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  1. Any other 5 star rated defending coaches other than Stam? waited 5 years to get him and when i finally do 6 months later west brom sack their manager and approach the bald headed **** and he sods off!
  2. Another thing ill say as mentioned above is i did invest the time in teaching both players preferred moves which i thought suited that DLP role, in this case 'come deep to get ball' and 'dictates tempo' were the first 2 then 'attempts long range passes', whether that makes any difference in game i have no idea but that and simply train and play them there is all i have done. Maybe as you say give it a try playing them in different stratas and see if it makes a difference, quality of team mates id imagine will also play a part as will how you set your team up to play, for instance if you favour a very direct back to front approach your DLP wont be making a huge amount of passes and ive found a number of times the reason for high ratings is the key passes stat.
  3. Yes i understand mate and yes always on support duty unless im ahead in-game in the last 10-15 minutes then ill drop them back on a defend duty.
  4. As you can see Tielemans over the course of the season in all comps has an average rating over 7.7 and thats with not a huge amount of assists 12 in all comps all from open play and in the season before that just the 7 but again with an average rating over 7.7. And theres Renato Sanches, again not many assists at all but an rating of 7,7 in all competitions over the season, so its not as if their stats are being exaggerated by goals/assists. And thats where and how i use them.
  5. Sure no worries: I play Tielemans or Sanches whoevers fit/in better form at MC DLP. No i play with an advanced playmaker in the AMC role. Neither of them take set pieces as i have other players with higher ratings in those areas. No. Ill post a screenshot of both of them for you to see their ratings if you like?
  6. Im into the start of my 5th season and Sanches has amazing stats now plus ive taught him preferred moves that suit the DLP role which should help, as for Tielemans hes even better as his technical stats are perfect for the role. all id say is buy someone talented and young and develop them both with games and training over a sustained period in that role. tbh reading the replies to this thread im surprised because ive not had an issue getting high ratings from my DLP whoever i play there, maybe its also how you set up your team to play?
  7. I rotate Tielemans and Renato Sanches in MC DLP roles and they have average ratings between 7.75 and 7.9 over the course of a season, excellent players who you can get quite cheaply early in the game.
  8. Just finished season 4 and was literally 2 draws away from having THE perfect season, team won every single game in every competition bar 1 league match (away at Arsenal drew 2-2) and 1 champions league group match (away at porto drew 0-0) outside of that i watched on in amazement as my team did something ive never been close to doing before, won all 7 trophies on offer and currently on a 105 match all competitions unbeaten run and 46 match winning streak. Not sure i even want to do another season with this save as theres only one way it can go! not sure what else i can really achieve on this now bar developing/waiting for the regens to take over the game which ive never seen before as i usually dont go past 3 seasons in these games. Anyway Season screenshots: Overall season record: Played 67 Won 65 Drew 2 Lost 0 I really Hate Arsenal for that draw! Doubt ill ever have anything like that sort of season again tbh but its one for my archives Anyway dont anticipate much transfer activity for the second summer in a row bar finding the odd crazy regen, ive got an incredible Swiss regen with a terrible name it has to be said who im most excited about, just turned 19 had an amazing loan in france where he finished with something like 30 goals which for a 18 year old is fantastic. Oh and Donorumma is now seriously staking a claim for being better than De gea and hes still only 20, have a decision to make soon:
  9. Well things have gone worse for me on these games.. And Benitez has just been handed his arse. About to finish my 4th season just have the FA and champions league finals to play against Tottenham and CSKA Moscow respectively, to say its been my best season in FM history is a bit of an understatement but ill post a summary tomorrow.
  10. Not sure if this is the right place for this but hopefully someone can help, basically is there a way to stop players randomly having a major all round stat drop for no apparent reason at various times of the season?? im having real trouble developing the stats of a lot of my players because every few months they seem to drop for no reason at all before picking up again a few weeks/months later?? is there something i should be doing differently regards training? ive got my general training set to balanced throughout the season on average intensity which i initially thought may be the issue and need upping but as soon as i up the intensity to high i get a load more training injuries which figures, so my solution was to slightly lower the amount of match training my team was doing this way my players do a bit extra training on their abilities without me raising the intensity causing injury issues, for a while this seemed to work but again ive just had half a dozen of my squad randomly drop in a load of stats and im not sure why? none of these players have been injured in fact all of them have been playing regularly and superbly well and they all say they are happy with training so its not making any sense to me. Would appreciate any advice/tips.
  11. I think Mourinhos lost the plot..? He is and has been by far Chelseas best player from day 1 of this save, and no he hasnt been injured just got injured or been out for any other reason, utterly bizarre why theyve left him out of their champions league squad, shame i have no need for him hes a beast and has constantly had great games against me, might make a bid just to unsettle him see if i cant make things even more tense there be nice to get him out of Chelsea and abroad somewhere. Yeah Jose and i dont get along on this save so say the least!
  12. Hes brilliant, i use him slighlty differently as a Deep lying playmaker as i love his all round stats and hes been superb, this is him at still just 21 on my current United save: Im amazed so few have mentioned him to me hes an absolute must buy, you can develop him into anything you like given his all round excellent stats and age.
  13. Well this is undoubtedly my most successful save in any FM ive ever played by a distance and im really enjoying it, currently on a 74 match all competitions unbeaten run stretching back over a year since that 2-1 away defeat to Norwich, which remains my only defeat in any match since a champions league group game loss at Shakhtar midway through season 2 and im currently midway through season 4...Ive lost 1 in my last 139 matches, not quite sure how because ive never been great at these games it must be my lucky year! the last FM i played was 13 and i really struggled couldnt get any of my tactics to work and didnt even manage to complete a season before my laptop broke down and i gave up! i was useless so something seems to have clicked in 16 which is nice for a change. That one game i didnt win in the league so far away at Arsenal was...well. Robbed.
  14. Well finally the 10 year monopoly of Messi and Ronaldo owning the Ballon d'Or is over! well deserved too Neymar has been consistently outstanding for me, cant help but think Its going to be Luke Shaws soon given his ridiculous average rating stats already this season over all comps its 8.32! full backs are really overpowered in this game ive got Antonio Valencia average over 8 for the last 4 seasons Delighted to have 5 of my team in the fifa team of the year although Chris Smallings inclusion is a bit bizarre seeing as hes my 3rd choice centre half behind Stones and Laporte...and im not quite sure what De Gea has to do to get in these teams seeing as his rating is better than Neuers every year and every year Neuer gets in...
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