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  1. A Question about roles.The CM duo (RPM-B2B).Is there any way to replace those roles and still play the same good.
  2. This one against stronger teams and away matches? Is it better now? Thanks for your advices
  3. So this is my tactic and results.As you can see I lost or draw almost every away match. Also,at home I am not too good.Results are fine but performances poor. Lukaku is awful,scored only two goals. Another problem is that almost all my goals has come from wing back crosses to Mirallas/Bolasie/Deulofeu(Wingers) Defence is also poor. I also use Tackle Harder and Mark Tighter on CF,Wingers,CM,AP,BWM.And get forward for Barkley. Need help,how can I improve this home tactic a bit,and make/tweak it to away as well.
  4. Is anyone going to make a transfer update for FM 15 after transfer window?
  5. Intel(R) G41 Express Chipset I played FM 15 with this graphic card on 2D Classic But,FM 16 lagging a lot. Is there any solution.Anyone have this graphic card?
  6. I have a problem.I delete the game FM 15 from control panel by mistake and know my save game is deleted.Is there any way I can get save games back. HELP
  7. Hi,everybody. I need a help.I am new in FM 15,and have some issues. I want to have best regens from my academy(i manage Atletico). I think the most important thing is head of youth devepment. This is mine. He is not bad.But I saw a much better Italian guy in Atalanta. This guy is one of the best in game. But,will be a problem with him,because he is italian.I mean,will I still get Spanish youth intake or italian. Should I take him?
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