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  1. When the board sets a new wage/transfer budget, the wage budget is always capped at £5.5mil p/w. This is regardless of the previous wage and transfer budgets or how healthy the club is financially. E.g. If my wage budget is £9mil with £100mil transfer. Then because of how good our finances are, the board decide to add £50mil to the transfer budget, taking it to £150mil, however the wage budget will then go down to £5.5mil. So I have to allocate all the transfer budget to wages and i'm left in a worse position than before the transfer budget increase. This has now happened on 2 different saves and happens every time the budgets change once I get to a wage spend of over £5.5mil Attached is an example of the bug. You have to instant result the game and as long as you win, the board will set the initial budgets with the wages stuck at £5.5mil. Observe that pre match, you can change the wage/transfer allocation, and wages will always be the same post game. My save file is 31MB which is too big to attach?
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