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  1. That's why I'm asking. I've read in some forums that you can add leagues in "view mode" as much as you want, as it doesn't make the game slowly and the amount of detail is limited. You don't find it interesting, but I do, becouse, despite I'd only choose 7-8 leagues in which I'd like to play, i find interesting to see the results in as mach leagues as possible. Just only to see who is the champion, but I'd like to do it. That's why I'm asking. I've always read that adding leagues in "view mode" doesn't affect to the speed of the game nor increase the chance of suffering a crash dump. Secondly; I know it will sound stupid but, using an external screen conected to my portatil pc with a VGA to VGA cable, could affect or increase the chance of suffering crash dumps?
  2. Hi all! I don't mind SI don't make new updates yet. I'd like them to do that but it's not a great problem. I'm not a Mac expert but I thought that you were able to run FM06 with some kind of compatibility mode. FM06 is my favourite. I know 07 has some updates that make the game a little more complete and easily, as managers stats windows or the chance of making "click" in every player or send them to the reserve for a few days/weeks. Anyway. FM06 is my favourite The onlyone thing that disturb me is the difficulties I find in avoiding crash dumps in newest windows versions. I'm looking forward to make a reformat in my pc and quit window 8.1 to install windows 7. I began with 8.0 in my pc, I didn't like it so much and I experienced issues, but 8.1 is worst of all. I hope that in W 7, with compatibility mode, I'll be able to play FM06, as in Windows 8.0 it run without problems. I'd like to find more people who still play and enjoy early versions of FM. I've read in forums that still most people do, but there aren't forums specifically to talk about that, as some other "retro games" are
  3. Just the last question, as I'm in doubt. I know it's important not to select too much leagues in order to prevent from crash dumps. So, does it mean to not select it at all or it's enough with running it in "view mode". I mean, everything I've read recommend not to select more than 9-11 leagues, but I don't know if it just refer to "playable leagues". I.e. selecting 9-10 playable leagues, and some other in "viewable mode" also increase the risk of suffering crash dumps? I ask that becouse, when you are configuring at the beginning of your game, If you select a league in "viewable mode" it doesn't increase the number of players, neither affect to the game speed.
  4. I'm gonna try to reformat and install Windows 7. I don't like 8.1 at all. I'll try that and beginning a game with jast about 9 or 10 leagues and see what happen. Before the last format I played FM06 games in which I entered in the 2020s without problems. I did it in Windows 8 before the last pc format, but I'll try Winows 7. I'm tired of having crash dumps and broken games always in January at the same dates. It get me sick. I've been playing FM for the last 20 years and I need it without being afraid of that
  5. another question... does it also matter the amount of leagues? I'm pretty sure that with Windows 8.0 I didn't experience the problem I'm suffering now. But I may tell you that, in the current game, I'm running almowst 40, however just 15 of them in "playable mode". I also read some years ago in that "crash dump guide" http://www.fm-base.co.uk/forum/football-manager-2010/33419-crash-dumps-prevention-solutions.html that the amount of playable leagues is extremely joint with the chances of experiencing a crash dump. Anyway just 15 of my 40 leagues are playable. My pc has a 4 GB RAM
  6. Drivers, directx and java are fully updated After the pc formatted I had to unistall some Windows 8.1 updates to make the game run, becouse I was unable to start the game due to this. I uninstalled some W8.1 updates and I made the game run, but now I found this. That's why I think that I may get back to Windows 8 or 7
  7. But I think the problems could come from the change from 8.0, to 8.1 I formatted the pc 3 or 4 months ago, and changed from 8 to 8.1. Before that, I was plating FM 06 at this compiter for more than 2 years without problem
  8. Hi all. It's the first time I write in this forum, but I've been reading for a while. I'm in serious trouble with FM06. I've been playing for years in my computers, without any kind of problems, in my original copy and with the 6.0.3 patch. But now, everytime I start a game, after some years it appear the next message I add on the picture: "A serious trouble was found and the app will close. An error archive has been generated in d:/Sports Interactive/ Foo...". (I've translated from Spain but is basically that). It always happen the same over and over again and in the same date. I've tried to uninstall and eliminate any remains of the game, but the problem remains. I may tell you that, recently I format the pc and installed windows 8.1. With any other previous versions the problem didn't appear, but I don't know if this could be an important fact. Maybe Nvidia drivers? I'm desperated. Football Manager 2006 is my favourite. I've playing games going throug the 2020s without problem, but now I don't know what to do. I'm not using the editor or a third party database, just the official 6.0.3 patch
  9. I have exactly the same problem as you. Did you solve it? I don't know what to do :S
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