Has the added benefit of decreasing space between the players to allow quick, precise and short passing sequences. As a sidenote, I plan on giving key creative players PIs of more risky and direct passing to maximize "killerball" potential in the final third. Definitely the Mertens, Insigne and Hamsik role. Potentially the Jorginho role too (don't want to overdo it though). Dribble less: A big part of Napoli's philosophy is passing > dribbling. Roam from positions: I think this is necessary to create the free flowing pass-and-move style play that we see from Napoli. Also, with shorter passing and less dribbling, movement becomes very important for creating chances. A note on tempo too: I don't love the idea of decreasing the tempo. The way I see it, Napoli draw out the opponents by lots of quick and "redundant" passes. My assumption is that very low tempo will make the players dwell on the ball too much and take away from the pass-and-move potential. Another idea for drawing out the opponents could be the Retain Possesion instruction instead of shorter passing. Might look into that later.
  7. Great, I'm normally not one for 3 (or 5) men defences, so this should be a nice challenge. Look forward to getting started!
  8. Awesome, would love to get in on this! I'll obviously play with whatever team but Sassuolo looks the most interesting to me. Celta and Wolfsburg would be my top pick from the other leagues. Let's pick a team and get started, can't wait to see what formation I get!
  9. This sounds interesting, looking forward to more posts!
  10. With no player in the AMC position I would not use a poacher, because of risk of isolation. When playing a single striker without an AMC I usually go for some striker in a support role. Complete Forward on support duty has been good for me, but my personal favourite in that formation has been a Deep Lying Forward on support with PIs Roam From Position and Move Into Channels. I find that the DLF is best at holding up the ball and waiting teammates if he ends up isolated. The dribble more instruction on the CF means that he will sometimes just run straight at the defence instead of waiting for backup. A little more information about your tactical setup would be helpful though. My only experience with that formation has been with patient, possesion oriented football. Perhaps a poacher might work in a more direct passing setup with attacking roles on the wings.
  11. A CM(A) with move into channels has been very good for me in the 4-3-3 formation. What kind of offensive contribution are you looking for in you wingbacks? You have Look For Overlap which is fine when you want your wingbacks to provide the width in attack, but you also have Work Ball Into Box which limits their crossing. Do you find that they cross enough when they are open on the flanks?
  12. Yeah, I tried adding the Pass Into Space instruction for my tactic last night and I actually liked how it looked. I ended up removing the Work Ball Into Box though, mostly because I got annoyed when my fullback was played through for a completely open cross, only for him to stop the ball and pass it backwards. About the balls over the top - whenever I play a high pressing system, I always instruct my CBs to press a little less and I've been quite happy with that - especially with a player in the DM strata.
  13. Interesting, looking forward to more updates. How is pass into space working for you? I'm trying to create a possesion based tactic aswell, but I've been avoiding that instruction because I also have the shorter passing + work the ball into box like you, and in my mind they are kind of contradictory. Maybe I should try it though, I do sometimes feel like I need a little more penetration when I'm passing around the box (in those situations I would typically just untick work into box).
  14. I sometimes use it as a reaction to something I see during a game. Mostly, it's when I'm the clear favourite in a game and my opponent is trying to clear the ball to their striker and then counter attack. In these situations I find that pressing, closing down and tackling hard on the isolated striker can be very beneficial.
  15. That was interesting, look forward to your next updates :-)
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